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    keeping my forged Track ready Glanza V on the road
    Going out on my mountian bike in my own little world
    Taking things appart just to see how they work
    Homebrewing Cider / Beer (normaly for jae)
    Bring up my daughter and son to be into cars :D
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  1. Welcome to ukso enjoy your stay. Get some pictures of the car uploaded. Cheers nick.
  2. akyakapotter

    Any nice big spec starlets bein built lately

    Definitely get it on here aswell
  3. akyakapotter

    Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    Turbo kit looks sexual. Only a small set back pain in the bum though. Keep plugging away at it.
  4. akyakapotter

    Caliper Guide Pin Lubricant

    as above i use red rubber grease cheers nick
  5. akyakapotter

    Membership purchase issues

    Have posted in the staff chat for both of you should be done when one of the admins see it and get a chance to sort it you should get an email once it's been reset. Cheers nick
  6. With the above kit all that lot that is circled will go and you'll need to get an air filter relocation kit or mesh the turbo like I did with my ct9. I have also run mesh my billet td04 since I purchased it. Cheers nick.
  7. akyakapotter

    J.A.E Show 2019

    To the top links for tickets and track day added.
  8. akyakapotter

    Japfest Silverstone 5th May 2019

    To the top
  9. Updated with club password can now purchase stand space for this show Cheers nick.
  10. akyakapotter

    Japfest Silverstone 5th May 2019

    Updated with club password can now purchase stand space for this show Cheers nick.
  11. akyakapotter

    J.A.E Show 2019

    To small imo but I'll still be there.
  12. akyakapotter

    Kev’s Red Storif

    Looking good keep at it
  13. akyakapotter

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    Not hanging around getting this one done top work mate keep it up.
  14. What's JAE? JAE is the ultimate social weekend for Japanese car owners, Japanese car clubs, tuners and traders. JAE takes place every year in August and attracts over 3,000 Japanese cars to the show. The four day weekend event is a family affair encouraging car clubs to mix and compete in a range of events and competitions. For the casual visitor it is the largest gathering of purely Japanese cars in Europe and a chance to see some amazing cars and enjoy four days of fun at this ultimate social gathering. You can find JAE at Norfolk Showground, Dereham Road, Norwich, NR5 0TT Jae is one of the best shows of the season Imo camping drinking chilling and relaxing with mates what more could you want ? We would love you all to come show off your cars and chill with ukso. New for this year JAE are putting on a track day at Snetterton on the Thursday all info on that can be found in the link bellow TRACK DAY INFO Tickets for the show can be found here Click for show tickets Stand passes will be £5 per person per car again as per last year. we ask that all members purchase their own tickets to the show we also require you to purchase a stand pass for your vehicle and camping space this covers the cost of the polt / marquee / gas for heaters ect. There are a limited number of stand spaces so once they are all sold that's it if you miss out unfortunately you won't be able to show your car. the below video will give you an idea what J.A.E is all about. Hope to see you all at J.A.E 2019 Thanks Staff