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  1. Battery Cable size

    16mm would be well plenty. 
  2. Yaris Tsport gearbox just change bellhousing over from your old box. 
  3. Full turbo kit

    One just popped up on ebay
  4. 1nzfe in a starlet

    Rear mount and ns mount match up you just have to fabricate and OS mount, driveshafts should fit as the 5e/4e drops in the yaris bay and shafts fit so it's got to be the same the other way. If you do this I'll be keeping a keen eye. I've wanted to do this for ages but the cons outweigh the pros..... the yaris handles so much better than the starlet for a start. But you'll probably be the first to do it, have 105bhp out the bag and potenial for around 125bhp with a few mods. You can also turbo/supercharge the 1nzfe with off the shelf parts. 
  5. Na-t management

    It's not plug and play unless you change everything, dash loom, clocks, stalks...... but it's doable to just mod the standard dash loom to plug into the glanza ECU. 
  6. Was looking at buying like £100 on Sunday into litecoin but didn't. If I had I'd be up £200 now!!! 
  7. The 200mm and 212mm flywheel are the same size/weight. It's only the bolt pattern/dowls are in a different position on the flywheel. The only slight weight loss you will get is from the pressure plate and that won't be anywhere near enough weight to notice a difference.  
  8. Head gasket blown in all directions...engine swap or scrap

    The tell tail sign is the piston and head have been steam cleaned on that one cylinder.  
  9. HKS PFC FCON gone bad.

    I can buy the mosfets for £4.50 each so I'll just replace all 4. One is faulty as I've now tested them
  10. HKS PFC FCON gone bad.

    When I say driver I mean the mosfet/driver/transistor, I'm pretty sure when I had the lid off last they had no marking on them or they have been scratched/attacked with a dremel, which is why a busted one for parts would be ideal. I'll get it out of the car tomorrow and get the lid off to confirm. 
  11. So driving to work on Thursday and my car starts misfiring bad, no power and neat fuel spewing out the exhaust!! So I abandon the car to sort out after work..... I Checked plugs and leads all good, with the amount of fuel coming from exhaust while running my thought is injector stuck open. After Investigating my problem was cylinder 2 and 4 injectors are constantly open. I disconnect my HKS PFC and actuator, plug just stock ECU in and it runs perfect. I've come to the conclusion that the injector driver on the HKS has gone bad probably because the ECU is 25+years old now and the cold we've had has just made the driver give up, resulting in a permanent ECU ground to 2 and 4 injectors (one driver for both as it's batch fire) anyone else had the similar problem and is there anyone with a busted HKS PFC that wants to part with it so I can recycle some components out of it. 
  12. G6r 4efe

    You need to swap bellhousing first. 
  13. 6 speed box

    There on an n/a yeah enzo did it a while ago. Made a very fast car.....     Look at his other vids. 
  14. Kyle’s Black Paseo!

    You'll find it already has the 256mm brakes. I put paseo brakes on my N.A. as they were bigger.