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JAE is awesome last year i was on the 4G stand with my EF9 the weather was awesome all weekend people were awesome cars were awesome we took a little tent just fitted 3 in took a little stove beer bit of food TOWEL is a must for the showers in the morning just basic stuff you will need but all in all you will love it

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Whats the situation on setting up tents? i mean does everyone form little groups? I'm considering going but I don't want to be in my own circle.....seeing as my mates are being arses about going.

Put your tent up next to everyone else and join in :)

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Prepared to get assaulted sexually. Lube is a must







Gimp suite

More lube

^^^^ THIS.............plus more lube for when I pop over to the stand. Unless you have been bad that is, then it is straight up DBS!

I find painkillers, several changes of clothes, your own bog roll, and a LOT of energy drinks for the drive home

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May be a daft question but do the cars we come in have to be jap to be on the stand area? I was hoping to come for the weekend and have tickets but will probably be in a different car now so just wondering where that puts me :)

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Will all be worth it in the end when you have a working car and heading down to the greatest Jap show of the year!

oooooh ano mate! just panickin incase i dont get to the bottom of the issue! everythin else should be done tho, just the idle problem thats buggin me

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