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  1. Telling the difference between gearbox's

    Its only MK1 GTs that have a 6 bolt diff. All turbo boxes i have seen have an alloy 5th gear casing. Wouldnt worry too much about how much oil it takes, fill it till its full.
  2. Thread size on thermo housing see pics

    Cool, i will check it out! I have some link sensors for my ecu but the coolant temp they sell is surely a rebranded sensor at a hiked price!
  3. Thread size on thermo housing see pics

    Where did you buy your aftermarket 1/8npt sensor from Toby?  
  4. Standard ride height ep85

    Thats not a 4wd though is it
  5. Td04 Turbo rebuild

    We send turbos away from work, they always come back with an oil starvation or oil contamination report. Just means the rebuild place warranty is void. Anyway this midland td04 is still on my car, mapping at the end of the month, actually a bit of smoke if you would believe it haha. Options are keep it on and see whats what, or put my vf12 back on which is a bit larger and see what that can do!
  6. Td04 Turbo rebuild

    They said the shaft needed replacing the first time. Then oil contamination the second time. Regardless, i regret spending so much on it.
  7. Standard ride height ep85

    I used to run 40mm lowering springs from a GT in my ep85, still sat high at the back. Then i bought the ep85 meister coilovers, i have them at the lowest they can go, still sits very high at the rear.
  8. Td04 Turbo rebuild

    My td04 has been to midland twice. First time was a rebuild was 400 quid. Second time less than a year later, 2k miles later it was smoking so went in again. Went for the billet wheel and another rebuild, 400 quid again.
  9. Has Toyotagtturbo.com gone

    Same with this forum. Or uksc should i say. Used to be 4 pages of new content daily. Now its that shit theres no point even updating your build thread.
  10. I rate the exedy 3 puk. 
  11. Adjustable cams any good?

    Not just an adjustable pulley?
  12. Patches V - Link G4+ Standalone

    Make replacement wiring to the fuel pump. Seems to be a bit of an issue with regards to voltage drop on standard wiring in a few starlets.
  13. TD04 boost

    Should you have T the standard FPR vac line? Its not a rising rate regulator.
  14. Glanza running very rich

    Check the coolant temp sensor and wiring on the thermostat housing.