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Matt1878's Varis V - Now For Sale **

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So I've been on here a while now and enjoy reading everyone else's build threads. I Thought I would do one of my own as I start to look to spend some money.

So first of all here is the spec list from when I bought her back in April this year.

Blitz Nur Spec Cat Back Exhaust.

Baileys Dump Valve

Red Uprated HT Leads

Turbo Timer (Unsure of brand)

Auto Gauge Boost Gauge

Lowered On Tein Springs




Since this I haven't really had much money or time to do much in the way of modifications to the car however this is what I have done.

Took the baileys dump valve off and replaced it with a HKS SSQV3.

The wheels that came on the car were some pretty rare Work rims, unfortunately I only had 3 of them for some reason. Never found out why lol



Kindly, the previous owner gave me the set of original Toyota alloys from Japland with the car.

They were in a really sorry state when Im got them so I had them sand blasted and powder coated white.



I will be looking at purchasing some new alloys in the future, maybe thinking GT3's or Grids.

This is it currently, apart from there is a pedo bear sticker on now <img src='http://www.ukstarletclub.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />




So... This will be a slow and steady project as most of the work will be dont at my dads garage and its just the time to get it in when were both free.

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sweet sweet sweet :D take your time with it and enjoy the modding :D i had my glanza from standerd and transformed it within a year :lol: take a look at the build thread for it lol

sweet sweet sweet :) take your time with it and enjoy the modding :p i had my glanza from standerd and transformed it within a year :p take a look at the build thread for it lol

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Right so I've not been on here for a while as I've been mega busy sorting loads of things out at home and with work etc but Im back and ready to start doing some bits with the car.

First of all, id like to apologize to anyone on here where I have show interest in something they have had for sale and then either had to drop out or not been in touch, Lots of things have been going on recently and its put a big halt on anything to do with the V :(

So, I had my MOT and all was fine as my dad did it :p the only thing was that my passanger rear calliper was ceased. Fortunately for me I got a message on here from a member and picked up two rear callipers that are in great condition, there going on this weekend.

Got some time in my dads garage this Saturday and got a few things that ill be doing:

Full service

Air Con removed

Relocation filter fitted

Callipers fitted

** I sold the mud flaps by the way guys!! I only really wanted them for the winter and as I never got round to fitting them, sold them on.***

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glad to c your stil perseverin bud. hope u get your finances sorted out,nuthin worse than havin to count EVERY penny

Worst feeling in the world. Tbh I did nothing at school and didn't go to college. Just went into retail and just working in a warehouse:/

Thinking of doing something now as im 21 next month. Looking at going back to college and starting my mechanics as I want to do something that I'm genuinely interested in lol.

Tried Football - got seriously injured at 16

Didnt do well enough at school to go on for a PE teacher

Theres only motors left!!! Pretty pissed I didnt look at doing it sooner lol.

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*** UPDATE ***

Had the car in the garage today. Did a full service including some oil/engine treatment and fuel treatment too. Spark plugs came out all a nice sandy colour which is good :)

Removed the air conditioning aswell and fitted the relocated air filter that I bought from Dean @ RW Developments

A few pictures for you as I know you love them!!





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