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wow looking very nice mate. love the front mount your making me want one haha :D

i bet you dont want to put a plate back on with it looking so good as it is :D

Ino its in the window atm.. ill prolly wait for police to tell me to do it lol!

Wheels looks awesome mate, think i prefered it on the steelies :)

lol behave!

I'm actually loving the wheel dude.. Really needs a front splitter now :o

ino its on the to do list defo!

I'm stuck again :D

Can't get the wiper arms back on! :S

Any suggestions dude?

Tried hammering them back on to no avail :(

put them on.... then with the nut slowly start to ratchet the nut down and it will push the wiper arm onto the spindal :)

Cheers for the comments people!

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Had a oil and oil filter change today.. 2nd one in 200 miles of ownership haha. the oil is now nice and golden :thumbsup:

Had the gearbox breather unblocked and oil changed! So Much Better! Smoother between gears!

Had both outer CV boots replaced (they were just starting to rip! :harhar:

Heres the best bit, had the spark plugs out... All of them were 2 turns loose! :) so they were all nipped up tight until i get chance to purchase some irdiums! Engine sounds and runs so much smoother :)

Loving IT! :)

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I cleaned the whole engine bay today... Alot better, just need to run some polish over the rocker cover... Not to chrome it but just to tidy it up a bit :angry2:


Might have a few new additions to fit soon :lol: Watch this space :D

few more shots of the car after a fresh clean :D





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Yet again socks your car is looking fresh mate :angry2: ....What will them new additions be? :lol:

cheers buddy wait n see!

looks mint mate!

cheers buddy :D

actuator, iridiums, maggy leads and walbro pump next matt lets make it quicker :D

your forgetting i still havent got a decat for fanimold!

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Another update for you luvly people :rolleyes:

Ive been down to toyota again and ordered 3 brand new exhaust gaskets... Head to manifold, Manifold to Turbo & Turbo to Decat...

All i need now is to collect the gaskets when they arrive and get my big hands on a braced decat & manifold <_<

Watch this space :D

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Nice update mate a few more bits and bobs and you car should be off its tit lol

Im not sure if it has sold but there was a Blitz decat for sale on TGTT about 3days ago or so....I think his asking price was £160 something like that

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just got back from toyota :p

3 new gaskets ready for fitting my manifold and decat :p

Just need to order myself a braided oil feed now i think!

How much did you pay for all the gaskets mate?? Loving the car aswell your giving me many of ideas lol B)

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