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  1. 4pot wilwoods. Think I was talking to you on Facebook Can't recall how that chat finished up so zero pressure if they weren't the kit for you. Phil
  2. Phil

    No problem. I have my good days haha
  3. General machining projects

    Looking good sir Phil
  4. Item For Sale: Set of gearbox bearings for c52/c56 gearbox complete bar the diff bearings Item Condition & Description: New in packaging Price: 120ono Pictures: L Payment & Shipping Details: paypal - postage £7.50
  5. You will next need to remove the bolt which is an allen key fitting on the side of the box, (mine is out already, its not the allen key one in the pic but the one above and to the right, inside there will be a cylinder (which you can see), spring and ball bearing, the cylinder can be a bit awkward to pull out, i put long nose plyers in the hole and pulled them apart to grip onto it, take these out also. (note i have removed it already and the spring inside has popped out.) If your having trouble getting this out, you can still remove the lid, then try. (dont worry the ball wont drop into the box) That's the bit I came to find the pic for but can't remember which of the two Allen headed bolts it is Phil
  6. 4 pot brakes

    New wilwood kit here but obviously may be out if budget. No hassle either way man Phil
  7. I've an 09 c220 Cdi estate auto Zero bother with it, only thing that I would say is that for a diesel they aren't economic 40mpg is good in them. I'm closer to 30 with town driving Phil
  8. Yes could supply them also But would be abit extra as would involve chopping up a perfectly good Wiring loom sorry Phil
  9. Item For Sale: Link g4+ Storm ECU Bosch wideband sensor 4.9lsu Mac solenoid 3port boost control Nissan GT-R Throttle position sensor Oil pressure sensor Link loom with wired starlet gt plug in Item Condition & Description: like new. Price: 1400ono this is a 1250/1300 new plus 300/400 pounds of sensors etc all new/like new buyer wont be disappointed. Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal - Postage at cost. Phil