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  1. Lower arm chassis rail mounts?

    Think these only came on very late spec Glanzas
  2. Glanza Running 205/50/15 "WIDE ARCH NEEDED"

    No worries. I will be buying a set, got a fuel cell setup and a link to buy first though
  3. Panhard rod

    You can modify the standard one to make it adjustable if you didnt wanna buy a new one.   Pretty sure cusco are adjustable whilst on the car? Which is a bonus.   RSR ones defo are adjustable whilst fitted but might be hard to get a hold of now   Whiteline ones rust like fuck.   Ultra racing are adjustable in the middle which gives a bit of flex which isnt ideal.
  4. 3 bar map sensor.. which one to buy?

    People used to use the celica st205 map sensors on starlets.
  5. Cylinder Head Thread

    I know someone who has a Zisco head on his 5e but hes not exactly sure whats been done apart from ivan tighe cams. Surely there is more to be done than just cams, springs and a port.
  6. What has been done, what can be done? What 'off the shelf' parts are there? Who has managed to fit larger valves?
  7. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Toyota aristo. Fast, comfy, cool as fuck.. only really hefty on fuel if you booted it all the time, bang the cruise control on most of the way and do a few drifts / 1 wheel peels outta the corners.   Perfect all rounder.
  8. Gt sport Beta

    Signed up for it so will wait and see.
  9. Gt sport Beta

    Need a software upgrade first! Aint turned on the PS4 for months!
  10. Gt sport Beta

    Might give it a download.
  11. STOCK MK1 GT for sale

    Do you have the Mk1 alloys for it?  
  12. Dans Blue EP85

    Hi buddy. The ARP studs you need are for a 4AGE. The block and head machined, they are not a straight fit.    
  13. Anyone tried any other calipers (IE Clio 197 Brembo) before?

    Can you still get direct fit kits? 
  14. Dans Blue EP85

    So after a bit of fuckin about this is now back together, running and driving.   Sent the TD04 off to midland and whilst it was getting rebuilt i've had a billet comp wheel installed too.   Also bought a massive intercooler, with rear outlets to the top, so slam panel will be getting the chop, also gonna have to fire the Gi FRP bonnet from my MK2 onto this, it has locking aero catches.   Battery relocating kit arrived so will need to get round to that at some point aswell.      
  15. Glanza Backboxes

    Starlet specific backboxes are getting harder to find on their own. Best bet just picking up a random jap company backbox like hks and getting hangers welded on. I have a 5zigen border 304 here for a GT, have kept it for about 5year as didnt really want to sell it