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  1. Ah nice one thanks. Will aim to get there between 830-9 then and will have some waterless wash and wax in the boot ready to get the flies off! Haven’t been to japfest for a very long time, back when I had the gt4 so I’m really looking forward to it.
  2. This is the first time I’ve taken a car on a stand, so we have to be there at 7?
  3. Bit of a shame for another one to be broken but not much you can do if it’s worth more in parts. Was it sat for a long time or something?
  4. Good work mate nice to see she’s still going nicely
  5. Good work mate nice to see it’s getting some tlc
  6. Seems like we’ve got similar ideas mate
  7. Like a girlfriend that treats badly you just can’t get rid
  8. Pikey009

    FAO: Keri

    Did you get anything back?
  9. Are you still enjoying her mate?
  10. You’ve only just had them done haven’t you morgey?
  11. Nice one I’ll check that before ordering the motor
  12. Gave it a major service this week, dropped the rad out to re-tap the lower exhaust heat shield mount and did the plugs so it’s all ready for the MOT in two weeks. Also gave it an anal clean. Looking forward to japfest!
  13. Neither switches work, no fuses are blown and there’s power to the motor so it has to be the motor. Has anyone ever done one?
  14. If you know a good welder ask them to make you some custom frames. A lad I used to work with made some for my 98 spec seats and we got it to sit quite a bit lower. Have a look on my build thread and you’ll see what they looked like along with a height comparison
  15. Ha ha I’m sure you’ll give it some tlc Morey it looks mint in the pictures. Yeah im going to be there MOT depending lol, it’s booked in for two weeks on Monday but I can’t see any reason why it won’t pass to be honest.
  16. Dam it lol there was me thinking I’d be the only clean black SR there!
  17. Good work mate. Are you doing japfest?
  18. Awesome to see another one being saved!
  19. Well that’s the car booked on the owners stand for japfest, fingers crossed it passes the MOT in a few weeks time
  20. Tried both mate and still no cigar! Could maybe use your mob number if that’s ok via PM?
  21. Is that PayPal definitely correct? As it’s not coming up on their site
  22. Yeah that’s spot on mate I’ll take it. What’s your PayPal?
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