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  1. RobSR

    Caliper Guide Pin Lubricant

    As these guys have said. Dont use copper grease!
  2. Welcome! Look forward to hearing about the project!
  3. RobSR

    TD04 required...

    Stock injectors are ok to around 245bhp so you should be fine. Again oil line you should be ok. Some have different threads on the turbo side, so you might need to tweak it a little, but most are the same.
  4. Ok will do! I’ll try and nip over to the fabricators soon and get some more pics
  5. RobSR

    TD04 required...

    More responsive but wont make as much power as the TD04...depends what you are after from the car. Response or a higher power goal.
  6. RobSR

    TD04 required...

    There are a couple of different options available yes, however most use the TD04L off a Subaru WRX with the 3 bolt flange. Yes weld the wastegate up if using an external item and clock the turbo like you say. On some you will need to remove the compressor housing and file off the original locating pin that stopped the housing turning. Depends on your budget really, they are fairly cheap used (from £50), but like you say may have worn seals etc.
  7. RobSR

    Ep91 FCD Connection

    You can connect it either end as the wire you are tapping into is the same, so it doesnt really matter. Other than that inside is dry, so the unit wont get damaged as easily. Just be careful with the HKS FCD's though because of how they work.
  8. i can post it here too if people want to see
  9. We've just started another car to build for some circuit use. May do some Time Attack if it fits in the regs. The forum is a bit quite now so we'll probably just use Fb and instagram to share the progress. https://www.instagram.com/fiske_automotive/ / https://www.facebook.com/fiskeautomotive/
  10. RobSR

    Conversion not starting

    You can’t change injection timing with a stock ecu. Have you checked you are physically getting fuel and spark? Do you have a timing light, or have set it all at base timing? You say you’ve beej fiddling with the dizzy all day so maybe not?
  11. RobSR

    Crank sensor gt turbo

    You can use the marks on the oil pump, crank pulley, cam gears and distributor to set it all at base, if you line all the marks up it’ll be fine until you get it checked with a timing light
  12. RobSR

    Crank sensor gt turbo

    What have you got the timing set to now?
  13. RobSR


    K20 coils ‘fit’ in the spark plug bore, but you’ll need custom wiring and the head cover modified to mount them. We can supply a kit if you’re interested, just drop me a message