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  1. New Starlet owner from South Florida USA

    Hello and welcome!   If you become a paid members you can upload directly to here.   Would like to see some snaps to be fair!
  2. EP82-GT-CCM-Demo-TAKE-2

    Onwards and upwards. We're all waiting for the MRS :D
  3. Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    Don't think I am knocking it. Properly clever stuff what you're doing and I get your reasoning.
  4. The Icarus Project (4EFTE)

    Thank you. It's been a hell of a slog!
  5. Go on, what happened to this. Was MOT'd up until last year!
  6. Sparkys EP82 quadlight

    What happened to this MOT hasn't been renewed in 6 years. Don't tell me it was scrapped.
  7. Gt Glowdials/Dimmer switch

    I just left it at blue, taped off a 12V feed from the side light switch and left behind the clocks. Slight transformer hum when on, gets a little annoying lol.   Shouldn't be too hard to figure out.
  8. Finally Gt turbo

    The indiglows were merely plug and play mate. Just take a 12V feed off the side light switch and you're laughing.   The MOT tester I used ended up getting all his colleagues to come and have a look.
  9. The Icarus Project (4EFTE)

    Wow, haven't kept this build up to date at all.   Picking this up where it left off. After I fitted all the suspension components to the car back in August 2016, I removed the side skirts to find that the car was rotten down both sides, plus the floor was badly repaired on both rear passenger footwells. Incredibly disheartened by this, I was tempted to scrap/sell the car.     I'm not a mechanic, I'm not a welder and funds are always tight. So this was frustrating to say the least.   Laugh as you will, but it took the whole of 2017 to get the repairs to this vehicle done. The problems were found early on in 2017 and we needed the weather to improve in order to get the repair work underway. So we didn't actually started the grinding and welding till May 2017.         It was like this on both sides of the car. Luckily my Dad is handy with a welder, and during the hottest day of the year, he got stuck in for two days on his Chinese welder doing all the repair work for me. He's not a mechanic or welder by trade, but I was very impressed with the repair work. The floor repairs went without a hitch, but the sills were problematic. Got there in the end and I'm chuffed that he managed to sort it.     I had problems with the side skirt brackets. One of them was rotten beyond saving.     I shot blasted them myself, came up well, and my dad fabricated a new piece and spot welded the existing metal that we could save to the pieces.   Powdercoated these for longevity.         Another Starlet saved.   I pumped the sills and all the box sections with waxoyl and rust inhibiter through an 80 PSI canister and an air compressor. Hopefully that'll be the last I see of any rust forming from the inside.   The next thing on my list was to remove the powersteering. Because...weight.   After much head scratching and thinking, I decided not to loop the lines and use an EP80 Rack, but I wanted to keep the JDM column. So early on in 2018 I set about doing the necessary bits for this conversion.   I bought a EP80 column and rack and decided to split the universal joint from the column and extract the extension piece, since the rack does not protrude into the cabin like the PS setup.   Fitted is the EP80 column knuckle, below is the JDM column knuckle.     Notice that the bar on the rack is a lot longer.   This now allows the rack to be connected to the column     I bought a EP91 washer bottle and moved it into the wheel arch and removed the PS ancillaries from the bay.     I also took the liberty of relocating the battery to the boot.       80 Amp breaker switch fitted along side a Buddy Club Racing Spec Condenser all fitted to the battery box.   I've fitted a ZEP C pillar brace, Cusco Carbon Rear Strut Brace, Ultra Racing Floor brace and Ultra Racing rear under carriage brace (not pictured) Also got the fuel pump cover powdercoated   For whatever reason, I simply could not bleed the Celica kit I bought. I decided to swap these out for a set of WMS brakes that came up for sale on here.         These bled almost instantaneously.   Now I can't really tell you whether these four pots are any good. They slow the car down, but I don't think they stop on the dime. Nethertheless I'm sure they're better than stock so I'm not complaining.   And when all was said and done, I got it down to my local testers for its MOT.     We managed to scrape the car through the test...and I've actually be able to legally drive the car for the first time in three years.   Scary trip down to the testers mind. In the last three years, every single suspension component has been off this car and I just hoped I put it all back together again...
  10. Finally Gt turbo

    Lol, the painters couldn't see the point in it all.   They were like, but it's underneath the car. Where no one will see it. I was like, ahh but the MOT tester will see it. And they'll be so distracted by it all that they'll hopefully miss the fact the brakes don't work. lol.   I got the rear beam done as well. And that's funny as the car bops up and down on the road it shows it's rear end   It's all pointless though. Should have spent the money on a nice mid spoiler likes yours.
  11. Finally Gt turbo

    Yeah I hear you. Nah man I'm busy building a bike at the moment so the little Starlet has been sat looking sorry for itself :(
  12. Finally Gt turbo

    Haha, I think me and you are in to the scene more than him lol. It's good to see you've returned with full force though. Decimating this build on the car. Doing a fantastic job. Keep it up.
  13. Finally Gt turbo

    Yeah that's wicked. I would love to get one of those. I know you went all out on a genuine one, but personally not phased if I got a pattern one.   Props to you though Spence. Car is looking lovely!   My brother recently got the Ol Mjz2666 MOT'd and out back on the road.   He was going to sell it, then drove it and decided it was worth keeping! Cracking motor.
  14. Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    Like this is really impressive, but no way are these going to be reliable? Surely not. I'm not that kind of engineer but this looks a tad on the dodgey side to be road legal lol.   Loving the engineering though, please keep us posted!
  15. Finally Gt turbo

    Got the duck tail spoiler fitted yet? Pictures...