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  1. If it's standard and you're on a budget, then just get OEM headgasket. £40. And then new head bolts. And get the head skimmed. Then reassemble. Simple job shouldn't cost more than £200 for parts and skimming labor. Then it's time for a garage or yourself to fit it.
  2. Calum122

    Low mileage glanza

    Wow! Belongs in a museum for sure!
  3. Calum122

    "Lsd" how can u tell

    Yes, you can fit an LSD to a Non-LSD box. That's really interesting. So that could potentially eliminate some torque steer if the driveshafts are similar in size.
  4. Calum122

    "Lsd" how can u tell

    When the car is jacked up and in neutral, if an LSD is fitted, you can rotate one of the wheels and the other will spin. Obviously if it's in gear then both wheels will spin since all cars will have a differential, but in neutral it should not spin.
  5. Calum122

    Finally Gt turbo

    Surely not that hard to have one fabricated no? Seems like a pretty simple piece of metal to me.
  6. JAM isn't really going to solve your issue as the JAM would have been setup on a stock CT9 most likely. The plug and plays were a great way to boost power on an otherwise stock car. The moment you start modifying the car away from stock, it's impossible for an tuning company to tailor the ECU to your cars needs. Obviously the car can compensate with fuel, if it understands the AFR's and all those other parameters. No real need to loop the solenoid, in fact, no real need for it to exist on the car since it doesn't control fueling, only the port for the boost sensor for the actuator. It might be the ECU, gone faulty. Have you a boost gauge? It's not overboosting is it? As far as I know, the plug and play ECU's raised the fuel cut limit of the engine. So long as it is a genuine JAM ECU.
  7. If the battery is discharged then you may struggle to create the voltage necessary. But you'd have a battery light on the dash and you definitely would not be able to crank it over. Are you sure the actuator is working properly? The stock turbo uses a dual port actuator, adjustable actuators do not have this functionality. Are you sure you've set the boost sensor hose correctly. Deleting the original Hi/Lo boost button and ensuring no vacuum leaks.
  8. Calum122

    Toyota IQ

    There is the Aston Martin Variant....
  9. Calum122

    Rear calipers - freshly rebuilt

    They look pucker to be fair. There are enough people who are having problems with their calipers that these should sell. I'll link my brother to these as I know his calipers don't work.
  10. Calum122

    Glanza parts help please.

    Import Car Parts (ICP) also do good stuff and come recommended.
  11. Calum122

    Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    Hey hey, this mega! Loving the dedication here.
  12. Calum122

    Steering column removal ?

    Yeah. You just need to unbolt it from the car. From underneath, the column is mounted under the dash. Should take around 15 minutes to do.