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  1. Dc2 shell build up.

    Not done anything over the past few months as i found out my cat had cancer so i spent his last few weeks with him in the garden. His name was Big Smokes. Really miss him every day. I did pick up another integra the other week. It had been crashed an sat on a farm for a year. A year went by and the guy finally got back to me so i picked it up.Its got a rebuilt b18c6 in it with high comp skunk2 valves HC spoon head gasket, head skimmed and fully rebuilt new bearings ect. I will be using a few bits from it for mine then sell and scrap the rest. I also picked up a precision intercooler and pipes from another Dc2  
  2. Dc2 shell build up.

    i got a bit more done last night. More cutting to get back to good metal. new repair piece made up and welded in. this took me quite a while to make even though it might look quite simple. and from the back i also removed and cleaned up the end of the chassis leg and got some etch primer in there before i welded a piece on the piece back on. I had to cut a flap out to weld part of it from the inside to make sure it was right and then weld that up too. I will be cutting the end of the floorpan out and also the bit which goes down to it then its all new and solid. After taht i will probably cut out the whole end of the sill and remake that and weld it in. Then it should be getting a bit more solid by then.

    great thread. Are you running this car on the stock dizzy but with a DTA ECU?
  4. Dc2 shell build up.

    Yeah they love to rust mate. Im just gunna keep bashing on with it. Its a bit of learning as i go with making the new pieces up. I just got an air saw the other day £20 off ebay and its great. no sparks flying everywhere like the grinder so that should help. Ive got a bit more done. i had a small hole near where the rta bush bolts so i cut it out and welded a small piece in. I also cut a bit out which incorporated a brace point which i think is used on the production line during manufactuing. its a good solid point which is handy for jacking on. Ive got a plate welded in and ive got the brace part cleaned up and had it sitting in rust eating solution over night. So i can weld that back in and then put some new steel around it and get it nice and strong again. The part ive cut out to the right is inside the car.
  5. Dc2 shell build up.

    Few overdue updates! I got the Edelbrock stripped it had layers and layers of paint on it. and sprayed wrinkle black.   I fitted this with the thermal inlet and throttle body gasket. I also changd all the seals and little filter in the injectors at the same time. Battery tray cleaned up and sprayed champ white. Then time to kick the GT4 out the garage for a while to work on the dc2. Both rear toe adjusters were seized in bad. I couldnt get them out so i took the car to the garage down the road and they had the gas torch on it but nothing freeded them up they even snapped 2 snapon sockets trying! I had already cleaned up the ends of the chassis legs and the boot floor but the rest of the rear end was ready for a good clean up and i knew it would need some welding. First i had to get the toe arm off and try to get at this seized bolt/bush. In the end i had to cut through the bolt both sides of the bush then cut the toe arm in half and i managed to get it out. rear trailing arm removed After a bit of a wizz over with a wire wheel a few holes popped up. But i stil needed to remove the end of the seized bolt from the tow adjust slider so i removed it completely from the car by drilling out the spot welds. It got a bit beat up while i was trying to remove the seized arm and it was heavily pitted from rust. I put it in a bilt hamber rust eating solution so see how it would get on. Instantly it was fitting away. When it came out there was lots of pin holes in it so i didnt want to refit it to the car. I also thought it was looking like a bit much work for me to do on my back. So i rang a guy and he was going to come round for a look before taking it to his garage to weld up for me. Then a mate told me to steer clear of him so i thought it should just man up and keep going. I needed to make sure i got this part remade exactly right as i didnt want it to affect the alignment of the car. So i thought i would cut a section out of the original a piece at a time and tack them in and see how i got on. It took alot of time but i neded up remaking almost all of it including the toe adjustment slider. another side tacked on here you can see the old toe adjust slider and the new one ive made ready to tack onto the back of the new piece i made. and almost finished. You can see the toe adjust slider part inside the part now. It was alot of work but ive offered it up to the car and it should fit good. Theres further cutting fabricating and welding to do first though. Then when this side is done ive the other side to tackle but i dont think that should take as much work... Hopefully.    
  6. Had a sort out in the garage tonight so i could actually get in the kp. So i got a little pic. Really need to get this car done.
  7. Dc2 shell build up.

    Thanks guys. Got another parcel of parts from Japan the other day. So a few more jobs to do on it like fit new rear abs sensor, fit an abs bulb in the dash as it has either failed or someone has removed it. then see if ive any faults with the system. I think ive sorted the boot leaks out but im still getting a little in the front end so need another look at those. Still bits to do but ive used it for work this week and its been great. JAE was over 500 miles round trip so im confident it would go anywhere now.
  8. Dc2 shell build up.

    I will get some mate. Not took any for ages as it's been a mess under there but Claire gave it a clean before jae. I plan to redo the rocker wrinkle black and the same for the edelbrock inlet whee i get chance. I might get some paint stripper on the inlet mani tonight and make a start.
  9. Dc2 shell build up.

    The morning of JAE was here and we were meeting at Starbucks (i was late) on the stand at JAE
  10. Dc2 shell build up.

    Jase just reminded me i hadnt updated this thread for ages. heres some updates. I got a box of goodies from Japan. Ive not updated this for a few months but progress slowed on the dc2 while i was on holidays, working on my brothers ep2, clutch, ball joints ect. then the same on my girlfriends EP3 plus poly bushes. I needed to get my finger out as JAE was rapidly approaching and my mate had got us tickets for the type r owners stand and tehy were all in FN2's. So i cracked on with it getting the car back on the road. I got an old radio which i always really liked. I did used to own one but i cant remember what happened to it now. Cant beat the old alpine units with 4x60 Watts I got the ECU loom all tidied up and repaired. Me and the gf gave the interior a good clean, got the passenger recaro fitted and JDM mats. I got the rear strut brace fitted without cutting the plastics, and a rear panel alloy JDM bar. rear arb with new drop link bushes, under brace refitted with a few new bolts where needed. and the exhaust fitted too. I had to make up a new hanger for the back box as it was missing one, also replaced all the gaskets and clamp bolts. Dont think i got pics of alot of this as i was in a rush, plus working outside when it wasnt lashing down. I also scraped the old seam sealer out of the roof gutter strips as it was cracked. I resealed it as i thought it might be the cause of the cars leaks. After removing the gutter strip this was waiting underneath. It was around this point i thought the car was getting close so i took it out for a little road test. A few things came from this: -a heat shield was rubbing on a front disc -i hadnt fitted all the bolts for the passenger side alloy engine mount. -air bag light was on But most importantly there was no vtec! :cuss: All these were easy sorted and the air bag fault code was just needing reset from when i changed the wheel. The lack of vtec was down to a bad chip so i burned another chip with my old bean spec map from my b18c4 eg and all was well. The car felt like it was going ok but i checked the ignition timing and it was about 2 degress retarded so i set it bang on 16 degrees and it felt more lively after that. Hardly had any fuel in and what was left in it must have been over a year old as i couldnt remember ever putting any in it since i bought it. I had a strange issue with the rear brake light dim on one side and flashing with the indicator, cleaning up the earths under the bonnet sorted that out luckily. JAE was fast approaching at this point so a few late nights working on it and i fired it in for an mot. It passed. The paint work was really bad on the car, it looked like an egg and had alot of contamination in it from all the grinding i had done underneath it and crap that had fell on it. The car was soaked in fallout remover about 5 times. this was the last time we did it and still loads of iron in the paint. After this the arse was clayed out of it. Me and Lewis went over it with clay mitts and over the next few days i kept washing it and going over the bad areas remaining with clay bar. I even removed the rear lights and wipers as bits were sat in the paint everywhere. Now the paint looked white again and it was even starting to have a little shine on it. Lewis and Nash came round and set to work with the machine polisher and some poorboys products. I was still doing bits and bobs on the car but we didnt get chance to finished the polishing. Luckily another mate phil and his friend Jamie came round the wednesday night before JAE with two machines and some products and they finished the rest of the car off. The whole car looked like it was orange peely all over but it was just crap sat ontop of the paint and it came up so much better. But we were running out of light. After a few pointers i did the boot. Then the car was waxed glass cleaned, all seales wiped with vaseline. and a few beads in the morning These arrived before JAE but i just didnt get time to fit them. Edelbrock Victor X inlet manifold, 70mm throttle body, thermaltec gaskets and AEM fuel rail. I will likely sell the fuel rail.
  11. Jamie's EK9

    nice mate keep us updated.
  12. i ordered one of these as a spare, looks fine to me. cheers for the link colin.
  13. only makes sense to change them if they are worn, its easily done.