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  1. OEM LSD rear mount

    I have one there but I'm not home till the end of the week
  2. emissions spike

    You need a better cat
  3. Oldschool HKS PFC F-con ECU wanted.

    I have the one that doesn't require a map sensor. Just uses a fcd
  4. Ya but your on about the head not the block. My head is standard. Inlet manifold is standard. I've ran verious setups and still do. Never had a head gasket or bottom end issue.
  5. Head gaskets and bottoms ends are string. The issue is as mentioned. Poor maintenance, bad set or badly tuned. Unopened 4efte will take 220 bhp no problem as long as the engine is healthy, looks after and mapped Also no idea what colin is on about. Nothing wrong with the standard head. I'm pushing over 300 for good few years. Never had a issue with a head.
  6. Parcel shelf air purifier

    I've one there complete. I'd have to check postage to the uk. Pm me for more details
  7. Twin pot clearence

    What discs and carriers are you using?
  8. Hi-flow cat for NCT/ MOT

    Lamda sensor need to be as close to the cat as possibly. That's the reason lads find a ct9 with stock cat works best for nct. Lambda is right on the cat
  9. Get a denso one . There great and always had my emissions bang on
  10. You can also run 1.2bar on a td04 with premapped ecus like jam and so on. Just because it makes the same power means nothing.
  11. They won't touch them because they use to map them and never get anywhere near the results you would get with a proper ecu. Car will run much smoother with a decent stand alone along with several other benefits. If you want to run 3 times factory power in a starlet good ecu is a must. People spend good money on shiney manifolds and so on and put in crap like a e manage . Good ecu is the foundation of any good build. If you look even at any of the japenese tuners they don't even run japenese ecus anymore. It's all link, haltech and similar ecus
  12. E manage are a poor piggy back and there is zero comparison to a proper ecu like a haltech. Any decent tuner I know of won't even touch them. No matter how good your tuner is a car tuned on a emanage will not be tuned as good or anyway near as a car tuned on a good ecu . That's just a fact.
  13. Agree . They pull like a train anything past 1.5 bar. Raising the rev limit a bit is a must and dont run a shitty ecu like a e manage or anything like that.
  14. Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    The bag unbolts from the cover. 2 min job when the bag is out
  15. replacement shocks for the Ep82

    Irish ones are different . I'm running kyb and find them good. Can be got in any motor factors. Fronts are aboit 90 each and rears 50 each fr my memory