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  1. Glanza V fuel filter problem

    Just a handy bit of info. The GT/Glanza fuel filter shares the same unit as a Daihatsu Sportrak. Seems to be cheaper too lol.
  2. Ever done anything for a Feroza/Sportrak?
  3. What's it Worth? Thread

    Sign upto
  4. Glanza Backboxes

    They need to be tweaked to fit. I was after one many years ago and couldnt find one of the originals that fitted. You're better off going custom like I did. STG performance or CGR automotive come highly recommended. 
  5. New KYB shocks, tein springs. Gives a nice ride height and is more than suited to our roads.
  6. Wastegate coming through bonnet scoop

    Still looks like it will be close lol
  7. Aftermarket Exhaust Manifold CT9

    WEPR have their sale on at the moment
  8. 5efe parts

    Sign up for blueprint live. Thats a handy little tool.
  9. My little light blue solida with big dreams

    Must be something to do with the earth on the back of the inlet lol
  10. My little light blue solida with big dreams

    I had the exact same issue with the temp gauge lol
  11. What should I be looking for?

    I hate having to sell cars. And no matter how transparent you try to be, they'll always pick fault to knock money off. I must have had 12 people come to buy my glanza, and you could tell straightaway that none had any mechanical knowledge or the money to buy it. All they wanted before anything was a test drive. They didnt ask to see any paperwork or ask the right questions. It's just as much a minefield for sellers as it is buyers these days.
  12. What should I be looking for?

    Too many tyre kickers round these days, thats what puts people off. You'll go to all the hassle of supplying all the relevant pics and paperwork, doing such tests to satisfy them. Only for the cunts to turn round and either make a daft offer or say they've seen one cheaper.
  13. What should I be looking for?

    110psi is very low, ideally you need to be around the 160-170 mark for a healthy engine. 140 if on a forged build.
  14. Power Tools

    Hardly worth an impact gun lol.
  15. Power Tools

    It's very rare that I use one lol. Got a big pneumatic snap on jobbie if I ever need it.