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  1. Calum122

    EP71 turbo restoration project

    Keep us updated
  2. Calum122

    Mats ep91

    That's looking damn fine.
  3. They can be had. I sold a set of square lamps last year for like £50. I'm sure you'll find the bits you need. Getting an unchopped bumper may be hard.
  4. The definitive way to check is via the VIN. I believe TGTT has all the production codes from the associated VIN. Mk2 interior. Mk3 interior
  5. Calum122

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    Wow, how did Toyota get that wrong? That sounds dangerous!
  6. Yeah it'll be square lamps if it's a Mk2. Which L Reg indicates that. Interior is distinct in the MK2's Looks like you'll need a Mk2 Grill too. ALso also, looks like your bumper has been modified, so for that OEM goodness you need a new Mk2/3 bumper.
  7. Calum122

    Ep82 washer bottle

    Nope. Was simple enough
  8. Calum122

    Which alarm/ security should I fit?

    Looks decent to be fair. I remember trying to make one, it's crazy what you can get for the money these days. From Experience, the Geolocation can be within 20 metres, which is crazy accurate.
  9. Calum122

    Which alarm/ security should I fit?

    It's all good in theory, but you need credit on the SIM. The SIM needs to be active else it gets cut off, this all requires power, modern phones need low voltage 5V's as opposed to the 12V system in the car. It needs to be live 24/7, depending on how often you use the car this can drain the battery. You need to guarantee it actually works, benefits of buying a product for £800 is that it's well tested. Wheel clamps and steering clamps are always a good shout. At the end of the day, thieves want it bad enough they'll take it, you're just trying to make it a deterrent and let them move on to someone else's car.
  10. Calum122

    Which alarm/ security should I fit?

    I've had vehicles stolen before and know what it's like, thinking an alarm would do the trick. But personally I found it impacted my enjoyment of the vehicle more than I got security from it. Constantly worried about leave the car, for the alarm to just go off and with me nowhere to disable it. Had that a few times when coming back to my vehicle to see the alarm going crazy.
  11. Calum122

    Which alarm/ security should I fit?

    The problem I have with car alarms. They tend to go wrong. They tend to go off for no apparent reason. People don't care that an alarm is going off and find it more of a nuisance. People don't stop thieves when the alarm is going off. Alarms can be bypassed, removed/deleted subverted. They give a false sense of security.
  12. Calum122

    Which alarm/ security should I fit?

    No unlikely. You need a bolt on steering wheel. My advice, keep the original steering wheel in a box somewhere. Either invest in a retro looking wheel, or something that resonates with you, ultimately when you move on from this car, you can take that wheel with you. It's a nice little touch and worth spending decent money on from that perspective. I know it's heart wrenching to have your pride and joy tampered with.
  13. Calum122

    Which alarm/ security should I fit?

    I use a snap off wheel for my car. I sleep better at night knowing the steering wheel is not in the car. I know that isn't full proof, but no system is. It's a really easy and quick thing to have. Although I believe they are no longer allowed on UK MOT's which is a shame.
  14. Calum122

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    How so? You would have thought it being a Toyota it wouldn't have been so bad.
  15. Calum122

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    Can I ask, why take off the ABS?