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  1. RobSR


    Not that I’m biased... but great choice
  2. RobSR

    Link monsoon

    The skyline one Ryan mentioned above does.
  3. RobSR

    Link monsoon

    Id avoid an Atom on a boosted car personally if you can, only has open loop boost control so very limited. Like you say you then dont' have much I/O either but it does work. You can use a switch type, open/closed TPS as the main load axis is MAP, however again, its not recommended as the majority of the other strategies work of TPS %, so you really want to change to a variable TPS.
  4. RobSR

    Link monsoon

    Well you will need all the key components for an EFI system to run, trigger inputs, map, tps, temps, injectors, coils etc etc, but they are easy to work out from the ECU pinouts online. You can use the dizzy if you like, however if going standalone its worth swapping to COP, namely for knock control id say, however there are plenty other benefits too.
  5. RobSR

    Link monsoon

    Yes a few people are running them in Starlets. Capable ECU for the money with good features out the box.
  6. RobSR


    Good to see you still cracking on with it mate
  7. RobSR

    Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    Look forward to seeing it
  8. RobSR

    Misfire...ep82 Gt turbo

    Hopefully that sorts it for you. If not report back
  9. RobSR

    Misfire...ep82 Gt turbo

    If you go for uprated Magencore ones they will be around £100.00 but worth it imo. That said you may find a used set on here / the starlet pages on FB. Toyota for Rotor Arm and Dizzy cap - not massively expensive items.
  10. RobSR


  11. RobSR


    This man is on the money. Id personally avoid AEM and have had mixed experience with Innovate.
  12. Glad to see you’re bringing her back to life!
  13. RobSR

    Ignition push start conversion

    Shit me mate here he is! Never thought I’d see you pop up on here again!
  14. RobSR

    Ignition push start conversion

    There is a guide on here for fitting a S2000 start button. Have a search and you’ll find it.