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  1. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

      Oh yeah ditto.   This thing has had everything RCM do done to it. Including brand new Six speed box from Subaru. Anti Lag, Carbon prop shaft. Very high spec. Gorgous car.   Naturally, not as good as my GT Jokes.   Granted, insurance for all of this is somewhat...pricey.
  2. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    What RA did you have?   My friend has a lovely Version 6 RA.
  3. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs, but even Go Compare, Confused told you £600! That's outrageous. It's definitely coming up on the insurance as a Glanza and not something silly?  
  4. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    That sounds excessive!  Whilst I paid more for my insurance (due to being 23 at the time and never driven a car) my brother who was 28 paid around 250 for his GT.
  5. Finally Gt turbo

    That's lovely that!   Doing a real nice job on this.   It will be spot on with that mid spoiler fitted.  
  6. Building the Dream

    Very good.
  7. Hi There

    Hi Kieran, nice looking SR you've got :D
  8. sound system

    I fitted Pioneer Champions all round in my Starlet and system is absolute tumping. All powered with a Rockford fosgate amp and a lovely Pioneer Tyre sub that sits in the spare wheel arch.   It's only about 400 watts RMS, but that's plenty for the tin can car.
  9. subaru injectors fitment

    Great stuff bud!   I shall keep this in mind!
  10. Caliper seal/gaitor kit?

    Genuine:   Aftermarket:  
  11. Alternator bolt

    Isn't just an M10 bolt, surely you can just order those from any bolt reseller?
  12. That is a lovely motor my friend!
  13. dogbox

    This really ought to be in the NSFW section!
  14. Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    Fantastic stuff!   Car looks great.
  15. Has gone

    Nah, looks like they've forgotten to renew their domain name. The lads on there are too committed for it to disappear, they just don't appear to be that technically minded when it comes to this sort of thing, or rather have the time. I'm confident it will be back up once they renew their domain name.