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  1. Bean

    Dc2 shell build up.

    Started making up the next repair piece. im going to make this in a couple of pieces to try and get the shape similar to factory, this is the part which has a strengthening piece inside which they use to move the cars on the production line so it needs to be nice and strong.
  2. Bean

    Sock's 746 Track GT Turbo

    yes those top speeds sound miles out actually.
  3. Im sure theres like an insert of something you can get if that's your issue. cant remember exactly now though.
  4. Cant beat new parts. I'm thinking its about time I treat my GT to some, just too much to do on the dc2 though.
  5. Jesus! ahhahahaha awesome!!! Mr potters famous cider! The GF got me a kit to brew beer a few weeks ago. I've never had a go at anything before, need to do some reading up first.
  6. Bean

    EP70 Turbo / Restore

    looks awesome be great to see this at JAE!
  7. Bean

    2 old starlet GT turbo autos

    Ah no worries. I cant remember what the filter was now, its probably in a pic. Its got an Apexi filter on it now.
  8. Plenty life left in EMO yet mate.
  9. Bean

    How much is this worth?

    £85-100 I would say.
  10. I think its just there are two different type of top mount. One which sits ontop of the spring and one which wraps over them a bit. GT has 4 stud top mounts glanza has 3 I think.
  11. Bean

    Rear JDM KP61 bumper sought from America

    there's a few guys making fibre glass ones which seem good copies and there's one guy who is definitely shipping to the uk. He also does the full trd kit. He's on facebook but I cant remember his name now I will have to check when ive got my phone.
  12. Bean

    Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    Keep us updated mate as I've the SR special KYB's on my car. They are hard to get hold of and no one sells them in the uk so will be expensive to import new ones. I find my gt is very stiff on the SR specials with RSR ti2000 springs. I also have a set of TRD springs which I planned to swap over to see if that made the ride a bit softer.
  13. Any updates on these Ian?