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  1. Starlet__SR

    New ep82 owner

    Ashbuxton is selling the whole lot I believe. Look in for sale section.
  2. Starlet__SR

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    I'm pretty sure the hard pipes are still available from toyota to remove the ABS. They were 4 years ago when I took mine off the glanza.
  3. Starlet__SR

    Definitely not a new member...

    Welcome back, nice to see some of the old crowd returning lol.
  4. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Car doesn't have to be taxed with first registration either ;)
  5. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Oh I agree, but princess here likes to make a scene lol.
  6. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    You tell me lol. You reckon its worth so much more yet you then claim you paid nowhere near that? And looking at your OP you're currently "gathering information on converting to manual". Well for someone thats such a whizz with starlets, surely you'd not need to gather such info? Also, you seemed so surprised that they came with the tubular manifold? Again, not something a starlet aficionado would be surprised about? Judging by your post, half of the info you've found is googled anyway lol. And nah, the snowflake here is quite clearly yourself. Getting your knickers in such a twist over a comment lol.
  7. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    So tell me, if thats the case. Why haven't all the autos in the past been converted so easily? Please, show me proof of said conversion And maybe for you it does lol.
  8. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    My mistake, sold, but didnt meet reserve.
  9. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    No. £55 just for the registration fee. Would you like to borrow some glasses? Is that so lol? Do tell me how much more work is involved, aside from the fitment of a fog lamp perhaps? And lets see proof of the transfer case being made to fit? It's the first i've heard of it. And if it was so easy, everyone would be doing it! And I don't know, you seem to have it nailed though, maybe I should ask yourself for some pointers? And lucky you lol, would you like a medal? And look at you, baller eh? And tell me, where did I mention ebay? The only person thats triggered here is you lol. Still, makes for an interesting read though lol.
  10. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Oh you really are a little snowflake aren't you lol. And I dunno, you tell me lol. Judging by your little hissy fit, I dare say you paid way more than what it sold on ebay for. €2500-3000 at a guess? Ooh, getting onto things we can't afford now? You tell me lol, couldn't you afford a GT? And yeah i'm sure there's oodles of manual 4WD boxes for them. Lets see if you can find me 5 of them. And whats to explain? You need the NOVA declaration/cert number, current MOT cert, proof of purchase/ownership, any old registration/dereg documents from japan/ and a v55/5 form. Not to mention the reg fee which was around £55 the last time I checked. Tell me. Whats so hard about that?
  11. Starlet__SR

    Toyota double din radio

    Any issues with it plugging in?? Looking for a standard one to replace the Sony unit currently fitted.
  12. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Ooh, calm down princess. You're obviously a sensitive little soul lol. I never said it wasn't rare did I? And fairly simple it is. Try and find a gearbox lol! Who's mad? Obviously yourself lol, did you pay over the odds?
  13. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    5 door, auto. Not exactly the most sought after variation. Yeah it looks good, but as you said, value is only determined by what the market is willing to pay. The lack of it being registered didn't put people off, its a simple process.
  14. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Was on ebay for quite a while, bidding didn't even top £1400 so I hope you didnt pay much more for it. Looks clean though
  15. Would love to get hold of one of these for mine!