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Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

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So i got paid today went about ordering my tial waste gate and 255L Fuel pump from Tuning Delopments. Also ordered my TD04 turbo gaskets and oem crank seal from iddy and also my exhaust mainfold to head gasket from toyota. safe to say my debit card has took a battering today cant wait for it to all turn up :)

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ok so i have another collection of parts for the TD04 conversion. 255L tuning develpoments fuel pump / Tial external waste gate / vac line / TD Gaskets / Head to mani gasket / Crank seal flywheel side / new oil return pipe / Just waiting on my oil and water lines should be done some time in the week and to get my wastegate welded up along with a bung for the exhaust to fit my wideband sensor. also a adaptor for my cold side ic pipe so i can have my dv back on. Ive also been in talks with tuning devlopments and ive decied in gonna make the 238 mile trip up there in augest to get an emanage blue fitted and mapped i cant wait but for now ill set it up with my wide band and rrfpr on about 0.8 pic below


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depo wide band gauge fitted in its tempory place till my pillar pod turns up


Might sound stupid but if the boost guage is under 0 while on idle, does that mean you've got some sort of boost leak? as thats what mine does occasionally?
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so managed to get a pillar pod from nomadracing.com for £54.50. It turned up today so fitted it it looks so much better. Im happy with it still waiting on my oil and water lines hoping they will be made this week.




I Tried contacting nomad racing with email twice, they still haven't replied. How was it with you, everything went fine? I tried to ask the p&p to finland. They have similar product at TM-developments, but it's 10£ more expensive! How do you like those prosport gauges?

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