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    Spigot rings for astra discs

    You would 100% want a permanent spigot ring, a huge amount of force goes through the disc when being clamped and could easily be pulled off center especially when things get hot. For the sake of paying maybe £10 or so for some spigot rings it's not worth the risk imo.
  2. morgey

    No lights on dash

    Check the dome fuse in the engine bay, that does a range of interior stuff. When you tried the indicators was the ignition on?
  3. morgey

    Who knew starlets had a pollen filter??

    Not every ep has them, some just have a solid cover over the top. Last one I put in mine I scented up so I get a waft of air freshener whenever the heatings on lol
  4. morgey

    Wheel bearing Hub nut Torque

    154lbft iirc
  5. morgey

    shody steering feel

    The knocking on the BC will likely be the nut on top of the pillow ball, mine and a couple of others have came loose before and caused a knocking.
  6. morgey

    Levin Twin Pot Conversion

    Biggest problem with the Celica carriers is lack of pad choice. MR2 and Levin pads fit but they have a smaller footprint so it's a bit of a trade off.
  7. morgey

    Fuel starvation when cornering

    Have you got the little tub/baffle that sits around the fuel pump in the tank to stop the fuel running to the extremeties of the tank
  8. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    thought id best update this a bit as it doesnt really make much sence, my intro for some reason it half way down this first page :s erm basically ths is my car a few months after i brought it and put a few things back to standard as it was a bit chav tastic haha yes the car is in dire need of a clean in these pics by the way thats JDM yO!
  9. Stock power you should be ok, just keep up with oil changes and don't be overly aggressive with it and it will be fine.
  10. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    When the cars driving how I want it I'll consider more power, currently it's a bit odd so I'm going to focus on getting that sorted before doing much else to it.
  11. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    What you trying to say??
  12. morgey

    pinout diagram needed please

    Open up the ECU and it's printed on the board
  13. morgey

    Handbrake not working

    Rear discs on these suck, I've done exactly the same as you numberous times and they still don't work. Left it with a garage after an MOT and told them that they just don't work and to check them over, told me I needed a new caliper, so I fitted a spare one, which still didn't work. Next thing I know, it's passed its MOT and guess what, the handbrake still doesn't work lol. Even the footbrake has really low efficiency on them. If you want a working handbrake on a Toyota, fit drums. Haven't touched the ones on my corolla in 9 years and they still lock the back wheels!
  14. morgey

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Not much of an update, the car is taxed again, developed a misfire from somewhere so got to fix that now. Got a new adjustable height steering column to fit to suit the lower position of the low rails. I'm also going to be test fitting a few different intake bits to test things out. 1st is a test of shorter trumpets just to see if they suit my current air filter better. I'm also going to try the plenum back on with a stock airbox and a couple of different trumpets just to see what I prefer. I'm also looking at changing the exhaust to make it quieter. After driving around in my corolla for so long I Really can't be arsed with it droning away all the time so would sacrifice a few hp for some refinement lol. After all my end goal is to make it a fairly comfy daily that I can have some fun in if I see fit, no point having a car if you can't use it all the time hey??
  15. morgey

    Levin Twin Pot Conversion

    single pot carriers. They bolt up to Levin twin pot calipers. Then you just need the astra discs turned down with spigot rings or Levin/T-sport discs with spacers behind them.
  16. morgey

    Project Rattlesnake: "KP82" build

    Awesome, seems to go well!
  17. morgey


    Message sicaln he has one for sale.
  18. morgey

    New Member

    Welcome along, hopefully you'll get the advice you need
  19. morgey

    Levin twin pot hubs

    All ae111 SSS are twinpot yes, not sure on the ae101s. If you fit them to the non SS (mcpherson) hubs you end up with 260mm brakes. But if you use celica caliper carriers on the mcpherson hubs you can space them out to be 275mm like the SSS setup. The mcpherson hubs are the same as uk corollas.
  20. morgey

    Levin twin pot hubs

    Ae111 Levin hubs that come with twinpots won't fit as theyre from the super strut model which is a completely different suspension setup to the mcpherson used on starlets. The top of the hub is mounted to the shock with a ball joint and the lower mount is 2 balljoints to connect to 2 separate wishbone arms
  21. morgey

    Battery relocations

    Standard battery will be fine. Never had a problem with fumes, they only really smell when on charge or heavy discharge and theres vents in the boot for when you open and close a door to stop vacuum or pressure buildup when closing.
  22. morgey

    Changing rear axle

    Pretty much FT, its clamping a metal bush in the middle of the rubber mount so not too much to worry about.
  23. morgey

    Ae111 box on 5e ep70

    As above, swap bell housing as a minimum but youll want to check the levin box has the bolt holes for the 4efe front box mount, if not youll have to put some in, or Failing that you'll need to swap all the ae111 internals into your box and if using a 6 speed box youll need the end casing from the ae111 box too as that houses some extra bearings Or as above use a g6r box and that will all bolt up but you'll need to find an lsd for it.
  24. morgey

    Down time.

    Wheeeyy glad we're back
  25. morgey

    Engine Failure :(

    Oil light will only come on if theres a drop in pressure, not from low oil level itself. But the drop in pressure could be caused by low oil level.