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  1. Trax

    Just went on the site to book but they've taken track time tickets offline
  2. Trax

    Probably have yeah haha! A bit hesitant about booking Advanced session O as my car isn't terribly powerful, and Silverstone is a fast track. Be good to see your GT though, I spoke to you one time when something failed on the car a few years back. (I'm thinking clutch but might be wrong)
  3. Trax

    I might pop down and do a session
  4. EP82 cruise style bonnet

    Not that I can afford it at the moment, but I would love to see this happen!
  5. Sorted thanks to C0R3Y, thanks again!
  6. I did suggest them sharing it on FB
  7. James has left I believe, but I suppose money talks?
  8. Thanks Tim, if you could that'd be great! Would much rather run manual windows because of this hassle but oh well!
  9. Cheers dude, will look him up!