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  1. alexoc01

    Cadwell Park - 16th October

    I didn’t book on fortunately as I wanted to see how it held up on Tuesday haha and yes rob wasn’t a good day, didn’t get any afternoon sessions at all
  2. alexoc01

    Cadwell Park - 16th October

    Unfortunately I won’t make it man! Melted a piston at Bedford Autodrome yesterday so I’m currently out the game haha
  3. alexoc01

    Cadwell Park - 16th October

    Will try get on this!
  4. I had a td04 ext wastegate set up on my last starlet and now I run a ct9 hybrid with a jam ecu and lsd and it suits my needs a lot better love the pokeyness of it haha
  5. alexoc01

    Want to Forge but have some questions.

    You save much on buying it all individually then buying a diy kit? Cheers
  6. alexoc01

    Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

    Any pics of the full hose kit fitted?
  7. alexoc01

    Wanted.. CT9

    After a nice ct9 hybrid who’s got what..
  8. alexoc01

    Poly Bush Engine Mount

    Messaged you bud
  9. alexoc01

    Josh's EP91 1997 Glanza V build thread

    Got some oem mats here if you’re interested mate. Alex
  10. alexoc01

    Wanted.. 98 spec fog lights

    After some 98 spec fog lights if anyone has some. Thanks
  11. alexoc01

    Parcel Shelf With OEM Speakers + Cup Holders WANTED!

    Have cup holders with ashtray here and parcel shelf with Sony speakers unfortunately:( cheers
  12. alexoc01

    Indiglo dials

    Hi all, anyone have any idea on why my indiglo dials keep fading out and won’t light back up again? Doesn’t happen all the time but does happen now and again. Cheers
  13. alexoc01

    Glanza rolling shell

    I have a silver ep91 shell here bud