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MISS,STRESS >>> mister koni yellow

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wel lads this is my miss,stress depending how u read it its true ha ha

im just gonna start from now and sneak pictures of the past in as we go along i fitted alfa 156 red leader seats in mi babe front and back / the back is a bit of a challenge do

welded on a diy breather pipe and painted rocker cover whit a nice new oil cap


my acis i fitted to mi babe


my 5efhe fully ported head + 5efhe cams and 4efte springs


my front mount interpoeper


my scunkworks braided feul line


a pic of the axis rebuild


here a vid off my FSE TURN THE VOLUME UP


1 off the alfa seats fitted


and a quick pic of the rear seat being made




so got my ct9b the other day from pudgemack (cheers man) got sick of driving around in the disco smoke machine



must say pulls way better now happy days :D

also fixed my axis bugs of the actuator stayng closed under boost so this is my way of getting rid off it
i used 1 off the aircons vsvNC and then used the solenoid from the acis vacuum canister a vsvNO
the vsvno is activated by a micro switch at WOT






hose on the left is the feed pipe coming from manni other1 is the acis actuator feed/release

here u get an idea how it works any questions feel free to ask total kost of setup 53euros


bought levin twins for my gt few weeks back didnt do much was prepping for nct/mot

so today i made some more progress on the twins now i have nct ha ha tuning can commence

tryed fitting the twins and they would not spin freely so checked where it was rubbing so rounded the corners off to get them to work a good 3 hours work on the 2 calipers to have a nice job taken so long because i wanted to get the curve right like the spoke so it looks like its meant to be there

here u can see where it was catching on mi wheel


so i rounded the corner off to suite the spokes of mi wheels


this is the end result


also to mention for peeps doing this to i had to grind 1 mil +- of the carrier where it meets my wheel on de 4x100 u can see that on the last pics

ere a pic of it fitted whit the wheel on


and a vid free spinning jobs a gooden looks oem 1s there painted


just waiting for the disks to be collected/ machined +- 150 to spend before there on the car
disks need cutting down to 260mm and 1 mm of the inside of the stud patern so NO spacers needed attal :) :) :)

not much but just that 1 step closer got the vf rotated :)


going to have to get another oil feed made up my feed is way to big pressure off the oil might blow out the turbo seal
some diffrence in size


about time i updated my tread oops

i also got a external gate to go with the vf10



now it was time to start on my turbo kit vf10 to ct9 cat !!!!

1st off i chopped up a scrap SS mani for the head flange ( warped like a bananna )


tac welded the flange on a steel plate


drilled out the 6 main bolt holes now my drill gave up the ghost


test fitted on the head


this is the position i was going to fit it but had to change it the compressor was hitting the oilfilter housing


so i was stuck on the head flange so decided to start on mi adapter plate




having that done i threaded my holes for the ct9 cat


al bolted on had to change position off cat a small bit for bolt clearance




this is the final position for the cat


so marked the inside of the cat


outside diameter off vf10


off to the garage to do some grinding on a sunday ha ha neighbours wernt happy :)


back home to bolt the plate to the cat and vf and bolted to the block well happy now finally getting there




at this time i decided to buy a ebay pillar drill to finish off my flange

so decided to start cutting my 4 pipes for the merge collector by hand with a hacksaw !!!!




not bad attal


had to have a look


finishing them some job :)






cleaned up


all 4 sorted wel happy thats done


had to have a quick peek


now my pillar drill arrived so i could contineu on my headflange



had to improvise a bit having no vice


happy days all done 1 step closer


quick test fit all seems well


now started on my 3 bolt turbo flange ( not finished yet ) started at today


diferent project to get me by treu boring winter wish eventually turned to over a year ha ha

bought myselve a gen1 toyosports ms kit a wile back , im in the middle of converting it to ct9 cat and external waste gate


picked this aasco fly up from idrees a while ago had it rebalanced just to be safe works great but blown my clutch now ha ha ( still on the hunt for a cheapo clutch is any 1 has 1 )


saw this for sale in holland and i needed to have it :) :) ep82 hks pfc fcon + gcc controller + injector monitor + map and complete loom


now i had the pfc i needed bigger injectors so i got some from phil a month or so ago for a very good price :) :) thanks phill


now just sourcing a clutch so i can start fitting some parts again

i have been getting some custom caliper extension made for me to run bigger discs for my twinpots



sadly my calculations where a small bit of on the lobes of the hub so we had to redesign then to this


this is how far we are at them atm wont be long now before the metal versions will be created


im also got some copper gasket made for m tial setup got a quick pic of 1 in the making


then they arrived at my door i was well happy with the work from lumax engineering


there is 1 fatter 1 for incase the skinny 1 blows will see if i ever need it or not


went strait on upstairs to fit it to my custom kit to see if they fitted and they do indeed there perfect fit i am wel happy with them indeed :) :) :)



i also oredered a 6 puck clutch from the usa for the 87 mr3 4age we will see if its true or not that they fit on our starlets got it for a reaaaaaaal bargain price will get back on that 1 :) :)


guys i copyed and pasted from difernt forum threads so any posts from now on be more detaild and upto date

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ha ben that was a real pain in the as to get right but got there in the end and i am the first 1 to do it :) :) ( vf/cat )

the seats i only did because i got the alfa interior for 80euros so 60/65£ or there abouths , there very comfy to sit in indeed BUT on long journeys ( al kids under 18 look away now ha ha ) men suffer from sweatty balls :( :( not so funny in the summer

@ darragh cheers mate unique she is indeed to me , everything is diy ( atleast that i can do ) :) :) its a loooong project and is nowhere near done yet this is al budget stuff exept the pfc fcon set i had to pay big bucks for that ( 450e ) al the rest i plan to do cheaper , i hope

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cheers fiddlersport

ollie if it fits then i will be over the moon :) a 6puck kit for 150e to the door and they do cheap replacemend discs thenm selves to 4 and 6 at 90euros to the door customs paid

It will be a bit of a bummer to the traders if it fits!

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got my rear panel in the mail today its in excellent condition well happy with it cant fit it yet going to get a euro bootlid and carbon dip it myselve at home and fit a livesport spoiler and mid spoiler from iddy ( still have to buy them :( )


also have a charger sourced going to experiment with the chargers in 2015 to see how much boost ( how ) i can get out of it

chould have the charger next week if al goos to plan :)

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thanks mate

small update 1 more to my collection from lumax engineering another perfect made copper gasket no more blow outs with these coppers :) :)


if any of ye guys want any of these pm me and i wil tell you where to go get them :) :)

seeing i didnt put a pick up yet off my silver bulet i might give a sneak peek :) :) :)


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