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  1. Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    KYB sell them too. 
  2. Old member returning

    Seems a few of us are returning lol. 
  3. DD Coilovers Adjustment

    Diesel or plus gas works wonders.
  4. Damien's GT Advance

      Thanks Callum, should hopefully a little cleaner once it's been detailed. 
  5. Damien's GT Advance

    Recently brought it out of storage, haven't done much as I was in two minds whether or not to sell it. Should hopefully be at a show or two this year once i've tidied a few bits up :)
  6. ME221 EP91 ECU

    Strange but to be expected with a newish product. Only reason I bought mine was a step up from the aging PnP's, just giving that bit for flexibility. It's only gonna be so long before they start to fail lol. 
  7. ME221 EP91 ECU

    Like what? I've yet to install mine..
  8. Identify Thermostat Housing Sensors

    Toyota sell them new still. 
  9. Glanza V fuel filter problem

    Just a handy bit of info. The GT/Glanza fuel filter shares the same unit as a Daihatsu Sportrak. Seems to be cheaper too lol.
  10. Ever done anything for a Feroza/Sportrak?
  11. What's it Worth? Thread

    Sign upto
  12. Glanza Backboxes

    They need to be tweaked to fit. I was after one many years ago and couldnt find one of the originals that fitted. You're better off going custom like I did. STG performance or CGR automotive come highly recommended. 
  13. New KYB shocks, tein springs. Gives a nice ride height and is more than suited to our roads.
  14. Wastegate coming through bonnet scoop

    Still looks like it will be close lol
  15. Aftermarket Exhaust Manifold CT9

    WEPR have their sale on at the moment