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  1. JamesD89

    1997 Starlet. Just won't die.

    Welcome along mate, Starlets sure are good value for money. James
  2. JamesD89

    Bonnet cable routing

    The bonnet cable runs through the wing then along the bottom of the crash bar mate, open the drivers door and you should see where the stop sits behind. No photos I'm afraid.
  3. JamesD89

    Wanted: slam panel ep82

    I have one mate, I won't be able to get to the car to remove it until the weekend though. Drop me a pm to remind me if you have no luck finding one before then. Cheers James
  4. JamesD89

    Glanza CV - where to get

    The numbers are the amount of splines on the inner and outer of the joint, check which one you have before ordering if I were you.
  5. JamesD89

    Help with membership please!

    Yep sorted, top man thanks Trisk. James
  6. JamesD89

    Help with membership please!

    Has this been sorted yet lads? I'm still getting the same message when trying to renew my membership. Cheers
  7. JamesD89

    Toms racing alloys on a glanza with wilwoods

    If you do mean the c3r the wms 275mm kit fitted under mine with acres of room. They were et32.
  8. JamesD89

    Zisco ep82 exhaust

    I'm not the owner but bought one when Zisco were selling them on here, they are very loud especially when the car is on idle, but do sound great high up the Rev range. James
  9. JamesD89

    Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    Welcome. If you are over 21 with a good driving history it should not be a massive amount to insure a Glanza. Have you tried Greenlight insurance? They are a broker on here and I have found their quotes very reasonable and service and modified cover is excellent imo. Good luck with the car James
  10. JamesD89

    Radiator Hoses

    Stock hoses fit. If not plenty of options on eBay if you want a certain colour.
  11. JamesD89

    What's it Worth? Thread

    No probs mate, you should see the state of the bodywork on mine. Been slowly saving for a top notch respray for over a year now. Sure let me know. James
  12. JamesD89

    What's it Worth? Thread

    Sounds like some of the problems with the car could be fixed quite easily mate, that's decent mileage and if the underside is clean you might struggle to find another with those miles etc in the future. If I were you I would try and get some of the issues sorted before selling for next to nothing. I'm not far away if you need a hand with anything I'd be happy to lend a hand. James
  13. JamesD89

    Engine oil sucked through turbo.

    It's starts and runs fine but as soon as I get on boost it loses all power, rev needle doesn't drop but the car won't move . I have to bring the car to a stop and then its fine again. Was quite shitty in the outside Lane of dual carriageway though. Cheers
  14. Hello all, bit of a story here so please bare with me. I changed the oil on the glanza and whilst topping up through the filler cap I managed to drop a 10 litre bottle all over the engine bay. And surrounding walls etc. I cleaned as much as I could of it up straight away but I stupidly failed to notice its all over the bottom of the air filter. Driving to work today got on boost and at around .2 bar the turbo screeched and I lost all power. Foot to the floor and the car doesn't move. Just wondering what potential damage this could of done and what's best to do next. I've taken the intake pipe of to clean and il bin the filter but does the turbo need to come off for rebuilding etc?. Sorry for the essay. Cheers James