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1 hour ago, Gav Missen said:

Nice one mate i see you got your turbo from Subaru parts Kent is there a website or anything as I’m in Kent myself 

Found them on eBay if I remember rightly and just messaged them but they are on google herne bay I think

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11 hours ago, BMX-RIG said:

Looks good! What are you hoping to make from the new setup?

did you manage to keep much of the front bumper too?

They usually make anywhere from 200-230ish once mapped on emb at 1 bar so anywhere around there I’d be happy, I’ve not had to cut the bumper but fitment isn’t great so gonna get different shaped boost pipes once it’s mapped to optimise fitment as the fitment of the japspeed kit really isn’t great at all. Also gonna get a slim line rad fan as the oe one is just too big 

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I’m really happy with the result and car pulls really well and isn’t as laggy as I thought it would be at all thanks to mike and nick at td very happy with the car and the custom intake they fabricated for me 😀9B35A8A7-A469-4478-8877-7C7A65C5E269.thumb.jpeg.5a3422e711250241388cc091ffbdbcfb.jpeg9991F1F7-CE19-44A9-8700-99FF075694C2.thumb.jpeg.c95a1f06201c15c6de89ece262de8770.jpegE306EB72-FA7E-41F6-8403-92FE419133EA.thumb.jpeg.8bcf41ccc71717463a93291e319f5ca6.jpeg

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Got busy on the glanza today to get some jobs done, first up was new blue print rear disks and wheel bearings with pagid pads, then replaced some broken arch liner liner clips with new ones as they were rattling annoyingly, then fit new whiteline panhard rod. And lastly my parts from amayama in Japan finally arrived today so got round to fitting some of it 😰5CD52468-A616-4506-90EB-7B4C2AAE08A3.thumb.jpeg.15e6fd9fd5de6a7ead11f68fee9cdc00.jpeg300C9634-367E-42B3-BF9F-0CB37537A556.thumb.jpeg.bf0e759121cb7bfae8398384efec5c3e.jpeg5F48E202-1CBF-46AF-8517-733436CAC41D.thumb.jpeg.0cd51072e187ed1b77d14aa3b0c460a5.jpegA45567A3-F149-49F8-B185-F54D24320DF3.thumb.jpeg.22bb9856a04f74e4b9641e918cc0ad83.jpeg46CCEC91-EF82-4AB9-A87D-26963C558D8A.thumb.jpeg.8996c18ab0614a5658a14d191de18e4d.jpegF4DFB3B4-24B5-4C4E-A8D1-944832F45079.thumb.jpeg.ac6aacd275521458a5715d0a41ad4fca.jpeg69C24998-CFAA-471B-B8DF-DC862C83B580.thumb.jpeg.5b67dac42c33860bda7ae87ee9aa87a6.jpeg

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8 hours ago, RobSR said:

Nice updates :)

Was there a reason for not using any electronically controlled boost control? 

You could improve the response, control and safety if so 👍

I mean the options there for me to add one but it just comes down to £££ at the minute I’ve spent enough recently so decided against it for now. Would you recommend one ?

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