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  1. My Red Glanza

    No it is a lovely colour your car.  I do want to see some better photos of it when you get a moment. It looks fantastic.
  2. Oil filter relocation

    Well it's not filtering the air is it, you're just stopping big stuff going in there. But think once the engine has spun the turbine to compress as much air as possible, leaves and shit will just get consumed through the mesh.   Now I know lots of people run it that way etc etc, I just think it's so hacky when a filter is literally only going to cost you like a pony at max.   Kate sounds like you need to better relocate your air filter.     Just whack on something like that. Was literally a 10er for two filters nice and maneuverable....
  3. My Red Glanza

    Yes mate absolutely lovely!
  4. Anyone Know Where the Fuel Pump Fuse is?

    Someone will be along to say, but I was under the impression it was by the glove compartment, or am I thinking of the fuel relay...
  5. New Member EP91

    Tidy, my GT is just a tad quicker than an EP3. But it's pretty stock. It's amazing what you get for the money. I guess on acceleration due to the way VTEC is going to deliver it's power, any turbo car is going to be quicker than an EP3. But I still love that car cause it's just a well planted base that is screaming for a turbo conversion.
  6. Ignis recaros

    But the seats are identical, so would the glanza rails not bolt onto the seat itself. I doubt Recaro would have designed two completely different seat mechanisms for the same seat. It's likely the rails are the only thing you would need to swap. Presumable with some Glanza rails.   Either way, it wouldn't be hard to fabricate new rails to suit.

    Does look epic that!
  8. Does anyone know what headlights these are?

    They're probably custom. There is a thread on TGTT about a chap who made some like this.  
  9. New member ep80

    Time Warp :)
  10. New Member from Northern Ireland

    Lovely looking GT there bud.
  11. GT Seats to Glanza rails?

    Yeah it's an interesting one. The mounts might be different. But the fitments to the chassis are the same. Best to get one with the rails if you ask me.
  12. Speeding advice?

    You may have a point there, but it's all context. 90 past a school at 15:15 provides a greater risk than 90 on the motorway at 03:00. Also, we may live in built up areas where such speeds is unattainable, I'm by no means excusing it (take it to the track), but in the arse end of no where...the risk is greater reduced. By no means excused however!
  13. GT Seats to Glanza rails?

    Pretty sure the GT seats with GT rails fits straight into the EP91. I gave a pair of mk2 seats that a chap fitted into his UK Spec 91.
  14. Speeding advice?

    I guess it must be frustrating for people like yourself that work hard on a pride and joy and take the car to its limits on the correct place, which is a track.