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  1. Nanglebadger

    Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Photees OEM rigid bootliner Installed: And the new 320mm Momo Corse steering wheel: Patiently waiting her time with the mechanic. That's likely to be the last of the updates until she gets taken away for all parts fitting (lower arms, bearings etc) and MOT prep. Its only taken 7 years to be able to type that sentence. Phil.
  2. Nanglebadger

    Glanza V in Tokyo

    oooofffffft, I spotted Umihotaru from the plane when leaving, would have loved to get to Daikoku and/or Umihotaru but sadly wasnt to be. And i was there in September in 2017, so that makes me feel no better at all!!! lol Thanks for the pics bud, its nice to see pics from areas we're familiar with from the JDM blogs but from an EP-owner's camera perspective! And I wouldnt worry about the paint chip, we all have them!! lol! Keep the updates (and pics) coming! Phil.
  3. Great to see such a substantial update buddy! Car looks superb and liking the details around the harness bar etc! Excellent work! And getting it into the wedding??? Kudos to you young man, kudos indeed! Phil.
  4. Nanglebadger

    Hillclimb / Sprint Glanza build

    Cant say I've seen them break there before, sorry to see that bud but hopefully your extra bracing etc gets you sorted permanently! Phil.
  5. Wink mirror ehh?? Was curious about them a while ago for something a bit different, I shall have to have a look back through the thread for some photees! Also, that engine bay, yum! Very clean and tidy bud! Phil.
  6. Nanglebadger

    Biggie Smalls, the saga so far

    very brave, think that would have been enough for me to abandon the shell for sure! Kudos bud! How tasty is that JAM lip in blurple - obviously will be resprayed, but flip me it looks lush! Keep up the good work, Recaro interior looks sharp! Phil.
  7. Nanglebadger

    Glanza V in Tokyo

    New steering wheel and speakers look good bud! Also, please share some JDM beach pics! Words fail to describe my level of disappointment at not knowing there was a like-minded EP fan living in Tokyo when I visited last year for a few days Phil.
  8. Nanglebadger

    3rd time lucky!?

    Welcome back! Phil.
  9. Nanglebadger

    Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Update Progress has, believe it or not, been ongoing. All the gauges are illuminating again (thanks Joel!), meaning some of them simply need connected to sensors to complete. The speedo cluster is back in and working for the first time in a couple of years (thanks Joel, again!) and last night I fitted a new 320mm Momo steering wheel as I wanted a change from the previous 280mm item, and have done away with the snap off boss for the time being. Rigid bootliner has been collected and installed, courtesy of Greenmachine, and I will be collecting new spacers from him soon also (5mm all round - wont win any stance shows but will help a bit whilst retaining functionality). I've also installed a trickle charger meaning no more f**King around with connecting/disconnecting the battery any longer. So that brings us to it being taken away for MOT prep. Currently my mechanic is running several weeks behind, and my dad's 2 seater is taking up the space in his workshop that I need, but hopefully it can be lifted for an MOT prep at some stage Aug/Sept all being well, so we're still on course for life in the relatively near future. Phil.
  10. Nanglebadger

    Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Why the fuck not, I like Metallica and I like Ferraris. I happen to own 2 Ferrari flags and one Metallica banner, what else would I do with them other than decorate the garage! If I had a Debbie Does Dallas flag I'd hang it there too. Phil.
  11. Nanglebadger

    Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Photographic evidence of life at GaragEP: Badger Hanger: Badger and TEC hanger: Getting a breath of fresh air: Hangers installed: Hopefully picking up an extra little somethin' somethin' this afternoon. Phil.
  12. Nanglebadger

    Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Update Daily is through its MOT and a brake refresh (a-f**kin-gain) and I've been in talks with Joel about getting her ready to be lifted. Recent additions are only two absolutely delightful hangers courtesy of Starbuck, including a very tasty Badger hanger. I will also be collecting an optional rigid bootliner very shortly courtesy of a local legend by the name of Greenmachine. Once the gauge lighting is resolved, and the speedo cluster refitted and working, she will be lifted by the mechanic to have the lower running gear items fitted and made ready for an MOT attempt. Phil.
  13. Nanglebadger

    4wd conversion

    ^^^^^^ yup, there are a few knocking about the UK, but you're looking at buying an EP*5, then a 4EFTE and turbo kit of choice, and it will need the wiring done to make it all sing. Its not a cheap process, and if you cant find an EP*5 then you're looking at importing one. There's a 95 being converted to turbo in NI at the mo and the owner is putting some serious work into it. That all said, I have ridden shotgun in a turboed EP85 and they are superb. Phil.
  14. Nanglebadger

    Does anyone know what headlights these are?

    Yeah, there are no off the shelf aftermarket headlights available for Starlets - there are a good few of these custom jobs floating about the Malaysian / Mauritian communities though, see plenty of them on IG. Even if you could get a set made up by some of the guys out there, getting them through a Northern Irish MOT would be a disaster I would imagine. Phil.
  15. Nanglebadger

    Nanglebadgers work in progress

    I've spoken with my Alfa mechanic and he's happy to trailer this away to his place to just fit all of the lower running gear stuff in one bash and get it in an MOT state. Just need to put the dash back together and put the daily through an MOT first. Phil.