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Jacks Forged 5e GT2860 EP91

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I realise I haven't updated this for a while.... a fair amount of progress.


Engine has been built, respray has been finished, cage is fitted.


Next I am just awaiting the poly windows to get them back in, then I'll be concentrating on getting it rolling again,


Once its rolling it'll be time for the turbo kit, and loom.


Lots of pictures, sorry!











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Engine is now fitted into the bay, rear poly windows are all fitted, interior is almost done.


Got the front end back on now the engine is in... now just to get the front suspension fitted and get it back rolling.






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Bit of an update,

Hubs have all been stripped and rebuilt with new bearings etc... whiteline front arb fitted and the anti-lift kit also.




Turbo is back from Midland Turbo, GT2860R with a Hybrid Billet wheel, rated for 410bhp.



Making progress slowly, next big hurdle once the turbo kit and exhaust has been fabricated is working out somewhere to make me a complete engine and interior loom!

Fitted the Livesports rear spoiler and rear lip finally also, seats are fitted also!





Brake kit has been ordered from Keri at WMS also! Hoping that will be here this week - braided lines from MC to rear have been fitted with an adjustable bias valve, next hurdle I'm working on is the AN fittings and the brake lines!


I also managed to find a picture of it back in 2010(?) when it was still white!


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Not much to update at current, feel like this year I've not touched it much and I've been sidetracked with other projects but finally got some time on it this weekend,


I finished ripping off all the old brake lines, I'm running HEL braided lines from the master straight to the callipers (Rear via a bias valve), so got those run in, finally fitted the driveshafts and got a few odds and ends sorted.


WEPR supplied my K20 coil plate and the dizzy blank so I've fitted those..


In talks with a few places about loom etc, current options are looking to be either LINK or ECUMaster, unsure on which at current. 


Hoping to start picking up some progress soon, feels like I'm at the bitty jobs now!







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Needed to get it back down on all 4 wheels as needed to do some roof repairs on the unit.

First time its been on all 4 wheels for nearly 2 years... crazy how the time flies.

Almost a year since it was painted and I still haven't cleaned it lol.


Hopeful that it will be heading to have the turbo kit sorted early in the new year and then onto having the wiring loom made.




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On 8/15/2018 at 2:01 PM, RobSR said:

Hi Jack,

It is, as its better for spool in most instances. Exhaust gas is 'lazy' at best so minimising the bends it has to flow through is beneficial. With a top mount manifold on a starlet with the space you have you end up with quite a lot of sharp radius' that will effect your spool.

I ran a T3  precision with a .48 a/r housing, it was ok, however even with a small housing it was still laggy. Look at a T25 housing imo to give you more options. A T25 .6* will spool a lot better than a T3 .6* a/r., 


Do you maybe still have this housing? I need a housing, my turbo is fine and my housing is cracked, looked everywhere got in contact with precision, no luck for such an "old" turbo, which in my case still dynoed 3 months ago, produced easily 330hp with mild tuning, not aggresive one, so would like to keep it  at least for now!

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