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  1. Baffled sump

    I got dean at rw-devlopments to knock me one up he's on Facebook and instagram give him a shout. Cheers nick.
  2. The beginning

    Roof & spoiler look boss top work Cheers nick
  3. Black Friday trader sales?

    It's one of those have to see ones ID-WORKZ usealy do. Cheers nick
  4. Seized Teins

    soak them in wd40 ect for a few days. Tein's are known to be a right bugger to un-seize right pig of a job. cheers nick
  5. Got my full hose kit looks spot on will find time fit them at some point. Cheers nick.
  6. I have got a full hose kit arrived today From tuning devlopments so that will go on when i have a spare few hours. Cheers nick.
  7. Poll : Which EP82 Carbon Products Do You Want To See?

    Your never getting one Trisk haha.
  8. Today is a sad day took the glanza for one Last blast for the foreseeable future as of tomorrow it's sorned and off the road. Cheers nick
  9. ABS Delete Pictures or guide

    Pm me your email address and I'll get it over we Im back home tomorrow. Cheers nick.
  10. Thanks dude i have an itch to change it but hoping locking it away out of sight will stop me haha Cheers nick
  11. Stock Gt ep82 spares and repairs engine

    Please add location of parts. Cheers nick
  12. Cars being sorned for the first time in 6 years at the end of the month. I just don't have the time to use it. Have a few bits I want to sort out really annoying water leak that collects on the gearbox new hoses all round should sort that. Will get it back out next summer I had some photos printed off my phone the other day have one of the first month of ownership and current day it's changed a little lol. Cheers nick
  13. Failed oring

    I use Crossland filter On the beast lol.
  14. MISS,STRESS >>> mister koni yellow

    Interesting bet it will be rapid off the mark. Cheers nick
  15. Starlets being sorned on the 31st :/ q