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  1. Oh wow. Wheels look grand in that photo!
  2. Cam cover looks great! I always use the home parts washer
  3. Calum122

    Help needed.

    Yeah is this the one in the top offside corner of the engine bay? I actually don't know what it's for.
  4. Wow that is ugly lol
  5. Keep the drums lol. Everyone who has done that conversion has said how much better the drums are. Do a search on here and you'll see it.
  6. Calum122

    Help needed.

    Is that the Hi/Lo Boost solenoid. What actuator you running Looping the lines wouldn't do anything. Its purpose is to divert flow for the turbo actuator.
  7. That's a shame about the crash, car is looking sweet though. How bad was it?
  8. Yes that is looking well smart!
  9. As a child, I used to go into Video Nest to grab these sorts of posters for my wall. Can't believe how long ago that is now!
  10. Windows are routed through the hazard switch on my GT. If that's not fitted, windows didn't work. IIRC
  11. I don't understand how they are 60K but yet so Presh!
  12. Depends on how much you paid, if you bought it for top dollar, then yeah I'd be fuming. But if you got it for a steal, then you could be on to a winner. Doesn't seem like too much to fix. Nothing broke can't be fixed. It's just frustrating at times. Some people have no morals, that's the problem.
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