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  1. Stu

    Starlet - 87 ep70 heated seats

    Possibly. You'd have to take any blanks of any un-used switch positions and see if there are unused plugs behind, then check connectivity from there to the plug to the seats. You may find that there are relays to supply the seats via a switch. Start tracing and you'll find it.
  2. Stu

    Starlet - 87 ep70 heated seats

    Very cool! Ive seen the speakers but never the heated seats.
  3. Stu

    2e-telu turbo questions.

    They came factory fitted with a ct12, but the ct9 is a slightly better turbo. They respond well to mods, just don't over rev them as the rockers break. Decent flow turbo manifold will take it up a fair amount. They will take quite a bit of boost but the tune needs to be good.
  4. Stu

    Starlet - 87 ep70 heated seats

    I think you will find they are not heated seats, but instead they are speakers. One of the many EP71's Ive owned had them fitted - they gave a bit of extra sound but it was more the vibration/bass than actual noise.
  5. Stu

    Low impedance injectors

    Yep, just split the power wiring like I mentioned and you will be fine.
  6. Stu

    Low impedance injectors

    I'm assuming your using an aftermarket ecu to run them? But wiring wise its pretty easy, conventionally the ballast resistors need to be wired into the power side but they can go into the drive side if need be. So 12v supply > ballast resistors > injectors < injector drives from ecu. They look like 50w 4r7's, just split the injectors into pairs so power > ballast #1 > injector 1&2, and ballast #2 > injector 3&4.
  7. There are two earth wiring arrays in most 4e/5e looms. One is for power grounds which supplies to things the ecu switches (injectors, idle ups etc) and is common to chassis ground, its the E1 pin on the ecu from memory. There is also a sensor earth array that runs to the map sensor, water temp sensor, IAT, knock sensor shield, TPS, and narrow band sensor shield, from memory its in E21 on the ecu. The sensor earth array doesn't connect to the chassis ground and the two should be kept seperate. The ecu supplies the earth to the sensors and filters out electrical noise which is why the two are not connected together. Its very hard to work out what effect the AIT sensor has on a factory ecu as you can't plug a laptop in and see the tables, but its my theory that at higher air temps it pulls some timing out to avoid detonation, and it doesn't effect the fueling map all that much - maybe a small % trim if anything. Thats generally how an AIT sensor is utilised in an aftermarket ecu. The sensor that can make a huge difference to fuel economy is the water temp sensor so I'd be checking that first. You can dump it in a pot of water on the stove and work out that the resistance is changing as water temp increases from cold to hot, it should be relatively linear output - you may actually be able to find that data if you google it. Anyway, if the ecu thinks the engine is cold all the time then it will be dumping a metric shit ton of fuel and there goes your mileage. Often with these sort of things its a combination of a couple of different faults that all compound to causing a significant change in tune, and often the ecu just thinks the engine is at idle/cold for example so wont throw a code. So id check that water temp sensor for starters and its wiring back to the ecu - although if there was an issue with the wiring the ecu would show a code and in my experience with 4e/5e's its also causes very hard starting. Id also double check the TPS is outputting idle and WOT to the ecu. Plus check the map sensor is outputting the a variance and is plumbed right. Good luck.
  8. Stu

    Electric power steering pump help

    That's a square wave output from the red switch inside the gauge cluster. The output is not super clean (I've data logged it before) but might work :)
  9. Stu

    Electric power steering pump help

    You can used a delay timed relay - fairly easy. Which PS unit are you using? Most seem to have a speed input so that they vary the amount of assist so you don't lose road feel
  10. Stu

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    I'm in Auckland
  11. Stu

    need help with wiring emange blue on ep91.

    Same deal, just look at pin ID's not pin locations.
  12. Stu

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    Hopefully you can get your refund. Definitely look at a Link though, just wire it into the factory harness piggy backing the factory ecu so it runs everything but the factory ecu keeps the auto shifting etc.
  13. Stu

    Morgey's 20v SR

    Add turbo
  14. Haha yeah he loves it I got it from a company called Robinson Instruments. The factory output sensor output isnt that clean, it jumps around enough at low/mid speeds that I wasn't confident it would give me a good enough signal to base the boost tables on, Ive got a datalog of it somewhere. The new sensor is amazing by comparison and Ive now got gear identification setup and am just starting to muck around with boost per gear and boost per speed overlay tables.