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  1. they should be in here my old build thread. Yeah definitely go 5e. other than getting a 5e block there isn't really any extra costs other than a 3e clutch so you can fit the 4e clutch to it and I got the 3 holes drilled and tapped for the turbo oil filter housing so I could fit the studs like oem, then a 15mm spacer for the power steering bracket I think I used.
  2. made 324bhp 2wd on a local dyno with the prop removed and 302bhp on tuning developments dyno running 4wd but the mapping was never finished and there was still improvements which could have been made. If I remember later I will post the graphs if your interested.
  3. As soon as I let the clutch out for the first time on my 5e I knew it was the right choice, such a better drive. I ran a Vf35 at 1.5 bar and it was lag free just instant boost. If I was building another engine I wouldn't waste may time with a 4e. That's why I've got a spare 5e in the garage.
  4. Go for the 5e its a much better drive.
  5. Bean

    LSD recommendations

    Any idea where I might find a ae111 lsd morgey?
  6. Bean

    Black SR

    nice one mate! You do love an SR.
  7. Bean

    Injector dynamics - which ones?

    I bought these for my dc2 but the ones i bought were oem fitment on the newish shelby gt500 i believe. link There was an offer on bosch parts at the time so i got them a bit cheaper but there may well be a black friday offer on now. I bought these for my dc2. As Rob says best do your own research to ensure they will work for your application. These ev14 injectors are used quite a bit in the turbo honda world. MY mate also runs some in his 550bhp e30 he got his from ebay in america though.
  8. Bean

    Injector dynamics - which ones?

    The other month I bought some 550cc bosch ev14 injectors and they were £104 delivered I think it was from opie oils then I bought some clip on adapters from America for about 20 quid, really good quality adapters too not like the little extension ones I've tried in the past. I'm sure there's ones in much bigger sizes.
  9. Bean

    C160 Gearbox

    I want a 6 speed again.
  10. Bean

    C160 Gearbox

    I've been trying to find a lsd bzr box but cant find any. So looking to get a G6 box and fit an lsd in it instead.
  11. Bean

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Never seen a 4wd starlet converted to manual by swapping bits of the boxes about, be interested to see if its possible. Great read too haha.
  12. Bean

    Ep82 handbrake cables

    Also watch out for a seized cable, had this happen on an EP3, we thought the caliper was at fault but the cable had seized. it doesn't sound like your issue just something to be aware of.
  13. Bean

    Ep82 handbrake cables

    Pretty much. If you havent had the calipers off to check the condition of the pistons and seals you best have a look and be prepared to order a rebuild kit, or order one anyway as chances are you will need it at some point before long. If you get someone to slowly press the brake pedal once you have the caliper off you can get the piston out a bit more to check the condition and then wind it back in with a rewind tool. Or rebuild them and your good for a while. Its always good to get the piston wound right out then wind it right back in as just under normal braking and the hand brake the piston only ever moves a tiny amount so they can seize. When its back together remember to pump the brake pedal a good few times until its nice and hard before using the handbrake or driving the car, saves a suprise at the first junction!
  14. Bean

    Ep82 handbrake cables

    Check the condition of the rear calipers first also if you get someone to pull the handbrake and you watch to make sure the cable is pulling and releasing the little arm it pulls on the caliper. The rear calipers need kept ontop of on these cars now as they are old. every year I unbolt mine, clean and regrease the sliders, then check the piston moves easily and is still in good condition and get some red rubber grease in the lip of the piston. If the piston has pitting on the sides of it its time for a new one and seals.
  15. just measure them up and get them off ebay.