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  1. Jamie's EK9

    That shifter looks the tits
  2. Na turbo help

    I mean it does depend on how decent a job and what not.   I was under the impression you can get 6PSI out of the 4E engine. In which case you will want a CT9, should be plenty kicking about as people upgrade for th TD04, manifolds, down pipe, injectors.   Yeah I can see where Nick is coming from now.   If you can nab someone off the forum who is tuning their CT9 to a TD04 you could do it fairly cheaply, but it won't last as long as a normal GT/Glanza
  3. Josh's EP91 1997 Glanza V build thread

    Hey lovely bud. Looks great in white!
  4. Head gasket blown in all directions...engine swap or scrap

    Think he's running a 2e engine bud.
  5. Head gasket blown in all directions...engine swap or scrap

    Cool, well it's bound to have coolant in it, you've just removed the head.   be sure to smear oil in the bores to stop rust from forming.   What do you mean by grind? It's a specialist job to have the head skimmed.   I doubt the block is warped, but a straight edge will help with that.   You'll want to remove all of the valves and be prepared to lap them back in. Collets should go with the collets they came with. Same with buckets and shims. The cam caps also need to be reseated where they came from.   If you're unsure, then I'm sure an engine firm will sort this all out, at an added charge. Get the head skimmed, clean up the block and fit a new head gasket.   Nothing looks too out of the ordinary, just old and crusty, but not broken beyond repair.
  6. Mats ep91

    Yeah, that's come up well to be fair.
  7. HKS PFC FCON gone bad.

    Yeah I was going to say, it's possible that it's just a cheap component gone faulty.  There are engineers that could no doubt fix it, cheaper than another one.
  8. best wiring route for gauges

    Yeah cleanest way is going to be through the Arch. But unless you've wire tucked the bay, I'd just go through the A/C vent.
  9. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Ahem, you can see clearly that both Facebook and Twitter are valid log on mechanism, both support HTTPS and therefore provide secure mechanisms to logging in using OAUTH.
  10. Burning oil?

    If it was overfueling you'd see it in the plugs, and it would be black sooty. Brown is a new one on me.
  11. Burning oil?

    The other thing it can be is ring gap clearance. This is going to cause Piston Blow By which can lead to excessive oil burn.   That said, engine oil is blue not brown.
  12. Are the glass the same from a N/A? It's probably just the glass I'm interested, I hope your GT boot goes as I don't want it to get scrapped. But if Any EP window fits, then I would just go to my brakers, as it's a two hour drive for me. I just don't want to see it get scrapped.
  13. Chops if worst case scenario you have to scrap the boot, PM me before hand and I will probably come down to save it. Mines started to rot and the glass is all scratch due to someone using a rear wiper with no blade on it. So at worst it can save another EP.
  14. Lights, no lights when turn on Full beam

    Silly answer, you sure the bulb hasn't blown. Or at least, the high beam part.
  15. Ep82 carbon bonnet

    Pretty sure they can still be had new