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Jim's second Starlet; ITB'd Blue Sol 8L5.

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Really liking this mate

Mate your starlet sounds sick!!

Love where you're going with this mate. The updates look sweet and I'm a big fan of the colour, keep it up :)

Love that sound!! Looking good too!

Looking and sounding good dude :D

Looks great

That looks incredible buddy well done :)

Cheers lads, massively appreciated!

Sounds really good that mate! Fancy making me some throttle bodies? :D


Ahah, I don't really have the resources at the moment! ...The main one missing been time! I actually got them off here, but it really is quite simple. Hack off an old inlet mani, buy some silicone, buy some throttle bodies, buy a vaccum mani and then piece it all together!

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great little build mate keep it up

Cheers bud!


Little picture, and a quick bump to say that its likely I have another track day booked on monday so hopefully get some good pictures and videos from that!

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Trackday updates! Did another trackday at teesside, once again really impressed with the car for what it is and slowly managing to improve it!

Had much better tyres on the car this time than last time and It just made it a joy to drive, Falkens on the front were a bit iffy with some heat in, and on the contary the Parada's on the back gave some awesome oversteer/lack of grip without heat in but either way, it was a good day, and ironically after saying the tyres were so much better this time...I'm replacing 2 of them!

Just ordered some R1R's to replace the Parada's (as I highly doubt they're legal now!) and then I'll stick the falkens on the back and R1R's on the front.

Brake upgrades and anti roll upgrades are where I feel the car really needs to go once I get the ITB and fueling setup sorted now!

Quick video and some pictures, sadly you can hear my car over the RIDICULOUSLY loud MX5 that I'm passing at the time!


Some GoPro footage of a couple of laps here, sadly a load of the memory got used waiting in a que to get out. Just waiting for the youtube editor to work so I can shorten the video and rotate it the right way!



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So here is a very cropped screenshot of the current happenings with the car, just to give people a slight clue to what direction this is going in! Bought all the bits I need, but a long way to go yet!

Sadly due to preparation for this the ITB's are currently off the car, undecided on what I'll do with them yet...may find a use!

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Looking good, turbo time?

Thats the hope, lets see how long it takes me to blow it up!

I'm interested In how you got the tps working :p

Too bad your taking them off.. If your selling let me know as it's either buy these or get some off the bay of e

I'll stick some pictures up at somepoint, and chances are I will be selling them but I might try and make them a more refined package first, I'll keep in contact :)

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Well its been a LOOOOOOONG time since I updated this thread. No real update as such, the cars been running the standard intake system for quite a while now and I've been focusing heavily on other things such as finishing my degree at university. Recently got the car through its MOT for another year and fitted some Meisters, other than that its just been trying to keep it on the road and working!

I'll provide a real update with pictures when I get chance!

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