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Abbotts Greddy TD05 Track Glanza

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Well after selling my red GT 3 years ago



then bought a my silvia s14


Last Thursday i have bought Glanza with only 42000 on the clock here's the spec at the moment and a couple of pics


Zisco Ramhorn manifiold

HKS adjustable actuator

Cusco Catch Can

Sard rising rate fuel pressure regulator

Autobahn front mount intercooler

TRD ignition leads

Apexi filter relocation kit

Civic Type r Half size alloy radiator

Engine cooling plate

Braced Blitz decat

Blitz Nur Spec Full stainless exhaust


Apexi neo Ecu controller (You can adjust fuel and air maps and throttle points)

MSC Gizzmo Electronic boost controller (in car boost control

HKS fuel cut defender

Battery relocated to boot

Boost gauge on dash


Subaru Impreza Seats on Bride rails

Full Cusco roll cage ( dash dodger)

Harness Bar

Rear seats have been removed and rear has been resprayed and holes boxed in

Chassis and Wheels:

2 x Sets of coilovers

D2 Coilovers with adjustable top mounts

Tein Hr coilovers

B. I. M Wheels extreemly rare jdm wheels

Uprated discs






my plans are building it for track, nurburgring and fast road.

I have started by removing all the stickers off the car on battery box windows and engine bay. then towing eye has been taken off as looked a bit over kill for the moment.

Next is to remove the horrible painted dash and door cards and replace with flocked ones. A kind member on tgtt has all the bits and given it to me for a good price so look forward to receiving that next Monday.

I have got to sort the wiring out in the car where gauges have been badly put in and im band to see more bad wiring.

will be removing the following and going up for sale

Gizzmo boost controller

hks FCD

apexi neo fuel controller

and replacing it with a greddy emanage ulitmate and greddy profec b boost controller.

Both sets of coilovers will be taken off and will be up for sale as well.

that's it for now big updates with pics towards the weekend of a lot of parts i have been collecting

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If your GT is anything to go by this is gonna be an awsome build!

i look forward to the next update :)

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If your old GT and 14 are anything to go buy this is gonna be a awesome motor!

Looking forward too seeing progress buddy!

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Good move dude! Good to see you back in a starlet. rember seeing you in the red beast a few times at a couple of tgtt kent meets ect. Get you name down for the track day in april dude, is in the national meets section. be good to see you on track with us.

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Thanks guys for the comments

well a little post of what to expect and what will be on it in a while.

well I bought a greddy TD05H 16G with a 8 exhaust housing off of GlanzaGee for a good price but it did need a rebuild.


then i sent it of to RAE turbos (turbodaves dad) for him to work his magic. Was alot of money to get it done and source the right parts for it but well worth it and he even polished the compressor intake




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Tastey! What sort of power you got in mind? Gt was 320ish wasnt it? Also *cough* ninja shine track day *cough*

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thanks guys. Power wise 300+ my last starlet was 318bhp and was fast. I want this car to be good on track and handle well + do not want it laggy and thats the reason for going for the greddy turbo from talking to people and reseaching on it and its proven in Japan on there track starlets that it works well. Theres alot of little mods that i will be trying to see what it can do but im not chasing fingures.

Little update for now the bigger one next week.

de-stickered battery box and polished up


in october i bought this for a good price



had this even longer since mark(nightspirit) stripped his car and kindly sold me his seat.



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Looking good mate :) Looks like you've been planing on comeing back for some time with all the parts you've had stashed away since october lol..Keep it up mate looking forward to seeing what you do with here

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thanks guys.

glanzagee - the seat is ace mate just want it in the car

micky boy - Yes have been toying with the idea for a while and as parts got offered to me it made my mind up.

not much of a update I am just waiting on a big delivery which should be here end of the week which I will update and will take my project a big leap forward.

A smaller delivery has arrived at home today so will update this later when I am home

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Well i kept my Defi Link gauges out of the ep82 and the s14 and bought a couple of extra.

Boost, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Water Temp, EGT


On Monday night went to Guildford to collect replacement interior parts and front crash bar. Thanks simon




Also My greddy oil cooler and oil filter relocation kit turned up from tuning developments.

just a quick picture as box was oily


More updates to come shortly

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That V is ridiculously clean mate! Been hearing alot about her bud, can't wait to see it in the flesh.

My boost sensor has gone up the swanny on my avcr, but new one is due shortly; paul wants to have another session or two on her and you can take her out for a drive bud.

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