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  1. Anyone got a engine loom knocking about it don’t have to b Mint as I only need to so I can do some loom work to mine replace connectors etc
  2. So today I went down my garage and removed my rocker cover so I could check the cams to def sure they couldn’t b saved unfortunately they can’t but I have a good set of standard ones to go in so now got to get time to remove them etc. I also after speaking to a member on here I going to update my sensors to new faster reading ones so just purchased a new intake air temp sensor and coolant temp sensor. Grand total of 133 quid. Not to bad and easy for me to do.
  3. Or read my thread I about 20k in and got another 3-4 k to finish it to my spec and taken 6 years
  4. I would replace the valve as well if u can get hold of them still also where it located ? As I just fort mine never been changed lol
  5. jellybaby

    map sensors

    Yes or u will get a eml light on I using both on my hks ecu
  6. Ya engine still lives but got shim issues lol
  7. I have a kit for sale 850 deliverd
  8. So due to a crap start of the year and my health not being so great. I am very tempted to start breaking the car or sell it how it is as a whole. Unfortunately the scene these days are full of youngsters who has no idea about the money you have to spend to get a good reliable hp starlet. Which is once reason I in two minds to sell or break. Tgis is car has cost me excess 20k easy and over maybe 200 hours of labour and I so close to sorting issues out with her but just lost faith. I joined this fourm bk in 2007 and unfortunately I seen a decline of people act enjoying what fun these cars can do
  9. hello please find my wepr stainless steel top mount manifold for tdo4/5 flange what will be included is manifold downpipe which wideband bung fitted and custom oil feed and return lines price is 750 delivered plus pay pal fees price collected is 700 plus pay pal fees any other info please get in contact BUT PLEASE no tyre kickers etc
  10. Where u get the stickers from feller need a set for mine
  11. Unfortunately the Intercooler has been sold separately ready just got to aedit my post
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