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  1. RobSR

    Launching a Starlet Gt

    Well yes you’ll still need to do that. You can use the emanage ‘launch control’ to hold the revs stable for you, but like said above, how you engage the clutch is the main thing.
  2. RobSR

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    I believe @TrisK has one in his GT but correct me if I am wrong!
  3. RobSR

    Launching a Starlet Gt

    The launch control in an emanage is fairly basic and doesn’t really help all that much. Launching it is down to your clutch control and progressively disengaging the clutch to aid with traction, rather than just dumping the clutch in one hit.
  4. RobSR

    o2 sesor wire question.

    I’d need to double check as I rarely run the standard lambda but from memory white. Whats the problem you have?
  5. RobSR

    **URGENT** EFI fuse keeps blowing

    There’s quite a few things on the main EFI fuse. Firstly check the feed to it from the battery, there is a 15A fuse before the efi relay from the battery from memory. Check the current it is drawing. Guessing you have a multimeter or can get access to one? You then have a feed that goes from this to the ECU, again check this, and the ECU itself. Injectors and Coil are also powered by this, so same applies as above. It is ground by the left hand fender, check this and re ground if necessary/for peace of mind. The fuel pump relay feeds from the main efi relay also. Again check this and it’s grounds. The original boost control solenoid is powered from the efi relay. Are you still using this? The other air con / icv are also powered by this. Check all the above and you should find one of them causing the issue.
  6. RobSR

    Twin scroll TD05

    Yes you can do this via most standalone ECU’s as long as they have a driven wheel speed input. You can do this on the Link
  7. RobSR

    *Livesports spoiler wanted*

    They are all on our website. I think you’ll struggle to find one for £100. If you want a genuine one you can still buy them new from Livesports direct.
  8. RobSR

    JAM or Livesport style Spoiler

    Hi mate, All on the website - www.fiskeautomotive.com
  9. RobSR

    Twin scroll TD05

    Errr not particularly if you know what you are doing! :) The main thing that lets them down are their boost and knock control. (Well depending how picky you are)
  10. RobSR

    *Livesports spoiler wanted*

    Yes we do FRP like said above and they are under 300.
  11. RobSR

    *Livesports spoiler wanted*

    We can supply in Carbon or FRP. Cheers
  12. RobSR

    JAM or Livesport style Spoiler

    Yes we supply both in FRP or Carbon.
  13. RobSR

    Twin scroll TD05

    You can’t put a price on engine protection though! Nice thing is if you ever move on to a different car after, you can move the ecu across and continue to use it. With a ME you can’t. Just another thought
  14. RobSR

    small update (dogbox)

    Nice mate, Looking forward to getting one in ours. Rob
  15. RobSR

    Twin scroll TD05

    I can support you with the Link stuff if needed as we can supply, but yes it will work out more expensive. Monsoon is worth looking at, but doesn’t have the onboard lambda stuff. Has CAN so you can send out ecu sensor info on this and vice versa. Not used the ME221, mixed reviews by guys on here like you say. I’ll have to have a play with one one day.