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  1. BurtEP82


    That’s the one, brilliant!
  2. BurtEP82


    Loved this video and still do. Im not savvy enough to be able to post it but search ‘recreation’ on YouTube and it will come up. Second installment would be epic azza/broken media
  3. Spotted today at the fleetsbridge roundabout. Black mk3 gt, looked like gold standard wheels at glance? First I’ve seen around for some time.
  4. BurtEP82

    Trevstar's SR

    All the best to trevstar. I read through this build Saturday whilst sat down the pub and was immensely impressed with the attention to detail! Look forward to the next update, whenever that may be.
  5. Unbelievably excited, 2 years in the waiting but finally I have my kit ordered! Final component for engine out job. Boom!
  6. BurtEP82


    Very happy customer here. Great communication, good price and well packaged with swift delivery. Would trust again! Cheers
  7. BurtEP82

    Manifold material

    Appreciate the input gorgan. wepr is what I’ll be getting and will go stainless. As stated I’m sure it will brighten up the bay much better
  8. BurtEP82

    Manifold material

    Appreciate the comments guys. Reckon you’re probably right that there won’t be much in it with a decent quality
  9. BurtEP82

    Manifold material

    Quick question to get peoples opinions please. I will be getting a ram style manifold for external ct9 but am wondering what material to go for. Stainless or mild steel? I have pretty much made my mind up but would like opinions of first hand experience. Cheers
  10. BurtEP82

    New starlet to bournemouth

    Looks good! I will be keeping an eye out for this one, along with your work mates gt I haven’t seen around yet. His name isn’t Allister by any chance? Ordering a new manifold next month and will be doing an engine rebuild soon after. We must get a little meet together in the new year. I will be following this car
  11. BurtEP82


    Another positive from me! Had a reply from him on a wanted post I put up, the man himself replied and delivered. Very reasonable pricing and top notch communication. Would definitely trust again. Cheers Parker
  12. BurtEP82

    Rocker dress up

    Trying to order your dress up kit for the rocker cover from eBay but it won’t allow the payment. Do you still have them or is this an eBay fault? Appreciate the help Tom
  13. BurtEP82

    New starlet to bournemouth

    Welcome, there are a few of us around the area but haven’t really got together yet. I have a mk2 Gt as a daily but currently collecting the parts to have the engine out for a basic rebuild. You got any plans for yours or just enjoy as is? Tom
  14. BurtEP82

    Cam belt cover

    After top and lower cam belt covers.
  15. BurtEP82


    Top seller, quick and easy transaction, swift delivery with parts in condition stated. Cheers pal