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Patches V - Link G4+ Standalone

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Picked up this guy at the start of October


Fresh import making me the first UK owner ^_^ pretty much standard with 46,000 miles on the clock.

Mods were as follows:

  • Silk Road Spec RM-8 Coilvers
  • OZ racing Alloys
  • Momo race steering wheel
  • Cusco Front Type 1 Lower Arm Bar





I paid for the car without driving it which was slightly foolish of me but i am looking to upgrade anything that breaks on the car anyway. First things on the list were service and some tidying up while getting used to the car and to find out exactly what i wanted to do.

First thing i did was remove the cusco lower arm bar as it was bent and cracked. Then a service oil, filter, spark plugs changed.

I managed to get a carbon fibre cusco rear strut brace for £110 so that was fitted same time as the service

While in halfords i seen a set of 4" sony speakers and decided to upgrade. Sadly i found this upgrade only increased treble and wasn't good enough for me.

Took my car to Soundwerks in Hillington, Glasgow to have a Clifford alarm fitted, got chatting to the owner about the terrible sound and ended up booking the car in for 6.5" focal driver door builds, JVC headunit and tweeters mounted in the mirror casings

Door builds


Next I fixed my sticky and slow moving windows. Videos on youtube saved me here, a damp cloth and silicone lubricant did the trick.

Painted my rear calipers red as well, yet to do the front ones as my axle stands are too tall! Excuse the dirty wheel! :p

Just had a 4 wheel laser alignment on my car (Pro-Grip, Bonnybridge) John at Pro Grip is great, took his time and did a great job for a really good price! I upgraded my tyres from nankang to toyo t1r proxes too, car is handling like it should!

Next on the list is an exhaust system, undecided between HKS Silent, 5zigen pro racer, Bltiz Nur Spec or APEXi N1. Im looking for something quiet on idle but reasonably loud when putting the foot down. Swaying more towards the HKS due to price, looks and sound but heard a lot about them rotting?

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Nice example you have there mate, very very low mileage too! As for the exhaust aslong as its stainless steel it wont rust, im not sure about HKS i would have thought it would be fully stainless but not 100%, my Blitz Nurspec is. Look forward to seeing more updates :-)

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Cheers guys!

Very clean! Shame the fogs have been sprayed (?) though!

Its fog light covers! i have been tempted to get fog lights, maybe one day. I dunno i dont mind it without :p

Fuck. Nice buy man! Just DON'T ruin it lol. Keep it simple.

Yeah dont worry, subtle quality mods all the way! Probably wont change anything on the exterior except the wheels maybe because one of thems buckled :huh:

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Cheers everyone!

Just ordered a FMIC (think its Toyosports core with custom pipework), GFB Respons BOV, Breather valve for the rocker cover, WEPR CT9 power up kit (external wastegate manifold, decat, braided oil line) and a tial wastegate!

Getting the external gate plumbed back into the down pipe. Dont like the idea of a screamer pipe

Watch this space :thumbsup:

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