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  1. jellybaby

    My Glanza V

    Great to c ya have it back
  2. jellybaby

    HKS SSQV installation question

    No probs she be much more fun with a good chassi set up etc u b surprised. If ya need anymore pointers just drop me a pm or look at the emoji build I did all his work for him
  3. jellybaby

    HKS SSQV installation question

    White line I have on mine for arbs and alk I no td do a complete set for about 400 coilovers I would go minster or bc coilovers also polly bush ya front arm bushes and also the rear axel and eventually polly bush ya engine mounts but ya will have to get use to the rattles lol
  4. jellybaby

    HKS SSQV installation question

    get a good handerling package ie coilovers front and rear arb alk kit and some good brakes they powerfuly enough stock etc get a good set up and enjoy it then save for forging once ya got used to her
  5. jellybaby

    Engine tapping

    sounds cam clearances or poss piston slap but I wouldn’t drive it if I was u
  6. jellybaby

    The beginning

    Nice i always look at them as they a great small set up but with good Stopping power did U say lead time was 2 months ???
  7. jellybaby

    The beginning

    Ah nice feller u get them from rhd the brakes
  8. jellybaby

    The beginning

    Whete u get the endless and steering wheel from ??
  9. Ya b fine feller just make sure u do the bolts up start them fingers then socket
  10. jellybaby

    Timmah's '96 Glanza V

    I have a hdi kit fmic and pipes if your running td04 set up ?
  11. Doing a lower arm change and the stupid captive nut broken off now only way to sort it is cut the floor and weld it bk on and remove the bolt
  12. jellybaby

    Ultra racing 3 point strut bar and c pillar bar

    Did u send payment ???
  13. jellybaby

    Emoji my accidental Glanza Build

    Dw it will be all done even if I have to book a extra day off work for the final snagging. Only big big job is the dash removal and fitting my flocked dash. As don’t no what I will find being the dash
  14. jellybaby

    Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    Looking good may I ask where u got the heat shielding for your water pipes from as need to do something to mine
  15. Yes speck to jay he has a great one for u