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  1. ryan lang

    Speeding advice?

    i got caught doing 51 in a 30, got 6 points straight up and a £485 fine. with the speeds you were doing, id invest in some comfortable trainers or a bus pass!
  2. ryan lang

    Waterpump locks up in housing

    id-workz is your man for a new pump
  3. ryan lang

    Toyota Yaris SR 1.3 TTE

  4. i dont remember having to use anything on my old one
  5. ryan lang

    Toyota Yaris SR 1.3 TTE

    Yeah it has got those too mate ☺️ But I've got tein 40mm springs too go with the car of the new owner wants them.
  6. ryan lang

    Toyota Yaris SR 1.3 TTE

    Yeah it's a 99 fella. It's in good nick. The pictures do it a little bit of justice, but over all it's a class little motor. Also got some tein 40mm springs for it if the buyer wants them.
  7. ryan lang

    Toyota Yaris SR 1.3 TTE

    Year:1999 Model: Toyota Yaris SR 1.3 Tax: £13 monthly MOT: 1/2/2018 Mileage: 120,000 Description: For sale is my lovely little red Yaris SR. It has the full SR spec TTE lip kit and spoiler and also has the TTE backbox. 4 brand new tyres and tracking done in the last month. General service done 200 miles or so ago Great little motorway runner and even better side road drive. Price: £800 ono Pictures: Contact Details: 07850455424
  8. ryan lang

    What do you want from ukso

  9. ryan lang

    What do you want from ukso

    ass and titties
  10. ryan lang

    Starlet CD/SR Clocks Wanted

    ive got Paseo dials
  11. ryan lang

    Rear speakers in a sportif

    if you have a recent head unit. they should be labelled as rear speakers on the wires. running them under the centre console and under the carpet and seats takes 2 minutes
  12. ryan lang

    Noobie Here

    usually suzuki ignis, but you can get them from any car mate. you just have to have them fabricated to fit
  13. ryan lang

    Quick photoshop request

    first one was rushed. second ones a little better
  14. ryan lang

    4efte head in good working order

    Still got mine mate. Can be brought to Warwick but not until monday. From what i remember it has everything but the cams.
  15. ryan lang

    Noobie Here

    CT9b as standard i believe bud. welcome to the forum. post up some pictures of the car and any parts you're unsure of for helps