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Matt1878's Varis V - Now For Sale **

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  • 4 months later...

Little update ...

Now have a Varis rear bumper that's due to be sprayed when I come back from Lotties for new year...


Got some purple Tegiwa wheel nuts but bought the wrong size so currently in the process of exchanging those..

Purple Luke tow strap has been fitted at the rear bumper ...

Indigo dials are now fitted and look awesome..


D1 spec carbon gear knob also recently been fitted...


Just purchased the gaskets that are required to put on the aftermarket manifold and also the blitz decat...

Decided fully on the white/black/purple theme for the car now.


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Looking good matey :)

And the manifold has been braced :p and its been on my car for the last year and the owner befor me for 2years! Its only ever had one little crack in that time! Even the crack wasnt all the way through! So should last for some time i would of thought :)

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Lovely V bud! Shame about the wheels, the ones pictured on the car in the first few pictures look frickin nice! Making some good progress though, keep us posted! :)

I know man :( Work Xd9 or something... I loved them... Silly light too..

Ill be getting the gt3's sprayed soon enough too :F

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