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Patches V - Link G4+ Standalone

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A few updates

I fitted the fuel pressure sensor on the return line, after the regulator. This is the completely wrong place to put it! I need to move this to the feed line, I switched to using traditional fuel equation for the time being and can now run boost :D

The mayo was just condensation from sitting for a long time so no need to panic there.

The cars getting used a lot despite loads of wee jobs left to do in terms of tidying up. Road tuning is pretty hard with traffic and my limited free time so I've not completed the mapping yet. Need to set aside a full day and borrow a mate to finish this. May hire a dyno depending on free cash.

And I got these delivered the other day


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Got the car booked in to get the new wheels fitted and got an alignment (it badly needed the camber sorted) and decided to get corner weighting done at the same time as it wasn't much extra.


Total car weight is 957kg which isn't too bad. The car handles much better now as you can imagine, no longer feels like it handles turning one way better than the other. Really impressed.


How it's sitting now, really happy with how the wheels look. 


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