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  1. Calum122

    Vintage Toyota Steering Wheel

    The important part, is finding a boss that safely mounts to the column. And then fabricating the adaptor to plate from there. Like you say, it might just bolt onto the column without anywork. I have no experience. You would need to start tearing down your column to find out. Here is a photo of my EP80 column next to my EP82 Column from when I did the Non-PAS conversion. See the blue boss on my 82 column for aftermarket wheels. Notethe uniqueness of the EP80 shaft. It's not likely to just fit.
  2. Calum122

    Vintage Toyota Steering Wheel

    It won't be a direct fit. You will need some sort of boss that can take aftermarket wheels. That will give you something to mount a bespoke adaptor plate to that mates the wheel to the column. Rob might be clever and have some other clever way of doing it without the boss, but without him physically seeing what he's got to work with, it is difficult to say. Anything is possible, and you're lucky that there are skills on this site that could make your dream a reality.
  3. Calum122

    Ep82 callipers rebuild kits

    Import Car Parts has you covered https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352285777730
  4. Super clean! That's a dream build right there!
  5. I'd say, you're nearly there for decent coilovers, grab a set of Meister Rs. Should be able to get a used set for that much, or save a little more and get them new.
  6. Calum122

    Anti lift kit help

    There should be a plate that goes over the top of those arms as well pal.
  7. Calum122

    New EP82 owner

    Hello and Welcome. Nice GT you got there. Fantastic cars!
  8. Calum122

    Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

    You know what, it's not that bad of a price. I understand, if like me, you paid £1400 for your Starlet, that it may seem expensive. But it's money well spent when you consider what it's job is. I've been thinking about this a lot, and I think it's the only way to go personally.
  9. Calum122

    Glanza V in Tokyo

    Agreed, I need to get myself to the Japland for sure!
  10. Calum122

    Dc2 shell build up.

    I was literally just about to ask!!! Yes that's lovely.
  11. Calum122

    Vintage Toyota Steering Wheel

    I doubt it, by the looks of it, that fits directly to the column. Where as later models tend to have a boss mounted to the column You would want a Starlet boss that can accept a variety of aftermarket steering wheels. Then an adaptor plate made up to mount your wheel to that boss safely. I would imagine. I literally have no idea and am just guessing though. @Rob H@RCH Engineering Would be able to fabricate this for you no problem. If you sent him the wheel I'm sure he could get access to a starlet column to try it out against!
  12. Calum122

    Vintage Toyota Steering Wheel

    Looks cool! You will need an adaptor plate made up. Swap out the hub and boss and go from there.
  13. Calum122

    Kie's EP82 GT Turbo

    I am pretty sure I paid £25 for my JD Tuning one. TD Have them for £35 http://www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=502_519_577&products_id=294
  14. Calum122

    Dc2 shell build up.

    QT50 - Wow, first bike I ever rode that is.
  15. Calum122

    Dc2 shell build up.

    Honda Express, lovely! I really want a C90