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  1. rasslenny


    yup im looking for an 82 front splitter im not a fan of any of the whole bumpers
  2. rasslenny


    looking for a live sports front splitter in any condition i doh give a shit if its coming in 3 pieces... ep82 2nd generation bumper preferably the one with the slits in it talk to me people what ya have
  3. rasslenny

    Steering wheel boss kit resistor

    o good lord..... please heat shrink the wires pleaseeeeee... that tape job is hurting my ocd soul
  4. rasslenny

    question on wing mirrors

    Does anyone know if by any chance lexus is300/alteza wing mirrors fit on an ep82 ?
  5. rasslenny

    Window controls

    Hey guys I'm looking for a drivers side window control unit... What you guys have for me
  6. muhahaha i gots me one of these
  7. rasslenny

    Please lock

    Never mind seeing that they are sold
  8. rasslenny

    Please lock

    Side skirts?
  9. Likely hood is grim but do u still have the side skirts
  10. rasslenny

    Ep82 Toms side skirts

    Anyone have these... my mother cleared out my storage for a party and thew away the side skirts for my full body kit..I'm livid but need them replaced asap Talk to me who has em And no idrees no longer stocks them
  11. rasslenny


    pm pics of hoses as i can not see the pics on here
  12. rasslenny

    Live sports front lips

    the rwd grey EP85 he has definitely has some strange front lip on it but it does look pretty good what ever it is so if it is indeed a civic lip i think he may have cut it in the middle to shorten it so yea your right find a cheap piece a shit lip and give it a whirl
  13. rasslenny

    Live sports front lips

    I couldn't care less just would love to know if a civic lip would actually fit on the car with little work... if so I'm all for a try
  14. rasslenny

    Live sports front lips

    BROWNER told me a while back he used civic mugen lip on his rwd monster.... i could look into that... would love to know how he got it to work
  15. rasslenny

    Live sports front lips

    I have an mk2 on the car now as they look better in my opinion and allow for better cooling with the front mount so the lip would be perfect.... and only reason I want the lip is cuz a toms front bumper would again cost more to ship with its size... I dont mind spending money but if shipping costs 5 times the price of the part what's the point especially for cosmetics ?