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  1. Just after one Safari, cash waiting
  2. Absolutely lovely mate. Any engine bay pics?
  3. That's the only problem with cars that have crazy low miles- they've been stood for a very long time. I looked at this too but got put off by its condition and felt that people were asking too much just because of the miles. I'm one of the biggest SR fans so I'm pleased someone decent has ended up with it to return it to its former glory. Anymore updates?
  4. Lovely little car mate always had a soft spot for them. What power is it running now?
  5. Ha ha yep yours are way better- always wanted to get to that event. I need to get myself an older car to have a go up the hill Have you got anymore pics of the car? Always loved them
  6. Also love the headlight covers! Saw them when I had the car but was too scared to use them- they're meant to protect the headlights but you just end up never wanting to use them ha ha.
  7. Hey buddy, nice to see she's back on here. Miss the car a lot- one of the cleanest SR's in the country by far. You're taking her in a different direction to me but she is all yours and you know I always tease you about keeping her looking like an SR Like the fact you're staying NA and think I'd have done the same. Keep up the good work mate
  8. Love the car mate nice plans and great progress. Get an NA rear bumper on and TTE back box and you're there with the look I know they're hard to come by but get a Yaris TTE tail pipe and have it welded to a custom back box and there you go.
  9. I think red or black will look great. Maybe black though because the rest of the bay looks pretty subtle and almost original
  10. Ah right do you think you might go on a different dyno in the future? Where is the company based? I'd heard about advancing the timing but wasn't sure how good the gains would be- I guess the proof is in how much better the car feels to your rather than a power figure. Have you held anything off that you've been surprised about? Miss my sr loads
  11. Ha ha I can imagine. You'll never struggle to sell it
  12. Did you get a power figure?
  13. I love this thing mate if you ever decide to sell let me know
  14. lol we've got a mk5 golf 140 as the family bus and the vrs wipes the floor with it to be honest. Not really sure how you can say it's not a sporty car, it's bags of fun especially with the new brakes and suspension. Have you driven one that's been tweaked? After a map it'll be a proper little weapon and I'll be getting even more mpg so I'm happy either way. I know what you're saying about the diesels but it's mainly effecting cities etc which I rarely go near. Plus if they start to die out then it'll be a rare car so I'll be keeping it and see how things go.
  15. Most people with standard cars get them dynod and find they're between 130 and 150 to be honest and I think it's towards 150. As far as I know it's standard and if it was mapped I'd expect it to easily pull on the cooper. It was defiantly trying as it's my mates- we were dead even. His is the early 163 though. lol are you sure?- thought they were only 107bhp and about the same on tourque?
  16. Well the gt didn't fair too well but me and the cooper s were about even which isn't bad considering mines completely stock. Also managed 60.2 mpg last weekend on a run up north without even trying. The gt must be poorly so will be looking in to that
  17. Looks lovely, decent mileage and price. GLWS
  18. Yeh sure he will def be selling them as he's got all the parts now. Ill get him to message you on here And we are only located near Andover so not far away
  19. Just find that the springs are really weak that's all
  20. 4-4250 looks good considering the history and length of ownership by you as well as it being in good nick although I've not seen it. I know for a fact that if my mate hadn't recently got his gt he'd have snapped this up. As you're in no rush then you're in a good position to just wait for the right person. Some people take the piss with their asking price and others with low offers so I guess it's just finding the middle ground
  21. Good cars allways sell mate stick with it. I had stupid offers on mine without even seeing the car which pissed me right off. The first person to actually come and look at it bought it. Have you had anyone come yet?
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