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  1. Starlet__SR

    Rear axle question

    Stick with drums, they only do 12-15% of the braking anyway. If well adjusted they'll outperform discs. Not to mention you'll have a working handbrake.
  2. Starlet__SR

    White Mk2 Gi - Worksop

    Girl called Lisa Taylor. Works in worksop.
  3. Starlet__SR

    Front Coil Spring Seat help needed

    I had to buy mine from toyota i'm afraid matey. They're not expensive either
  4. Starlet__SR

    Front Coil Spring Seat help needed

    You need to replace them for 98 onwards spring seats, they have a lip that encircles the top of the spring.
  5. Starlet__SR

    Sump Washer

    The genuine washer is a fibre coated aluminium washer. They work fine.
  6. Starlet__SR

    Caliper Guide Pin Lubricant

    Silicon or red rubber grease
  7. Starlet__SR

    Black SR

    Beautiful car, really makes me want another.
  8. Starlet__SR

    Discord Chat

    Fuck, that made me laugh lol
  9. Starlet__SR

    Discord Chat

    Yep, I know that feeling. Now I just don't bother lol
  10. Starlet__SR

    Discord Chat

    Probably the same guy i'm thinking of then lol
  11. Starlet__SR

    Discord Chat

    The name doesn't begin with T does it lol?
  12. Starlet__SR

    How is everyone doing

    Tucked away in the garage for winter, waiting to move to its new home lol
  13. Starlet__SR

    New ep82 owner

    Ashbuxton is selling the whole lot I believe. Look in for sale section.
  14. Starlet__SR

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    I'm pretty sure the hard pipes are still available from toyota to remove the ABS. They were 4 years ago when I took mine off the glanza.
  15. Starlet__SR

    Definitely not a new member...

    Welcome back, nice to see some of the old crowd returning lol.