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JAPFEST 2016 -Silverstone April 24th.

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Email confirmation per ticket with order number on and all information that was needed dude... That what I got.

Still no email :( fuck em. Did my bit, payed double what I did last year and followed all the instructions to a T so I don't get it? Wankers

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Would we as a club get confirmation from Japfest organisers of the people attending our stand ?

I've asked Rob the same question, he said he did have a list but not rite up to date :/

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May be a silly question but, what time do cars on the stand have to arrive?

If you are following the convoy and getting down with majority of others then we tend to arrive around 7am. However you have been able to arrive whenever you wish. You just would not have a good place on our stand.

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so if your camping what is the plan to get to the stand ? time ect?

No idea.. Camping is new to JF this year as is the location. I would imagine you pack your tents up early doors if your camping and make your way to the entrance when gates for stand pass holders opens. Usually 7am iirc

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