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  1. Td04 oil feed wanted.

    As title thanks
  2. Ep91 Fuel Tank

    There the same other than 96spec have round fuel pump senders 98spec have elliptical fuel pump senders. Make sure you get the correct one as the plugs are different. 
  3. There's a 98spec Silver Glanza being raffled off on for £10/ticket.  I pretty sure I seen a lad win a GT Advance on here not that long ago for £10. Is it the same site. 500/1 chance better odds than the lottery. Basically says at the bottom of the page that if they fail to provide the item at the end of the raffle that the winner gets 75% of the ticket sales paid out by raffal limited. So which would be £3750 
  4. I was at kfc.  Looks a real clean motor.  
  5. Ignition barrel question

    Yeah one is longer than the other. Think the 96spec is longer than the 98spec. 
  6. Ignition barrel question

    It won't work! You need an ep91 there are also 2 types 96 spec and 98 spec. 
  7. Bump. Just need glanza door cards or just the plastic handle armrest/pocket and all glanza rear plastics  Plus drivers door and wing pref N.A. with side strip plastics. 
  8. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    Yellows are usually airbag wires. Best let  a sparky sort that if your not confident enough. 
  9. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    Yes horn needs to work. 
  10. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    Not part of the test...... yet. Get it tested before may and you'll have 12month to fix it. 
  11. What manifold. This usually happens when the mani face is warped putting excess strain on the weakest point being that stud on the head. 
  12. 6000 finishing pads just done mine  as it was the same and it's gone now. It's like tissue paper.... actually used worse tissue paper.  I used these
  13. No good as I have a white car. Can collect. 
  14. Need a drivers door and wing in white for a glanza or UK spec not fussed. Interior plastics need to be the darker ones not from a UK spec.