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  1. Bean

    Hammerite Waxoyl Aerosol

    Yep used loads of their stuff its great.
  2. Got my Kit on Saturday thanks again Sacha!
  3. Bean

    Hi/Low boost set up help

    Cheers Nafeez2125 . So as I said above by fitting the t piece to connect up the stock boost solenoid this is like the stock plumbing with the 2 port actuator.
  4. no the g6 came with a 4efe the g6r Is what your thinking of I believe the 1.6
  5. I might have a g6 Corolla engine available shortly if your interested. It would be much easier to get up and running than a Yaris engine I would think.
  6. These came with the twin coil packs from the factory and the different inlet manifold na guys fit. From a google search it says they came with 110ps. Just wondered if anyone had fitted on to a starlet na?
  7. Bean

    Hi/Low boost set up help

    Your not diverting the air through a T piece it diverts it through the stock boost solenoid. this is a copy from the hks fitting instructions. Another option is a JAM Racing actuator which has two ports.
  8. Bean

    Hi/Low boost set up help

    I'm sure when you buy a new HKS actuator (single port) it comes with fitting instructions that show you using a T piece in the line between the turbo housing and actuator to the boost solenoid to retain the factory high low boost function.
  9. Bean

    Aftermarket radiator

    dirt cheap this!
  10. Bean

    Starlet - 87 ep70 heated seats

    Yeah could well be a region specific extra or feature.
  11. cant wait for mine to land!
  12. Bean

    Starlet - 87 ep70 heated seats

    never heard of starlet heated seats but im not that familiar with the ep70s as the other models.
  13. Bean

    Rear window louver kp61 install

    Good find then, I think the ones I have seen before on ebay might have been fibre glass.
  14. Bean

    Used Emanage ultimate price.

    £300- £350ish?
  15. Arc bov too! I struggled to get mine to sit right onto the EFI pipe and it broke the plastic flange piece off.