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I'll get back to you soon (couple of other guys needing discs soon too)....I've got a slight "glitch" with our disc supplier.....

.....they've got bust! Which isn't helpful. I don't have much luck with suppliers! Pretty big UK company too, rubbish news all in all.

Once I have a replacement (disc) supplier up and running I'll be in touch, I'll be aiming to get the same deal etc but it might change the pricing if I can't hence the delay.

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We have replaced several suppliers and are moving forward.......more ETA details as soon as I have them.

There are some calipers being made right now (new supplier for the main CNC parts) and the kits will be available again, I apologies for the correspondence backlog and will be trying to get on top of that ASAP.

(by the way I'm still not being notified when people post in the WMS section for some reason!)

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Thanks for the offer - I reckon we're on the right track but will bear it in mind! In the end it looked like the people we were dealing with were going bust (one did for sure).

I got an email notification for this, bonus!

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Will say first hand that these brakes are the dogs nuts even compared to the Wilwood equivalent, they will rip your face off and there is zero fade (when used on track) after using them for nearly a year the 277 X 25 kit and DS2500! Keri and his support has been 2nd to none (when using PM) he's a top bloke and a man of his word.

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Sorry guys - I'm still here but I don't still don't get a notification when people post here for some reason. I'm working through an email/PM backlog, if you don't hear from me soon please re-send your message as I might not have got it.


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