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For Sale as of 04/04/16 - Much Loved 98 Spec TD04 Glanza V

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For Sale – 98 Spec TD04 Toyota Starlet Glanza V

Very well maintained and much loved Toyota Starlet Glanza V EP91 JDM on an S Plate (1998). I have included a lot of information which has taken me quite a while to write so it could be a bit of a read, apologies in advance. However anyone looking for a well maintained Glanza will definitely appreciate the detail contained within the advert.

Mileage – Clock reads 187,604 which is a mixture of miles and km. True milage is just over 130,000 miles. This can be verified with documentation.

Colour – 040 Super White II

Mot – 12 Months MOT expires March 2017. MOT was completed last week and passed as expected with no advisories.

Reason for selling

After just over 3 years of ownership and with a heavy heart the time has come to sell my much loved Glanza V. The birth of my daughter brings this unexpected need to sell. I had convinced myself in the lead up to her birth that I would be happy keeping this car and using my wife’s car as the family car which is also a Toyota Starlet. It immediately became clear that this would not be a suitable solution as it is simply too small and feels very vulnerably carrying my family. As my wife’s car is suitable for her needs to get to work locally the only logical solution is to sell my car and upgrade to something more suited to a young family.

Why I purchased this Glanza V?

I have owned and driven Starlet’s for the past 7 years now. My first car was a UK spec Toyota Starlet which was passed to me from a family member. I was instantly hit with the Starlet bug and after a year’s ownership I upgraded to a 96 Spec Glanza V. The Glanza V I owned previous to this was involved in a none fault accident which led to it being an insurance write off. I knew instantly that the only car that could replace it would be another Glanza V. Having gained 4 years Starlet ownership knowledge and having a good insurance payout I could make a very informed selection for my replacement car.

I had already decided that I would like a 98 spec and that it must have the factory optional front lip and rear lip kit. I was in talks to get a fresh example imported when this car appeared for sale on the UKSC forum. I had a good feeling about that car straight away, various conversations were had with the current owner and multiple pictures sent as seen here:





At this point a refundable deposit was placed with the current owner and a viewing / test drive arranged. Upon first viewing of the car I was immediately impressed with the clean condition of the Super White paintwork. I carried out an inspection whilst the car was parked up to check everything was in order and checked over all the maintenance and service documentation of the car. I was perfectly happy with that and conducted a thorough road test. I was very satisfied with all aspects of the car and purchased is agreed there and then. I then drove it 250 miles home which was a total pleasure and I knew I had made the correct choice with this car.

Previous Owner

The previous owner was a car enthusiast much like myself, he worked for a local motor factors so had access to all available resources and was well exposed to car maintenance. Although he didn’t post on the forums he was a forum lurker and well informed when carrying out each modification on the car.

He purchased the car as a fresh import and it came from Japan in standard form with optional extra front lip and rear duck spoiler. He then completed with full documentation the following modifications which means I purchased it with the following Spec:

Toad Sterling Thatcham Category 1 Alarm/Immobilizer
Kenwood DPX-313Y CD Player w/ Bluetooth Kit
Vibe 6x9 Speakers
6k HID Lighting Kit
RS*R Performance Spring Kit
Rota Auto X 15 Wheels w/ Yokohama Parada Spec II Tyres
5zigen A Spec+ Exhaust System
Jperformance Front Mounted Intercooler
Front Strut Brace
Greddy Rear Strut Brace
K&N Air Filter
Forge Motorsport Blow Off Valve
HKS Turbo Timer
Apexi Boost Gauge
TD04L Turbo
Mild Steel Manifold & Downpipe
Braided Water & Oil Lines
Magnecor KV85 Ignition Leads
eManage Blue ECU
255LPH Fuel Pump
SARD Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator
Helix AutoSports Ceramic Performance Clutch
Black Diamond Performance Discs
Black Diamond Performance Pads
HEL Braided Brake Lines w/ Toyota Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid

My Ownership

As stated before I have owned Starlet’s for the last 7 years. I class myself as a more mature enthusiast I have a clean driving licence and I am certainly no boy racer I drive my cars with a lot or care, respect and mechanical sympathy. I have owned this car since July 2011 and enjoyed the car throughout my ownership it has been my pride and joy. It has never let me down and starts first time every time.

When I first got the car home I transferred a few select parts from my previous Glanza which included Recaro front seats, Cusco BCMS and Whiteline Panhard rod and enjoyed the car exactly how it was. I then attended a Tuning Developments rolling road day. At this point the car pulled only 185bhp with the above spec running 0.8 bar boost. I was a little disappointed with the result, it had previously been road mapped by K-Tec Racing who specialise in Renaults rather the Japanese cars so it was decided at that point that it would be booked in with Tuning Developments for a TD04 Emanage Blue remap. This was completed in December 2011 and the car was re-mapped. I considered my options with tuning developments and decided to go for a safe map above 200 bhp without pushing the engine and this is exactly what I got 205 bhp and a safe map. This allowed me to keep the car reliable and confident it would run without issue. I have continued to enjoy the car at this performance level throughout my ownership, I feel it is perfectly suited to road conditions and allows power to be put to the road perfectly. I have never felt any urge to have more power at any point. After around a year of ownership the current exhaust system began to leak exhaust gases at the flex and gaskets. Rather than repair the system and brand new Japspeed system was purchased and fitted. The map was the checked to make sure the exhaust was not causing undesired issues for the map.

I then continued to own the car and enjoy it in its current form. My next major purchase was the alloy wheels for the car. The alloys currently on the car were had started to peal on the anodised lip spoiling the overall look of the car. I did look into getting these repaired but it seemed no one wanted to undertake this kind of repair and I was just being told to either purchase some more or have them refurbished a solid colour. With this in mind I looked at my options and decided I would take this opportunity to purchase a set of brand new alloys and tyre package to give my own stamp on the car. I decided upon the clean route of running white on white and purchased a set of 15 x 7 Rota Slipsteam’s with Parada Spec 2 tyres. These alloys are only run in the summer months and have never seen winter running, they are in perfect condition and have now seen 2 summers on the road. I have run a second set of alloys during the winter months to preserve the condition of the alloys

My second major purchase was a set of coilovers for the car. I took delivery of a brand new set of DGR colovers, this was the second revision of these colovers that had the revised rear ride height so the car can sit at a reasonable height without putting any additional compression on the spring. These transformed not only the handling of the car but the overall ride, acceleration and braking performance. They are perfectly suited to general road conditions and give a very smooth ride, they are fully adjustable should an adjustment be required. They have recently been setup by a local garage on a Hunter Laser tracking system to make sure all corners are perfectly aligned and tracking correctly.

My most recent major purchase has been an upgraded front brake setup. This consists of larger brake discs and larger callipers. The brake discs keep the same diameter as the stock discs but are thicker at 22mm over the 17mm stock disks. These have then been mated with Gen 6 Celica callipers. I feel this modification complete the overall package of this car, this standard brake I always felt was the weak link. This new upgrade uses a much more modern calliper with a much higher clamping force and area. This in turn gives a much more confident pedal feel as well as much shorter stopping distances and much bigger resistance to brake fade. I am only using stock brake pads with this setup and have yet to find there limits. This setup could be improved further if it was felt necessary with the use of upgraded brake pads.

The car is always warmed up and cooled down properly. With regards to parking the car it has been garaged for approximately 75% of the time I’ve had it, the other 25% accounts for the time I’ve been living at my parents where the car was parked in front of the house under the street light and I constantly keep an eye on it. With regards to parking at work I have a designated parking space where no one else can park next to me and therefore the chance of receiving any dents or dints from other car doors is eliminated.

Exterior Condition

The exterior of the car is in overall excellent condition for a 16 year old car and it has always been looked after very well and to a high standard.

I am a keen detailer and this is shown by the condition on the paintwork. All panels are in excellent condition with no fading to any panel. The car is 98% ding free and has not been marked during my ownership. I always park well away from other cars when out and about to prevent any possible damage from careless owners swinging their doors onto the car. The car is cleaned when possible on a weekly basis and bi weekly at the very least. I am a huge fan of the Zaino range or car care products. More information can be found on these products on specialist detailing websites such as www.detailingworld.co.uk. My main cleaning routine consist of a 2 bucket method wash with wash mit and Zaino Z6 Shampoo, I then add a layer of Zaino z2 and complete with Zaino Z8. This keeps the paintwork in excellent condition. The same care is also taken with the alloy wheels which follow the above routine. I have completely decontaminated, machine polished and re-protected the paintwork twice during the ownership of this car the last time being this summer so the paintwork is still immaculate.

When I purchased the car one headlight was particularly clouded and the bumper had a small section of paint damage where the previous owner had caught it on a curb at his place of work. I decided to replace both front headlights and have the front bumper re-sprayed by my local Toyota dealer, this work is still under Toyota guarantee. There are no bumper scrapes what so ever on the car which includes all the bumper corners, underneath the bumpers and the front splitter. The underneath is also nice and tidy as I’ve always had it well inspected when it has been in for its MOT and all looks good and solid. There are no chips or cracks in any of the glass.

There are 2 minor bad bits to note but they are very minor. There are 2 small patches of rust under the rear window seal. These were present when I purchased the car and haven’t increased significantly during my ownership. I have had quotes to get this rust removed and the panel repaired but due to the location of the fact the glass would have to be removed the cost of repair far outweighs the cost of a second hand tailgate. This issue has not caused me any concern during my ownership as the rear duck spoiler hides these patches when stood directly behind the car. My plan has always been to replace the whole tailgate when I drop on one for sale locally, until now I have not seen one for sale in my locality but they are regularly seen on breakers and eBay etc. and can be picked up for around £100. I have placed a small piece of white tape over one patch so it keeps it hidden.

The second minor issue is a small section of the paintwork on the front bumper has cracked. This occurred after the car was lightly brushed in a car park. My plan was to have this smart repaired for next summer. Pictures of both can be seen below.

Interior Condition

The overall interior of the car is also in excellent condition and has also been well maintained using high quality cleaning products. The car has a set of OEM Toyota Starlet car mats which look to have been with the car since purchase. They are very good condition considering their age and have perfectly preserver the carpet underneath which look as if it has just come out of the factory. During my ownership no one has ever sat in the rear seats so again these are in immaculate condition. The dashboard, doorcards as well as the steering wheel and gear gaitor are in very good condition without any marks, cracks or tears. The roof lining is nice and clean without any marks. Everything on the interior is there as it should be including everything on the dashboard and door cards.

The 2 front seats are from a Mistsubishi Evo 4. These again are in good condition and compliment the 98 spec interior of the Starlet very well. As the bolster material is alacantra it has gone shiny in certain arears this is normal for this type of fabric and is very difficult to avoid. All bolsters are in good solid condition and hold you well. The driver’s seat is mounted on a ZEP Racing Low down seat rail. This in my opinions changes the driving position to the prefect location. You sit around 6” lower than the stock seats which brings the pedal and gear stick into prefect position and gives excellent feedback through the seat. The passenger seat is mounted on an official Recaro EP91 seat rail. This sit a little higher than the driver’s seat but does not look out of place in the slightest. Both the seat rails and seats recling and slide eactly how they should with no issues at all.

The interior features a JDM HKS 60mm mechanical boost gauge, HKS turbo timer and dash mounted digital water temperature gauge. The car also has a TRD short shifter with a Toyota Aygo Go gear knob. This compliments the standard interior with a much more modern look. During my ownership I have also installed a double din DVD head unit. This is Bluetooth and ipod compatible. You can make and receive phone calls, stream music via Bluetooth as well as connect an iPod. This unit also plays DVD’s and can play media from an SD card.


It has been a joy to have experienced a car with such an engine as it has been very reliable and has never let me down. As mentioned earlier the car always starts up at the first turn of the key and has never let me down and it is always warmed up and cooled down without fail. The car pulls very strongly throughout the whole rev range and boosts as and when it should and sounds amazing. Importantly is how well the engine has been maintained by both myself and the previous owner using good quality parts and engine oil as well as having regular oil changes which I will write more about in the service history section. The engine paired with a TD04 has always impressed me from when I first had it test driven until today. I have always driven the car with a lot of mechanical sympathy and have always treated it with a lot of respect. I have never thrashed or abused it.

I have always ran the car on Shell V Power and the engine has always ran nice and smoothly. This car has always sounded and felt much smoother than the previous Glanza I had. Some drivers tend to use normal unleaded fuel to run their JDM Sports cars which results in a lack of power as well as possible failure/damage to the engine and/or its components. I am also impressed with the mpg that I have been getting whilst only driving the car to work and back and this has been in the range of 33 to 35mpg.

The engine has always been run during my ownership on Gulf Competition 5w40 Fully Synthetic oil with genuine Toyota oil filters.

Gearbox and Clutch

The gearbox box feels tight and there are no crunches at all when engaging into any of the gears and it pulls very well in every gear like it should. I have always treated it with a lot of respect by engaging nice and smoothly when selecting gears. The clutch always engages properly and there is no slippage in any gear throughout the whole rev range. I have never launched the car and have always set off slowly and smoothly. The gearbox oil was changed as part of a full service last week.

Other Components

All other items on the car are functioning property and I monitor these every so often in order to make sure that there are no problems. The doors, boot and bonnet shut and close as they should, the release mechanism for opening the boot, bonnet and petrol flap are fine, all the lights are in fine working order and all electrics in the car are in very good working order including everything on the dash and speedo. The electric windows and mirrors operate without any problems and stickiness.

Service History & Maintenance

This car has a full Japanese and UK service record as document by me and the previous owner. It seems that Starlet’s don’t often have a traceable service history and I feel this is one of the major benefits this car has to offer. This can be appreciated by future owners and also provides assurance that the car has been maintained very well throughout its life.

The service history starts with various Japanese documentation with documented mileage up to the point it was imported into the UK.

The service history then continues with each service having a service record sheet completed that was available from the ToyotaGTTurbo website. This is then paired with every receipt for that service. This history is compete from entry into the UK up to last week when I gave the car its next scheduled service.

This car has wanted for nothing and has been maintained with genuine Toyota part regardless of cost. All receipts for all parts as well as documentation of when fitted have been added to each service record as required.

At present the middle box of the exhaust system has become damaged and gives a rattle at certain RPM. I have a brand new Japspeed exhaust system ready to be fitted to resolve this issue. This will be supplied with the car if not already fitted at the time of sale.


The car has had a Sterling Cat 1 Alarm and Immobiliser fitted professionally the previous owner and is a very good effective security device for the car. Cat 1 security is required by most insurance companies for Japanese imports and also makes a difference to the insurance quote. This comes with 2 fobs and also the insurance certificate. The security device has never given me any problems and has been 100% reliable.

Current Complete Spec List


Front Factory Optional Extra Lip
Rear Factory Optional Extra Lip
Rear Factory Optional Duck Spolier
Rear Windows Tinted
Rota Slipstream 15 x 7 Alloy Wheels in White

Neo Chrome Steel Wheel Nuts


Recaro Evo 4 Front Seats

Passenger Airbag

HKS Boost Gauge

HKS Turbo Timer

Integrated Digital Water Temp Gauge

Double DIN DVD Player

Vibe 6 x 9 Rear Speaker

Vibe Front Speakers

TRD Short Shifter

Toyota Aygo Go Gear Knob


K&N Air Filter

Jperformance Front Mounted Intercooler

TD04L Turbo
Mild Steel Manifold & Downpipe
Braided Water & Oil Lines
Magnecor KV85 Ignition Leads
eManage Blue ECU
255LPH Fuel Pump
SARD Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator

SARD Low Temp Thermostat
Helix AutoSports Ceramic Performance Clutch

Chassis & Braking

Front Strut Brace
Greddy Rear Strut Brace

Cusco Panhard Rod

Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar

DGR Colovers

Yokohama Parada Spec 2 Tyres With Good Tread


Gen 6 Celica Brake Upgrade
HEL Braided Brake Lines w/ APC Blue Racing Brake Fluid

Delivery and test drive

The buyer/new owner would need to pick up the car from Rotherham. I am happy to take out anyone for a test drive that is genuinely interesting in buying the car. If you have insurance that covers modified and imported vehicles on a fully comprehensive basis, then you may drive the car.


The car is based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire and is easily accessible from the Motorway and A routes.

Contact details

If anyone is interested or would like to ask any further questions then please feel welcome to do so. Please send me a PM or post below and I'll reply as soon as I can as I log onto this website on a daily basis. I can provide my mobile number by PM if requested if you would like to have a chat.

Price and final note

Given that the car has been well maintained on the inside and out, the price I am asking for is £4200.

Possible part exchange for standard Japanese hatchback such as Corolla T Sport / Civic Type R. I feel confident that this car will hold its value given its current condition, traceable history and the current market. I have only advertised the car on the UKSO and TGTT at the moment as I would want it go to someone that will look after it just like myself and the previous owner have looked after it. I am in no hurry to sell the and if it doesn’t sell I will hold onto it as finding a similar example for the price I am selling it is not something you can do quickly. Do not waste your time looking at Glanza’s that have been thrashed and neglected. This car has been a real pleasure to own. No timewasters or stupid offers please.


The following pictures were taken today, if you would like any further pictures of any particular on the car please let me know.




























Small Damage Areas




Example Service History / MOT




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I have known dave for the entire time I've had my glanza. His care and level of cleanliness he keeps his cars is second to none!

Shame to see this is going Dave. Thanks for not breaking it!

The new owner will NOT be upset!

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Probably one of the best adverts ive seen on here to date. All the best with the sale buddy :)

Was about to say the same that's how to advertise a car and shows your a genuine seller with much love for his car so should attract buyers


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This car is no longer for sale.

Having test driven various cars this weekend it has become quite clear I would miss this car way too much.

If a mod can please lock this so it can sink into the abyss, maybe one day I will be able to sell it but certainly not just yet.

Thanks to anyone who showed an interest, hope you manage to find one elsewhere.


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So after not selling the car I ran it for a further 4 months. During that time the input shaft bearing failed on the gearbox so it has had a second hand gearbox fitted since the original advert.

It was then taken of the road at the end of February as a purchased a family car to handle the daily drive and didn't need to keep this on the road. Whilst off the road I replaced all the fuel lines in the engine bay, changed the rear discs, pads and bearings and the rear gearbox mount.

I then put it back on the road a few weeks prior to Japfest 2. During the queue into Japfest the turbo seals went. So after Japfest 2 it was off the road again. Whilst off the road I sourced a second hand TD04 locally. I fitted that last month along with a new radiator a full service and took it for it's MOT.

In the last 12 months it has done a total of 700 miles. With a young family and a busy job I just simply don't have the time to put into this car, drive it and enjoy it as I should. As you can see it has taken me the best part of 6 months to find some time to fit the turbo. It seems a shame to leave it in my garage.

So it is now for sale. I have a daily so no part exchange. I will leave the price as per the original advert as I still see this as a fair price.

Any questions ask away.

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