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  1. I can help you with that
  2. Are you getting fed up with it mate?
  3. Still absolutely love it mate. Really missing my old one... which may be back in my hands soon
  4. Unfortunately this thread will go cold for a while, not for me to say why but he’s taking a break.
  5. Love the sr idea. I had jacks ep95 before socks had it years ago and my plan was to black sr rep it. Owned it a week and found out my lass was pregnant so panicked and sold it! Look forward to seeing some updates
  6. You’ll be very very lucky to find one buddy. I managed to get hold of one for my SR and cost a small fortune but was worth it
  7. Jesus mate some serious dedication here. Pleased you’re saving it as most people would just part the car out much like the gt4 when you got it. Cracking updates
  8. Crazy how much rot is in the uk cars
  9. These were fitted to option wrc kitted corollas as pictured on my old one. Only after one wheel
  10. Just after one Safari, cash waiting
  11. Absolutely lovely mate. Any engine bay pics?
  12. That's the only problem with cars that have crazy low miles- they've been stood for a very long time. I looked at this too but got put off by its condition and felt that people were asking too much just because of the miles. I'm one of the biggest SR fans so I'm pleased someone decent has ended up with it to return it to its former glory. Anymore updates?
  13. Lovely little car mate always had a soft spot for them. What power is it running now?
  14. Ha ha yep yours are way better- always wanted to get to that event. I need to get myself an older car to have a go up the hill Have you got anymore pics of the car? Always loved them
  15. Also love the headlight covers! Saw them when I had the car but was too scared to use them- they're meant to protect the headlights but you just end up never wanting to use them ha ha.
  16. Hey buddy, nice to see she's back on here. Miss the car a lot- one of the cleanest SR's in the country by far. You're taking her in a different direction to me but she is all yours and you know I always tease you about keeping her looking like an SR Like the fact you're staying NA and think I'd have done the same. Keep up the good work mate
  17. Love the car mate nice plans and great progress. Get an NA rear bumper on and TTE back box and you're there with the look I know they're hard to come by but get a Yaris TTE tail pipe and have it welded to a custom back box and there you go.
  18. I think red or black will look great. Maybe black though because the rest of the bay looks pretty subtle and almost original
  19. Ah right do you think you might go on a different dyno in the future? Where is the company based? I'd heard about advancing the timing but wasn't sure how good the gains would be- I guess the proof is in how much better the car feels to your rather than a power figure. Have you held anything off that you've been surprised about? Miss my sr loads
  20. Ha ha I can imagine. You'll never struggle to sell it
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