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  1. Jamie's EK9

    Top work!
  2. Mats ep91

    Did this used to be a Glanza or is it a N/a rep?
  3. The Grand Tour

    because its only 8 quid a month ya tight arse! Haha
  4. Yeah that would be negligible. You notice the difference if you get a flywheel lightened.
  5. N127 AHD

    Yeah you should
  6. Burning oil?

    This kinda cold weather can make exhaust fumes look a lot worse than they are, especially with having no cat. Just keep an eye on oil and coolant levels.
  7. 100ps ecu

    A ep91 n/a is 2 plug, the 100ps ECU will plug in but not start. There are pins that need to be swapped about.
  8. Fog lights for daytime running lights

    Ive had 4 Subarus. You are allowed to do it. Most newer cars use them for directional beam now anyway.
  9. Options for cam followers ???

    http://www.ipg-supertech.com/Toyota/ This lot is ment to fit a 4e head
  10. Hks hi power silent for ep82

    It is just the backbox, it would need welded on to a system. If you want to you can pm me your number or email and i'll whatsapp or email you pics tonight. It sounded that good on my first GT thats how ive kept it so long!
  11. Hks hi power silent for ep82

    I have a 5zigen border 304 backbox only GT fitment. I have been keeing it for about 5 years now, doubt i will ever use it again. It doesnt fit on my ep85. Might sell it to a good cause if youre interested.
  12. Starlet Parts Required

    What is it you are going for, few cheap handling mods? Theres no downside to a strut brace, just dont expect to see a noticable difference. Worth it for 20 - 30 quid or whatever they cost Rear strut brace you maybe see a small difference, along with a rear anti roll bar. A GT or Glanza front anti roll bar will also be an upgrade if you have a n/a. New track rods and ball joints are cheap and you should notice the handling a bit tighter. Its worth poly bushing the front lower arms too.
  13. Fuel pump needed asap

    I have one already in an ep82 housing, drop straight into the tank.
  14. Track Glanza build 99*

    My over the phone diagnosis was either rings or ringlands. Done a comp test yet? It certainly looks the part! That FPR is stuck at 4bar, swap it out for a standard one :)