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  1. 4wd conversion

    ^^^^^^ yup, there are a few knocking about the UK, but you're looking at buying an EP*5, then a 4EFTE and turbo kit of choice, and it will need the wiring done to make it all sing. Its not a cheap process, and if you cant find an EP*5 then you're looking at importing one. There's a 95 being converted to turbo in NI at the mo and the owner is putting some serious work into it. That all said, I have ridden shotgun in a turboed EP85 and they are superb. Phil.
  2. Does anyone know what headlights these are?

    Yeah, there are no off the shelf aftermarket headlights available for Starlets - there are a good few of these custom jobs floating about the Malaysian / Mauritian communities though, see plenty of them on IG. Even if you could get a set made up by some of the guys out there, getting them through a Northern Irish MOT would be a disaster I would imagine.   Phil.
  3. Nanglebadgers work in progress

    I've spoken with my Alfa mechanic and he's happy to trailer this away to his place to just fit all of the lower running gear stuff in one bash and get it in an MOT state. Just need to put the dash back together and put the daily through an MOT first.   Phil.
  4. Plastic Boot Tray EP91 £70!!

    uugggghhhhhh i need one of these but I'm the complete opposite of local and couriers are a pain in the hoop.   darn, blast and poop.   Lovely item bud! Hope it sells.   Phil.
  5. Anyone see what I see?

    Yes. Yes, yes, yes!   Phil.
  6. ITB'd 5E-FHE remix sportif

    Yes.   He bought a Subaru.....for the Summer.......yet here we are in November............   To be fair, its a nice Subaru (or I think so anyway lol).   Phil.
  7. Very unlikely to find one I know but mid spoiler for a gt

    ^^^this is for GT's bud - correct me if i'm wrong but your build is a blurple EP91 (which I follow on IG lol).   Phil.
  8. Anyone see what I see?

    Sneaky little irish EP7* on juicebox, about 1/3 of the way down:   And incase anyone missed it on Speedhunters, Tommy Dolo's KP appeared in numerous pics and a video by the Hoonigans this week: Starlets popping up all over the show this week. Phil.
  9. Anyone see what I see?

    MANY Starlets: Spied in Japan: Irish KP:   Phil.
  10. Glanza V in Tokyo

    Mt brother ran a SARD boost gauge in his GT, the black faced version of that I think, looked fantastic lit up. Was a manual gauge, never gave any issues, and is now at home on a drag-spec motorbike and sadly maxed out of its boost range lol. Phil.
  11. Anyone see what I see?

    Track spec KP in Ireland: Phil.
  12. Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Update Rear brake refresh parts have arrived from Import Car Parts - discs, pads, bearings and grease: Also ordered some polybushed front drop links before we fit the refreshed lower arms: Slowly slowly. MOT attempt in 2018???? Phil.
  13. **SOLD** Road Runner braced Decat

    Armando my good man - Photoucket has shit the bed. Can you use the direct upload feature to add pics please bud? Cheers, Phil.
  14. Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Update New rear discs (just plain faced, for all the braking they actually do), rear pads and bearings ordered as the existing discs are in a non-MOT-friendly state, along with polybushed front droplinks. Slowly making some headway now that the house move is done with. Phil.
  15. Stripped out rear with audio

    If you look at pics of my car from about 8 years back you'll see that we removed the rear seats, put a 15 inch (I think, cant remember) sub into the spare wheel well and put a false floor in the boot and rear seat area. The amp was mounted to the false floor in the boot and we put 6x9s into the rear inner door cards. All told it was pretty neat and tidy. Its not to everyones tastes as is obvious above, but if music is an important part of your day/drive, then no reason you cant do it, not like the car hasnt got a turbo to pull the weight, but again, opinions and analogies to bodily orifices and all that shit. Have at it I say. Phil.