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  1. Bean

    Dc2 shell build up.

    I only ever took the sump off and there was metal swarf in the bottom of it. Its still sat in the garage though, with a few other engines next to it now haha. Maybe one day, the head was meant to be ported and polished so I could maybe get a bit of a look at that to check. On the dc2 I messaged my mate yesterday to see how he's getting on and the steel hadn't landed yet I asked for him to use Zintec sheet steel rather than the usual steel sheet you can get anywhere so it is taking a bit longer. The Zintec stuff has a light zinc coating on it, like galv but not as thick so that it still welds nice. Its much more resistant to corrosion and better than spraying zinc primer on steel your self. I've left off cuts outside for months before and they don't rust. Its more expensive but its the stuff to use if you want a proper job.
  2. Bean

    Gearbox help

    the Na boxes have a pressed steel end casing not cast ali one I believe.
  3. Bean

    Standalone Help! DTA

    You never used to be able to run the stock trigger setup on a DTA that's why I ended up using a crank sensor, trigger wheel and Vauxhall coil pack. Same with the 3sgte I believe.
  4. Bean

    Standalone Help! DTA

    A good few years ago I had a dta s80 on my 5e. at the time it wouldn't work with the stock Toyota trigger system and I had to have a trigger wheel fitted to the crank pulley and run a crank sensor. Have they made changes to the software to allow it to run with the stock triggering system? No way would I run a dta ecu again wished I never bothered with it.
  5. Bean

    Dc2 shell build up.

    haaha yeah, buying it was the easy bit mate.
  6. Bean

    Dc2 shell build up.

    Its just sat there mate waiting for the last 7 years now I guess. haha could see prices of them shoot up this year possibly with the 25 year American import thing.
  7. Bean

    Dc2 shell build up.

    Hahaha yeah maybe you should have mate! I would probably have rebuilt my KP starlet instead by now if I didn't rebuild that car
  8. Bean

    Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

    Send me the calipers with the bits if you want mate I will rebuild them.
  9. Bean

    Dc2 shell build up.

    hahahaha that guy was a right chump wasnt he mate. The base wasnt that hard to find surely. It was stressful though! When we got home he tried it on with the price adding more onto the bill trying to tell me it didnt include vat in the price. Theres no way that guy was declaring any of the stuff he was up to. Anyway i said to him listen theres nothing extra getting added onto the price but seen as you did a good job with the car i will give you an extra tenner. He mumbled something and took it. then hounded me with messages to leave him some feedback on shipley. He did have a mint recovery truck mind i will give him that. Little update on the car. i messaged my mate the other night to ask him if he had made a start on the car. He said the car was looking like alot more work than he thought it was going to be and said he didnt think he had time to fit it inbetween the other jobs hes got booked in already. Ended up getting in touch with another m sport guy about it and that was looking like an option. I went down to see my mate and i hes still going to do it now. i gave him the chance to leave it if he didnt want to do it but he said hes going to do it but it will take a bit longer than he first thought.
  10. Bean


    Gaz might do it if you contact them.
  11. Bean

    Dc2 shell build up.

    Got this heap dropped off for the fab work on Monday with the help of my mate and his truck. Ended up having to remove the front bumper to get the car on and it still only just went on. My mate thinks the car will be done in a week so he should be bashing on with it. Hopefully have some pics soon.
  12. Bean

    Dc2 shell build up.

    Haha cheers Calum, its not the shiniest build thread with fancy rare parts getting ordered from japan ect but its real work going into it. Even if no one reads it I like that I've got a full record of the work done to the car as my memory is pretty bad. I'm gutted about my GT4 build thread though as I only had it on the GT4oc and they got hit with ransom ware and the guys never backed the forum up so ALL the data was lost, and I pretty much rebuilt the full car. So now im posting this on 3 forums! That should mitigate the chance of loosing it hopefully. Big day today, the Teg goes on its holiday . I gave the garage a clean out yesterday for the first time in months (found a cruise gear knob for the GT!). What a dump it was. When the cars out the garage I will be sweeping it all out. My mate thinks he will have the fab work done on the arches within a week! I think it will take longer but I like the sound of it. Then I need to see if the guy I know will do the paint work. He wants to see the car after the metal work first, I guess to see if the jobs decent or not before he gets it, fingers crossed he will take it on. I'm guessing I will likely need most of the car sprayed for it to be right.
  13. Bean

    Dc2 shell build up.

    Hardrace lower control arms painted Not a good pic but they were then given a light coat of autosmart black underseal The car is now back on its wheels and the interior has been stripped for the new archs fabricated and all the welding.
  14. the new wepr kit has definetely freed the car up a bit and im no longer boost creeping and hitting fuel cut so thats good. Not aiming for anything but i have a complete plug and play emanage ultimate kit for it that will need mapped but i just never got round to it. I would probably run 1.1 bar and see what it made. Maybe i ill get it fitted at some point. Good work on the ep82 purchase! you wont regret it. I cant see a build thread for it, have you made one yet?
  15. Yeah shes still going no issues other than the exhaust rotting through near the backbox. So i made a new bend up from 2.5" stainless, tack welded it in place on the car. not the best job as it was a bit of a rush repair. There was also a few holes in the pipe. hopefully i can keep the 5zigen system going a bit longer yet. Getting the bend somewherenear to what came off offering it up on the car checking position of everything and making sure the backbox sat where i wanted it to and nothing was catching. out of practise with the tig ive done very little in ages so it doesnt look pretty im afraid. Oh yeah i fitted a new wepr ct9 power up kit a bit back but forgot to update this thread. its a great bit of kit. Sacha makes the best manifolds you can get for these cars for sure.