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Matt1878's Varis V - Now For Sale **

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Nicee read buddy! Keep up work mate did u hit feul cut when u fitted the decat and frot mount filter?

I'm yet to hit fuel cut dude... Mods are

JPerformance mani

Blitz decat

Blitz Nur spec

RW Developments Relocation kit

NGK Leads

Greddy Type S bov

I think the Introduction of a FMIC will make fuel cut appear...

Ill be getting an adjustable actuator and EBC to keep the boost safe at .8 bar until I can afford proper management :)


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Was driving to Old Trafford last night and heard a big loud clunk noise from under the rear of the car ...

First of all I just thought I had driven over something that was launched up towards the floor.

After driving to college today I seem to hear a strange blowing noise in low revs and it sounds like a tractor ....

Will be getting to the garage in the next hour to have a look what's going on ...

Wish me luck.....

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