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  1. Pinkygti

    Membership purchase issues

    Me too, won’t give me the option
  2. Pinkygti

    Black SR

    Loving the updates buddy, you have been busy, I managed to start mine up today.....that’s about it you not a fan of the short shifter? I have one on the supra and didn’t like it, so took mine off, never experienced it on the starlet though can’t wait to see this at japfest
  3. Pinkygti

    Kev’s Red Storif

    Happy days can’t beat a set of speedlines, complete with center caps too, they are the rare bit
  4. Pinkygti

    Kev’s Red Storif

    come on come on, we’re waiting
  5. Pinkygti

    Portsmouth/Hampshire area

    Am from the isle of wight, few of us over here but if there’s any meets going in then would be up for it
  6. Pinkygti

    Little Green project

    Loving The Yaris and Corolla but am biased something about the green starlets, they look awesome once done to a nice standard, more pics please
  7. Pinkygti

    Black SR

    Love the fact that it’s in a heated hanger trying to find places like that are golden and very rare, mines sulking under a cover on the driveway. Let me know what shows your attending this year as would love to see this in the flesh and get some pics together
  8. Pinkygti

    Lee's 8L5 SOL Build - 40K Miles!

    Looks really good already keep the progress coming
  9. Pinkygti

    Kev’s Red Storif

    Looks really clean, lovely base to start from and make it unique, always had a soft spot for a red one too
  10. Pinkygti

    cant renew my membership

    Anyone on the case for this, just realised mine has expired also moderators please .............
  11. Pinkygti

    Wiz alloys

    Yes they are 15" Will get some more pictures up soon as I get home
  12. Pinkygti

    Wiz alloys

    Item For Sale:set of 4 wiz alloys Item Condition & Description:brand new, these look gorgeous when the sun hits them, 4x100, Price: 300 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: buyer to arrange courior/collection
  13. Pinkygti

    Toyota starlet sr

    Price reduced, need this gone asap
  14. Pinkygti

    Toyota starlet sr

    Thanks, yea aimed high so can do some haggling, open to offers of course Ripe for a turbo conversion now 😎
  15. Pinkygti

    15' wheels speedlines prefrebly

    I have a set of 15" import wiz alloys freshly painted in white pearl on brand new yohohama prada spec2 tyres (grippy as turds to a blanket) £300 15x6.5 jj 4x100