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  1. Yeah I’ve heard the copper ones are better for stock engines, thanks very much
  2. Sorry for the poor lighting but I don’t mind as it’s a heated hanger and will keep the car nice during the winter months. Still can’t believe how clean the arches are
  3. The hoovering then turned into a 2 hour body clean, you can see the difference the waterless cleaner makes, brings it up like black glass. I gave the engine bay a quick clean but will go a bit mad on it once the new heat shield arrives and is painted.
  4. Next it was inside for a Hoover. Which turned in to hoovering the door shuts, boot hinge area and engine bay as well as the wheel arches. There were dead nasties everywhere and around 3 big spiders nests. The optional mats are back in as no one will be going in the back and when I’m in the front I’ll put the every day ones back in and save the options for show season.
  5. Took her up the airfield today after letting it warm up and checking tyre pressures. Ran like a dream, I forgot how nippy they are and was laughing all the way. The little lumpy bit on idle has gone now so it’s running very nicely.
  6. Some say too much! Will be ordering a full service kit soon along with new plugs. Anyone know what plugs I should get? Just for a stock engine obviously.
  7. Let us know how you get on mate
  8. Yeh I know what you’re saying, it is a lot of cash after all the money you’ve put in to it I guess. I’ve not heard great things about the emanage blues to be honest. Well they must see loads of different cars so good comments from them on how the car is running is worth it’s weight
  9. Cheers, it’s lovely. I drove it a little round my army camp when I got back and it’s just so cool, the custom exhaust sounds fantastic crackling and popping and just looks spot on like the original- you’d find it hard to notice just by looking at it. I did prefer the 98 spec interior but the Recaro fishnets are pretty cool. hes got another black SR that needs a bit of work that I might be having as my own car once he has this one back. Can’t wait until I can get to a few shows next year either way. It makes my Fabia VRS feel very modern!
  10. What about ME? Seem reasonably priced. Or an e-blue although they aren’t great. I just think it’ll run so much nicer. ok cheers mate
  11. It is mate, I just like them looking all original. The finish on the gunmetal wheels was v v nice though
  12. Ok so I picked my old SR up today from Travis. As he is currently taking a break and getting back on his feet I offered to have the car back until he’s better and able to drive. The car has been sitting a little while so will require a few little bits but in general it’s as lovely as I remember. I left at 9 this morning and got back at 6 in the evening so a pretty long day! I have his full blessing to put it back on here while i look after it. It won’t be getting modified just cleaned up, pampered and taken to shows in the summer. She will get a service, ambers are going back on as well as uk plates but that’s it. Oh and the spoiler has lifted on one side but just needs bonding back on and the car will be perfect once again.
  13. Also I know this is a little unrelated but is there any chance I can get my user name changed? Not keen on it anymore
  14. Good work mate. I know it’s a lot of money but have you thought about sticking some management on it?
  15. Like the car mate, as you’ve got a TTE backbox you could get the rest of the bits and make an SR rep with different colour decals
  16. I completely agree mate and doubt anyone would laugh if they’ve read through the thread and know you, talking to the wife at the min
  17. Fair enough mate but unfortunately out of my price range
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