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    keeping my forged Track ready Glanza V on the road
    Going out on my mountian bike in my own little world
    Taking things appart just to see how they work
    Homebrewing Cider / Beer (normaly for jae)
    Bring up my daughter and son to be into cars :D
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  1. akyakapotter

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    Mine is like that ive never got to the bottom of it and i have ksports that feel rubbish now. I'm thinking about getting a hard pipe kit made up at some point.
  2. akyakapotter

    1995 quad light mk3 Starlet GT turbo for sale!

    The way you have those harnesses mounted is very dangerous bud should be bolted to the oem seat belt locations at a minimum. Like they are currently would result in very bad injurys in the event of an accident.
  3. akyakapotter

    The for sale section....why can’t I..?

    Yes bud you need to be a paid member to be able to post in fs threads ect.
  4. akyakapotter

    The for sale section....why can’t I..?

    Yes bud you are a member not a club member. Cheers nick
  5. akyakapotter

    Front mount

    Please add payment info and location. Cheers nick.
  6. akyakapotter

    The for sale section....why can’t I..?

    15 more posts and you'll be golden bud.
  7. akyakapotter

    New Member and Glanza Owner!

    Welcome to ukso enjoy your stay. Cheers nick.
  8. akyakapotter

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    Awesome welcome back taggys build thread and turbo grants will help you alot. Cheers nick.
  9. akyakapotter

    Breaking my track spec glanza

    No worries dude managed to find one localy.
  10. akyakapotter

    The for sale section....why can’t I..?

    I think it may be post count sure 50 rings a bell.
  11. akyakapotter

    Breaking my track spec glanza

    Are you breaking ever thing I'm in need of a steering rack. Cheers nick.
  12. akyakapotter

    Power Steering Issue

    Only had the box out I'll crawl underneath have a look and have a look round the the engine bay.
  13. akyakapotter

    Power Steering Issue

    Could be ill have a check of them when i'm next off work. would be awesome if that is the issue Thanks nick
  14. akyakapotter

    Power Steering Issue

    steering gets super light at speed alignment is spot on 0 toe -1.2 camber my rack may be shot tbh fair bit of play in the steering wheel now i think about it.
  15. akyakapotter

    Power Steering Issue

    Good Morning everyone so having a strange problem at the moment with the glanza's the power steering. It's quite heavy from a start then when driving it is feeling very light to the point its feeling very unsafe to drive feels like i'm driving on ice any one have any idea what the problem could be ideally i'd like to keep the ps but may have to bin it off. cheers nick.