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Patches V - Link G4+ Standalone

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I've not updated this in a while, kinda ran out of money and didnt want to dip into the cheeky grand i have stashed for the full respray. The interior is back in minus the rear seats, it has all its windows. But the main news is that its.....

TAXed MOTed and Insured :)

got a brand new sump ready to go on to sort the leak then its mapping time! tempted to go with a dastek ecu. Unsure of my plan just now.

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Cheers guys!

Big update....

Took her for her first spin! :) fuck me its good to feel a turbo kick in again! Was getting sick of this sight in my sisters EP3


So i ordered hel brake lines and 1 custom line from earls to replace the other one i cross threaded, ordered both yesterday at 1pm came today at 11am :) Got them fitted, had a bit of trouble bleeding the brakes by myself but i realised i only had to only open the nipple (hehe) about a quarter turn and close before lifting off the pedal and go round the car 3-4 times to get all the air out.


Once that was done i fired the wings and my old bumper on (dont have brackets made for the varis just yet)


Looking pretty shit just now haha!



The intercooler pipes are fucking LOW! might need to cut the pipe work down a bit to raise it, was as high as i could get with the way it was.


So tomorrow i finish tidying up the wiring, get seat belts and anything else back in for MOT time :thumbsup: Got to say theres no better feeling than driving a car you've built! Surprised how little went wrong!

how come you went for 4 line kit and not a 6 line kit?

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nice 1 mate! 8)

by the way i txtd u about sumthin the other day, txt me back and let me know plz mate!

cheers man :) text u back there

how come you went for 4 line kit and not a 6 line kit?

I didnt realise there was a 6 line kit when i ordered it to be honest with you

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Wow, that's quite some time...

How has it been going?

That reshell got started in October last year sometime, due to getting mucked about for 4 months i had to take it back off the people who had it and finish it myself, no free time these days and shite weather delayed me so just finished that weekend there.

The engine is the same one out my first starlet i got in october 2012! This is by far the cleanest shell inside and out so I'm keeping this one for good, no more reshells!

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Car got its MOT, sadly I made the mistake of over tightening a back bearing bolt not realising it was different from the front and should only be finger tight and then some.

This prompted a late night 600 mile drive down to get a back axle off socks! Well in for waiting up. The garage who had the car needed to get the car back out quick style, had originally only went in for an alignment.


While the car was off the road I sent my wheels away to glentyan alloys for a refurb, came back amazing!


Some old photos of how the car looked when I took it back to finish the reshell myself


Getting the turbo kit bolted on


As she stands now.



Still have a pesky oil leak to sort as well as finally fitting my apexi power FC. Its getting there tho

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Cars in the garage getting both crank seals done in preparation for fitting all the below.


Got rid of the Apexi Power FC as i fancied going fully standalone, wasted spark running off the distributor cam sensors, might fit a crank trigger down the line but for now this will be perfect.

Big thanks to Stu on here for all his advice and helping me out with the link software!

Will be making the loom myself, should be pretty fun!

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Looks good man, what power you hoping for ? Going forged ?

Hoping to get around 220-250, keeping the engine standard for now. Who knows might go forged if i want more power

Looking good mate, keep us updated with progress.

Don't forget to twist up those circuits for wiring bling


Progress at the moment is the car has been in the garage for a week getting both crank seals and a cam seal changed, oil pressure light investigated (turned out to be wiring damage from the oil leak), full alignment and brakes bled. I do most jobs myself but figured some of these were best left to someone qualified.

Picking up the car tomorrow before work then I'll be taking it off the road to start the wiring. Can't wait man, dont worry will be twisting all those wires up also got some heat shrink to it keep it nice and tidy.

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looking good bud :) cant wait to see how this unfolds. wiring scares me haha :D

Aye it scares me a wee bit too, you should check out haltech's videos on youtube. They cover crimping properly and do a full video on wiring a car.

Got started on the car this weekend stripping back the old wiring and removing old sensors and fitting the new ones.


Fitted a fuel pressure sensor since i had a spare input, will allow me to run a more accurate tune and safety features if something goes wrong with the pump


Got a Link CAN Lambda wideband controller since my Innovate MTX-L needs a new sensor anyway


Fitted RX8 Injectors - kinda wish i'd went with some aftermarket ones tho like injector dynamics or DeatschWerks which have more data. Had some trouble sourcing deadtime tables for the RX8 injectors






Mac Boost Solenoid


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Progress is slow at the moment due to lack of free time and the wet weather but making the most of my time off work the last few days.

I must admit cutting the old wiring out the loom is a massive task, hopefully I've not accidentally cut out anything i'll need.

This is ha;fway through cutting the ECU plugs off then removing the wires




After finishing cutting out the old stuff its time for the fun part! Putting the new loom in.


Finished today with all the wires cut to length and most of them twisted together. Still need to run power and some grounds for the injectors, ignition, ICV and boost control solenoid. I'm going to reuse some of the old wiring with the pins in the fuse box for these circuits to save me having another fuse box.

There's still a lot to do, hoping to get it started before new year but we'll see. Can't wait to turn the key!

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More progress




So far got the air temp, coolant temp, map, fuel pressure sensor and boost solenoid circuits heat shrinked and crimped on the connectors. Also ran fan output to the fan relay, one of the 2 grounds and power to the ECU.

Today's job will be tps, can lambda, ground, cel, tachometer, injectors and ignition wiring. Still loads to do

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