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Jellybabyj v carbon fibre wings arrived

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Well to say I am over excited is a understatement that car is now fully finished bodywork side of thing with my skirts

Fitted and the car fully painted.

The bumpers have been left off atm so it can be transported Easyer bk to my place.

Here are some more pics off my phone I took today after I paid the bill lol




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Where do i start.

Even tho my v has a fresh custom paint job spent ££££ on

It got a good strong engine and fantastic supporting mods.

I have completely fallen out of love on her I got 4 pages of to do lists to finish before I can even look at getting her sent for map and geo set up.

Looking at least 1500 quid to finish that just parts then getting the time to fit them lucky enough I a mechanic etc so labour is free. It hard juggerling time with working 5/6

Day weeks getting home after 7 each night.

My daughter is 17 months old and growing up so fast and most of my spare time is spending it with her and my partner.

Lucky enough my partner is kinder supportive but doesn't understand how much there left to do etc or me working 5 hours

On it and still looks the same etc even tho I been wiring new looms etc repairing wires fitting components. That are hid behind the dash etc.

I also got to figure out how to mod my standed seat rails to fit my buckets

Also got to refit my fmic and source new custom pipe work so it clears the bumper and goes round the turbo.

Think doing it all on my own with no help gets to me as well sometimes think If someone pushing u to keep going or just orginizing etc.

So I really don't no what to do car cost me in total nearly 18k and I still not there can I keep throwing money at it to get there with will bring total over 20k in 8 years lol.

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I've almost give up at times. I also have a little one who takes up 98% of my down time so no how you feel. I'm about 20k deep into mine alot of money but the smiles it gives me makes it worth while keep at it dude :)

I not driven mine for over 3 years as u know a tree jumped out lol so it been a slow processes. I not even seen any round my way etc or had a

Chance to drive one to rekindle my

Love lol

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Well today I

Managed to pull her out of garage and do few things put my aux belts on refitted my washer bottle fitted new washer jets fitted front indicators still loads of tidying up in the Bay Area still in to minds if I going to relocate fuse

Box to inside. Also got to make


Braket to hold my sensor

Connectors etc.


The car I fitted my unit holder in centre console and my Pod holder. Also little pic of her dirty in the sun still waiting little longer before I flat back and polish.




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So today managed to get out on the car

Fitted new rear disc and pads with new bearings etc regressed sliders in calipers.

Now I have a halk leg as I had to change the old brake fluid out which was Black due to old and water etc

Had a self bleader so took about 45 mins and over 1l of 5.1 fluid to get it nice and clear with no air bubbles also re bled the slave cylinder as fitted new etc.

Now I need to do a lot of tidying up in the bay need to sort a good Earth out for the battrey in the rear then run the power cables etc. Also got to sort out all my sensor wires as they in a mess atm got to cable tie them together and make a loom etc.

would b still working on it but yet again I started to lose the will as it don't look like I getting anywhere lol

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The car out today going over all fueling pipes and making sure everything tight ready for testing the puMp etc.

Then checked the wiring to the lights and noticed I had no side light for the drivers side.

I stupidly removed

The loom to it when I removed the abs pump wiring lol

Luckily I had a spare engine loom so I traced the wires bk to fuse box and soldered new wires on to

The cut ones lol

Stupid me lol

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So today i received all my parts that I

Needed to get the car running and to move my bat to the rear 

Also roose motor sport coolant pipes for my rad and new fan fitting kit as the one was coming loose. Also nice hydullic crimp for the terminals fitting to the wire

Nice 161 quid lighter but

She will start after all

Of this only thing left to by then is my handling package then off to map so close now having to work on it once my daughter gets to be etc

But if my bonas from work comes through

August it b alive and mapped fingers crossed


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so today I finished all the engine bits and it started for the 1st time in 4 years few issues I got to sort out now is getting the fuel pressue right and to sort the idle out

also have a prob with my gear box fitted a spec 6 padel clutch etc and new slave cylinder etc bled the system through but I seem to be getting a soft pedel still and a strange bite point also have to pump the pedel to change gear ( only moved of the drive and stoped selected reverse crunched to engage then slowly lifted the pedal up and started to roll back diped the clutch as coming to a stop but clutch was stil engaged ) poss air in the system but I have to have a look another time

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Today managed to get a day on the car again re bled the clutch felt better but box feels bit notcy still could b linkage but when it goes

On to map they be looking at that for me.

Fitted my front mount in place today as well as put the bat in the pos where it will

Be mounted




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I may have a map sensor buddy down my unit.

When you reckon this be out?

U are a legend pm me feller once I got the eml light issue sorted then it b just making seat rails mounting my seats mot then map down at tourqe developments

Then bk to

Body shop to final fit bumper. But time

It done it b winter which then she b tucked away till all the crap off the road etc so prob April 2017 officially

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So the eml light issue sorted standed map

Sensor fitted next to my 3 bar hks

One light now out cheers to ReeceGolliker's and the other people who offered the help

Etc. Now time

To drain my fuel tank as water in the fuel

Where it was standing for so long

So that's the next thing then sound run sweet as a nut

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Fair play to you bud!

You don't get to many builds like these in your life.

Especially ones to this standard. You really have/are doing a top job.

Just push push push and get it finished and just enjoy it!

Hats off to you cause I know it is not easy!

Cheers feller means a lot .

It not finished to my standed yet just going to get the mapping

Done then over winter do my false floor

In the boot couple

Of extra suspension upgrades ie rear anti roll

Bar para rod and upgraded front anti roll bar and drop links.

Then full set up done but looking

At new wheels and bigger brake set up

Keeping a eye on kerri updates with his new supplier etc.

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