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  1. Old member but new name

    Happy return
  2. J.A.E 2017 round up

    Cheeky sod haha
  3. J.A.E 2017 round up

    Brilliant 4 days with a great bunch of people. Thanks to everyone that came new and old!! Hope you all had a great JAE!
  4. Be nice to see what people have to say. With regards to lighting, we do have several lights that hook on inside the marquee, they just weren't all used this time round. Beer pong tournament got a lot of small groups of people together and also took some people out of their comfort zone to play and in my opinion, had a positive effect! Thanks to those that took part and also those that watched! Matt.
  5. Of course! There are a good number that don't book time off and just come to camp the weekend.
  6. Does anyone have a stand pass I could have for a friend? Thanks in advance
  7. By any chance, could I have your stand pass for a friend if you are no longer attending?
  8. Matt's Honda S2000

    Will be attending JF2 and be on our stand in this at the weekend. Be good to meet new faces and catch up with the old members.