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  1. hello please find my wepr stainless steel top mount manifold for tdo4/5 flange what will be included is manifold downpipe which wideband bung fitted and custom oil feed and return lines price is 750 delivered plus pay pal fees price collected is 700 plus pay pal fees any other info please get in contact BUT PLEASE no tyre kickers etc
  2. jellybaby

    Tyler's Red Glanza. Update 4/7/17

    Where u get the stickers from feller need a set for mine
  3. Unfortunately the Intercooler has been sold separately ready just got to aedit my post
  4. Bump come on surely someone wants this kit
  5. jellybaby

    Ignition push start conversion

    He risen from the dead lol nice to see ya bk
  6. jellybaby

    Black box under dash

    To do with central locking should b written on it
  7. jellybaby

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    Or u come to a grinding holt then it kicks in once stopped
  8. jellybaby

    Uprated inlet manifold

    Who it made by
  9. Here I have my td05 16gh turbo kit for sale this kit will see aprox 350bhp + with the correct supporting mods. The kit as has covered less then 100miles as only been on dyno for base mapping. Please only serious buyers I had a fair few time wasters. The kit will incluided the following stainless steel wepr top mount manifold 3incnh ss wepr downpipe with wideband bung installed already. And mounts to gearbox for support. Screamer pipe tdo5 16gh turbo this was brought from tmd fully rotated for top mount mani tial 38mm external wastegate with 0.8 spring. Custom oil return and oil feed lines and water lines
  10. jellybaby

    EP82 New guy old car

    Welcome to the forum feller any advice etc. Fire me a pm etc
  11. jellybaby

    Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    We’ll if I ever get mine sorted maybe sort a road trip out to the ring or something I no neversimple would tag along if we go via Holland
  12. jellybaby

    Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    Whoop glad all sorted feller it nice to see ya sticking at it us older vets still want to keep them going and push