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  1. daniel_g

    2001 corolla ignition coil?

    Most people use k20 ones as they are direct fit.
  2. daniel_g

    Turboing my starlet 4efe

  3. daniel_g

    Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    Did you get the me221 working with COP? Also where did you end up for mapping?
  4. daniel_g

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    Lad who mapped my car was telling me about a few who have come to him with them, functions not working correctly, unable to run COP properly. One had to be soldered again for some reason. He just didnt rate them.
  5. daniel_g

    Help identifying an exhaust

    If it hasnt got a jasma stamp on it to identify the jap manufacturer, then it'll be some kind of rep.
  6. daniel_g

    Cylinder 1 down on compression help needed

    Most likely be rings or ringlands letting blow by, if you are still making 100psi. Which is still too low. Anything else like melted piston or even a chipped valve, i have found, give 0 psi on a cylinder. Id say full rebuild. In theory, if it is just rings then yes you can change them but chances are piston ringlands will have cracks.
  7. daniel_g

    shody steering feel

    Depends what you are used to driving on, i have them on mine aswell, quite stiff sidewalls. Normally ball joints, track rods and lower arm bushes cause the most issues up front on a starlet. Aldo worth noting if the rear beam isnt solid, ie panhard and beam bushes worn, that gives a weird loose rear floaty feel.
  8. daniel_g

    shody steering feel

    Havent heard any feedback about the black series steering rack bushes, 50 quid for the pair. One of the best handling mods i have done was fit a 4 point under brace, ultra racing.
  9. daniel_g

    Turboing my starlet 4efe

    EP85 or EP95? Its very straight forward. I have mentioned in loads of various old threads all the parts you need. Its going back a few years now since i converted my 85. You can turbo the 4efe that comes in it, they are ok up to about 0.6bar on a standard turbo ECU. Higher compression ratio than a turbo engine. Not sure what fuel you have. You will need the 4wd sump modified to accept a turbo oil return line. FTE parts to get, or upgraded. Not all of this is needed, depends what route you want to take. FTE ECU Engine ancillary loom, plugs direct into the standard fuse box. Injectors FTE dizzy FTE coil igniter Ignition leads Inlet & TB MAP sensor AIT sensor Thermostat housing sensors to match loom (water lines, optional) PAS pump and line (optional) Dash, clocks & loom (optional) Turbo manifold Intercooler Flywheel and clutch Civic dual core radiator
  10. daniel_g

    Turboing my starlet 4efe

    Do you have a 4wd starlet?
  11. daniel_g

    10-11k rpm 4e-fte

    If they supplied them to your engine builder, that would be great. http://www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=3314
  12. daniel_g

    Glanza wheel alignment!

    Toe 0 / 0.5° Camber -1.5 / 2.0° Caster, if you have an ALK, can be 1 / 2° For a fast exit roundabout B road setup
  13. daniel_g

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    Get a refund. Heard nothing but bad news about these ECUs. Thought you would be able to get a Link mapped up straight forward where you are.
  14. daniel_g

    Black ep95

    There are 2 variants, its the early one that is supposed to fit! But its a 700 quid gamble, if you go for a Kaaz.
  15. daniel_g

    Black ep95

    What stage is this at now?