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UKSO's hottest girlfriend

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I like that my girlfriend was posted on here by another girl before she was even my girlfriend lol. Time flies!

Surprised you haven't uploaded anything.. mind, I look like a child compared to some girlies on here!

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Persuaded her to let me get a photo lol! not to keen posting pic of my miss's on here but #YOLO

by the way.. she takes a good hard boost @1.4bar ;)



What? She's all over the internet for fucks sake.

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That is a lass called Laura vinicombe, used to have her on Facebook few lass mates of mine know her, she works on babe station or elite TV can't remember which one, she blew up a year or two ago but the hypes dyed down and haven't heard a thing about her since

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Anything on this on this or you letting the side down lol

I had worked on it, and got it. But I've had a new phone since coming home from uni and don't have any pictures :(

Need to try get some over summer

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