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  1. parker85


    No worries at all mate happy to help
  2. parker85

    38mm Dump Valve blank cap wanted

  3. parker85

    Cam belt cover

    Near sure I've both there bud
  4. parker85

    Driver & Passenger Seat Belt Buckles

    I should do
  5. parker85

    [Wanted] Greddy Emanage blue harness

    For ep82 or 91 I have one
  6. parker85

    Glanza door handle

    Should have 2 front calipers here
  7. parker85

    Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    I'm in northern Ireland mate that be grand aye want me to send u pics tomorrow u only really need the feet of it then
  8. parker85

    Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    Don't even know what it be worth mate tbh make an offer
  9. parker85

    Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    Think I may have one mate
  10. parker85

    Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    Kyb sr specials are one the best suspension set ups I've drove a glanza on
  11. parker85

    Og front gt shock and spring needed!

    I've spare shock and spring here mate not sure much post be tho
  12. parker85

    4efte standard cams

    Pm me mate
  13. parker85

    4efte standard cams

    I should have couple sets mate
  14. parker85

    Ep91 aftermarket bonnet

    Glanza aftermarket bonnet wanted cruise varis ect and post to n Ireland cheers
  15. parker85

    Glanza Adjustable Panhard Rod

    Ryan vauls has jam one forsale atm