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  1. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

    Monday moring bump.
  2. Ep91 non power steering complete rack

    Please add price location and payment method.  Cheers nick. 
  3. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

    To the top get involved with the best show of the year imo. Chilling with your mates drinking talking cars. What more could you want. 
  4. J.A.E 2018 31/8/18 - 2/9/18

    J.A.E Early bird tickets available until 22nd August via the jae website link in the first post.  Early bird ticket price £45 On the gate price £65 cheers nick   
  5. Poly Bushes

    poly bushes rattle your bones you get used to it in the end lol   
  6. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

    Morning all get involved head over to our good friends at  Mokuzaivip on Facebook to make a purchase. CLICK ME
  7. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

    To the top 
  8. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

    I have a spreadsheet on my laptop mate atm it's piss poor not good.
  9. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

    Up we go come join us for jae 2018 
  10. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

    Up we go 
  11. Clutch change advice

    Nice guide to removing box over on toyota gt turbo followed this one myself. http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/clutch-tutorial-how-to-remove-gear-box-and-clutch.31642/ Cheers nick 
  12. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

  13. Toms racing alloys on a glanza with wilwoods

    Your on about the c3r maybe with spacers would be close like my rays I'd say.