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  1. RobSR

    My Glanza V

    Glad you’ve got it back mate. Let me know if you need any help with anything along the way
  2. RobSR

    Emanage Ultimate

    I don’t map Emanage so not familiar with the software but duty cycle is automatically calculated on injector opening time vs engine cycle, so the only way you can really can change it is by changing your fuelling. (Opening time, injector size etc.) Id imagine with it being an Emanage one is before changes, one after, so reference output duty cycle.
  3. RobSR

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    Try it and itll make sense, it just doesnt really work at all. The pedal just goes to the floor and not a lot happens lol.
  4. RobSR

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    They aren’t anymore unfortunately. Braided lines are fine anyway If it’s spongey there is air in the system still, or another issue. Master cylinder like you say, one of the lines fitted wrong etc. People remove the original ABS because it does more harm than good Callum.
  5. RobSR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Wow what a read. You need to tax it when you register it and provide DVLA with the MOT cert. amongst other things too. So as zurgie said he is correct. Either way, enjoy the car! Hopefully you find the bits you need to do the swap
  6. RobSR

    The Icarus Project (4EFTE)

    Depending on your budget and if you want something a little different I could offer you one of our EFR kits. We haven’t posted the full details on here yet but it spools quicker than a billet TD04 and can make a lot more power too if wanted
  7. RobSR

    Standard Glanza V Crank Wanted

    Hi Adam, Has the engine let go?! If you are sturggling you can pickup a complete running 4efe for not a lot of money and use the crank out of that.
  8. RobSR

    Hi/Low boost set up help

    This is the standard plumbing. As said above tho, you will need the original actuator otherwise it’ll not work.
  9. RobSR

    Trevstar's SR

    Nice build
  10. RobSR

    Emoji my accidental Glanza Build

    Carbon looks great against the yellow. Pleased to hear you are happy with our fenders! Feel free to send some pics to us and we can post them on our Instagram/FB page
  11. RobSR

    EP91 - GlanzaV - Burwash Build TD05

    Make Sachin buy it back!
  12. RobSR

    SR 4efe to 4efe-t Conversion Ecu Plug Question..

    Have you got the Glanza coil and igniter too? If not you will need this. They are both a distributed ignition system yes but they are very different.
  13. RobSR

    SR 4efe to 4efe-t Conversion Ecu Plug Question..

    Ok so with the way you have done it the below is what I’d do. Firstly the 4efe runs a different kind of idle control valve. Id day you have 2 options, don’t run one, or fit a 4efte one. I’d go with fitting the 4efte one - 12v to one side from the Efi relay and then run the other side to the ECU. (Con 1, Pin 10) In regards to the second question, the 4efe runs a 4-wire lambda rather than a single wire lambda like the 4efte. One of the 4 wires is the ‘heater’ for the sensor. Remove the 4efe 4 wire sensor, and fit a single wire 4efte one and run this to Con 2, Pin 6. Hope that helps
  14. RobSR

    SR 4efe to 4efe-t Conversion Ecu Plug Question..

    Yes sorry my comment was aimed at the OP, i should have quoted it Its not easy to work out from the original post what way they are trying to do it so more information the better. The way you have done it is a good way too.
  15. RobSR

    SR 4efe to 4efe-t Conversion Ecu Plug Question..

    What loom are you using? a GT 4efte one? a Glanza 4efte? the original 4efe one with the fte bits spliced in? Let me know and ill advise what you need to do. You cant easily plug a 3 - connector Glanza ECU into the 2 - connector 4efe loom if thats what you are trying to do.