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  1. 270/280 billet cams

    You will need uprated valve springs at a minimum aswell. Ivan Tighe do starlet camshafts, to pretty much any spec. Check out this site, some of this the 4age 16v stuff is supposed to fit a 4e. http://www.ipg-supertech.com/Toyota/
  2. WRX TD04, has been rebuild by Midland turbo, then sent back down again to be refreshed and then upgraded with a billet compressor wheel. 2 rebuilds in total was over 800 quid! All seals, bearings, shaft etc done twice. Was infomed by Midland that 300bhp at approx 1.3 / 4 bar easy. Welded for EWG, and rotated for topmount but very easy to spin around, i can do this for you before sale. Now, i only ever ran this at 0.6 bar! That was on a brand new rebuilt engine, with about half a dozen oil changes! Hardly done any miles, 2k tops in a year. Collection from Stirling, Scotland. Can post this week. Asking 380 including postage UK mainland, and fees. Highlands and Islands cost more. 350 if you collect. Cheers, Dan.
  3. Auto box max power? Ugrades available?

    Could always send a spare auto box of to a specialist and see what they can do internally.
  4. Some help arp head stud

    Only other pic i have dude. Mine are nowhere near the cams.  
  5. What has happened to this Gt

    The previous owner did it. Aye good one mate. Fuckin shame, zero silver GTs about these days. Thats now a 1k car.
  6. Engine Removal

    Its no hassle really, drop out the bottom onto a pallet with the gearbox still attached. Only really use a crane to lift the car up enough to slide the lot forward.
  7. The rare N/A Power Hunt

    Its all about handling dude. Glad you are ok. These motors are tin cans.
  8. dogbox

    Which choice of ratios did ya go for dude?
  9. 1995 Starlet GT turbo Silver

    Dont go breaking this one zoid boy
  10. Two tone ep82

    Yeah for sure. This car has been passed about, been on ebay loads over the years. Search Limited in this forum you will find some old owners threads.
  11. Two tone ep82

    If i remember rightly, this car is a MK2 GT Limited. Genuine two tone.  
  12. Some help arp head stud

    Big Faiyaz up there thought he might!
  13. Some help arp head stud

    ARP headbolts are proven to go to 420bhp + and over 2bar of boost on a couple cars on here, before lifting the head slightly. So nothing wrong with them at all. I went for the 4AGE ARP headstuds when getting my engine built mainly because i have a habbit of blowing up engines. So need as bomb proof as possible. Had  ARP main studs fitted aswell. They are straight fit.
  14. Some help arp head stud

    No idea dude. Machine shop job.