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    keeping my forged Track ready Glanza V on the road
    Going out on my mountian bike in my own little world
    Taking things appart just to see how they work
    Homebrewing Cider / Beer (normaly for jae)
    Bring up my daughter and son to be into cars :D
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  1. Picked up a set of rear calipers today to rebuild over winter as my ones on my glanza at the moment are rubbish lol plan on new seal kit new pistons and paint them black.
  2. akyakapotter

    Who knew starlets had a pollen filter??

    Mine had one took it out years ago lol
  3. akyakapotter

    Club Membership (Admins)

    Try again now bud.
  4. akyakapotter

    Club Membership (Admins)

    Check your store purchases if that dosent work I'll get an admin to reset it. Cheers nick.
  5. akyakapotter

    SOLD please lock 1991 mk1 gt turbo limited

    Gone to a good home.
  6. akyakapotter

    Rear calipers - freshly rebuilt

    Always come up when im skint so much want.
  7. akyakapotter

    My first Car.......Ep91 Glanza called Scarlet

    looking good bud mine dose that with the bumper need to get the dremel out at some point when i can be bothered. keep up the good work.
  8. Well what can i say what an amazing jae drunk all my cider in one night Irish lot you crazy crazy people only you guys could get that 4x4 speaker rig to rock up to the stand. All the members who attended made it one of my best J.A.E's to date thank you all for making it such a laugh and making memories untill next yeah thanks on behalf off all us staff. Cheers nick.
  9. Bump for upcoming J.A.E
  10. You can take as little or as much as you wish bud stop in tesco and pick up your supply of drink and some food that's what I do then usealy have £100 ish to pay about with over the weekend.
  11. akyakapotter

    small update (dogbox)

    Looking good glad to finly see a dog Box in a starlet.
  12. akyakapotter

    Membership renewal

    Trisk will sort it when you get chance keep an eye on your emails.
  13. akyakapotter

    New member from Ireland doing a full rebuild

    I believe we only accept paypal.
  14. akyakapotter

    Part fell off whilst driving

    If it was me id just leave it off
  15. akyakapotter

    Part fell off whilst driving

    That's a cat heatshield.