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  1. Yeah she needed some work. I’ll be intrequed to see what you find if you ever open the forged engine as I feel that company were a fucking joke. Any news with the dc2?
  2. Ah come on we both know what you paid for it ;) not doubting how much effort has gone in to getting it to where it is now though
  3. How’s the kP doing? Well if you sell me the Celica you can get started on it
  4. Yeah that guy wasn’t all there mate, the camp was very very easy to find!! Wish I could hit the rewind button and not even tell you a out the car though ha! Should’ve taken the ear bashing off my wife and just bought it back myself
  5. Better than that flatbed bloke who came to collect the gt4!!
  6. No not my cup tea mate much smoother now. Well you just need to let me take it back off your hands then you can really focus on the integra! I’d never buy another car again if I got it back!
  7. Cheers mate, still a few bits to do but getting there. I barley get any time to spanner on the car at the moment. it was dreadful, I couldn’t tell if it was in gear half the time and was just really notchy. Yeah it will be there all being well, haven’t been to a car show for quite some time and probably 10 years since my last japfest with the GT4
  8. Got lots done today: Painted rear wiper Painted engine bay brackets Centralised steering wheel Investigated and fixed rev counter not working Changed short shifter to stock shifter Changed gear gaiter and gear knob Changed number plates to uk plates replaced air filter Wanted to do but didn’t have time for: Change spark plugs (didn’t arrive in time) Change fuel filter Change engine oil and filter Drop radiator to drill sheered heat shield bolt Investigate pas window not working As soon as the service is done it’ll go for an MOT and then a body shop to re-bond the spoiler. Then it’s all ready for japfest
  9. That’s a lot of love mate strong effort
  10. Good: Service kit and plugs have arrived and will be getting fitted this weekend. Getting close to being ready for MOT. bad: Might need to remove the radiator to drill out the sheered heat shield bolt. Rev gauge has stopped working along with the passenger electric window. Also, does anyone have an SR bonnet sticker? The one that is fitted is lifting.
  11. Thanks will do, just depends what time of year I get it back on the road. I’m in no rush with it being shit outside at the moment but should be before Easter. The hanger is great, perks of being in the military I guess. If it were mine then you’d all be invited!
  12. There’s an sr bootlid with the spoiler on gumtree for £45 if you’re after one
  13. This is cracking, just need the spoiler and decals and it’s pretty much there
  14. Yeah I’ve heard the copper ones are better for stock engines, thanks very much
  15. Sorry for the poor lighting but I don’t mind as it’s a heated hanger and will keep the car nice during the winter months. Still can’t believe how clean the arches are
  16. The hoovering then turned into a 2 hour body clean, you can see the difference the waterless cleaner makes, brings it up like black glass. I gave the engine bay a quick clean but will go a bit mad on it once the new heat shield arrives and is painted.
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