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  1. More middle but biased towards the passenger side
  2. That’s the EFI one, it then feeds what Toyota call ‘circuit opening relay’ which is for the fuel pump and is under the dash
  3. Ok take belt off and rotate crank to 0 deg mark on cover
  4. Ok, with the cams like this: What is lining up with the indent on the head the other side? From you previous posts you have implied that the 4E indent isnt lined up? Which means its been done on the 5e mark. Line the cams up like below, make sure the other side of cam sprocket is inline with the top indent and the 4e mark. Take the belt off Rotate crank to 0 deg (its ok to turn it without the belt on as its a non interference engine) Put belt back on Check dizzy timing other end with marks in end of cam. Just follow the guide, and you cant do it wrong.....
  5. Yup thats way off. Follow the guide on the link above. The cam pulley has 2 positions it can be located, you will see when you take it off. Thats probably wrong too if the marks at the back are lining up but the 4e hole is not on the top indent in the head
  6. If you have spark and fuel on each cylinder it can only be a couple of things. - Timing, are you 360 out so you are firing on exhaust stroke not compression stroke? If you have fuel and spark but its on the exhaust phase it will not start. Again, this will not be obvious with a timing light as the crank rotates twice for one engine cycle. By the sounds of your first topic and it firing back through the intake its probably this. Take the covers off, check the crank and oil pump timing marks for TDC, check the cam indent on the head timing mark, the cam mesh gear timing marks and the distributor timing marks at the end of the cam.
  7. Its very simple to do, bypass the resistor which sits on the IG- circuit of the cluster. Set the duty to drive it in the Link and you can have key on swoop etc too. Ive done it a couple of times and never had an issue.
  8. Yup that’s all good
  9. Check voltage at fuel pump, im working on a GT atm which has a voltage drop across the whole EFI circuit. Check grounds etc too.
  10. Spring pressure depends on turbo setup and engine spec etc? Hard to say without knowing more.
  11. Its not load of places have them lol. But speak to Owen Developments. They usually have them on the shelf.
  12. If it’s a 1.4mm gasket it’ll be ok. Lots of them used to be 2.0mm.
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