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  1. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    That's the European model. Why> Why did we get those lights lol. JDM one is much better.
  2. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Ahh yeah, I'm a bit slow you see Ollie. I'm with you now. Yeah as Marc has said, where any short comings are in the power delivery of the DC2, it'll more than make up with handling characteristics. I got a mate with an import DC2 and the handling on it is superb.
  3. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    My Dad has got a MX5 with a Garrett turbo, ahem, still only 220 bhp, about as quick as a Civic Type R to be honest.   Obviously more fun.   Nah not slow, but for the money, you can get a lot faster cars. Personal favourite would be Mazda RX7
  4. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    The kid had an N/A previously and I wouldn't call him a boy racer by any stretch of the imagination. I didn't even know he was into cars till years later. But I guess I would never know.
  5. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    2.0 N/A may have been 170 bhp out the factory, but certainly at now and certainly isn't at the wheel.   I got a mate with the turbo variant, which is quick car, had it about a week until he crashed it into the A40 central reseveration, not going fast, just water planed. Fair play to him, restored it and you'd never know. Not sure if I'd get one of those lol though. An S2K on the other hand. But not in stock trim, too slow.
  6. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Ahh okay. I kinda got the impression you wanted something to have a bit of a laugh in on a road trip and not keep forever.
  7. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Lol. Okay. As said, SiR's are cool also though. Like they didn't do an EG Type R it was merely the SiR with the B16 Lump in it.
  8. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    You thinking Type R Ollie?   You can get early variants of the DC2 before Type R was even a thing.   Just like they did with the Civic, the DC2 also comes in an SiR variant also. Boasting the B18B engine, albeit perhaps slightly less power.   The chassis isn't reinforced as much either, but it's a very similar car, oh and the price can be half of what you'd pay for a Type R. Which means you can spend more money on getting a decent one that's going to give you hassle free motoring.
  9. Panhard rod

    Is the Micra Rod adjustable? Be interesting to see how close they come. That said pretty sure Pan Hard rods aren't that much more.   £82 for a Cusco one, make it around £110 to the door.  But guaranteed fitment. That's what I'm running.
  10. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Pretty sure the import DC2's have ridiculously thin front wind shields, no sound deadening etc etc. So expect it to not be the best. A common as much, reliable okayish car, I agree a K20. Dirty on expenses though.   My bang for buck would be an EP2 with a D16z SOHC Turbo conversion. Cheap tax insurance etc and can easily get 240 brake out of them. See loads of D16 Turbos for sale as well.
  11. New member :)

    Hello Kev! I'm from Cheltenham as well. Probably see you razing about no doubt.
  12. Toyota Starlet Ep71 Turbo s

    What a BEAUTIFUL CAR! GLWS bud. People can see this is a genuine car, and personally, from a collectors perspective, better it left unregistered and let someone else be the owner! If you're looking to buy one, then this looks ideal. Very nice!
  13. I would just sorn it. You can retax it at a moments notice anyway.
  14. Looking lovely. Have you got anywhere to store it? It's killer getting rid of it, I presume it's all paid for and doesn't owe you anything. If you need the money then it's time to sell, but it sounds like you just don't need the extra overhead at the moment. That said, kids get more expensive not cheaper. Store it away until the summer, you may find you have time for it next year.
  15. Gt sport Beta

    43GB FOR A BETA WTF!   That's a massive beta fair play lol