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  1. Starlet__SR

    Toyota IQ

    Fensport modified their's extensively.
  2. Starlet__SR

    Some of my previous work.

    Beautiful, i'll get the decat off and drop you a message if thats alright? Thanks
  3. Starlet__SR

    Some of my previous work.

    Rob, are you doing tig welding by any chance? Need a lambda boss welding onto a decat, have the boss already. Thanks
  4. Starlet__SR

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    Mines still in the box matey, haven't had chance to try it out yet lol
  5. Starlet__SR

    How much is this worth?

    Is it for sale??
  6. Starlet__SR

    OEM Starlet Alloys.

    There was a set or two on ebay.
  7. Starlet__SR

    Gt vs glanza og spring differences

    Pretty sure EP91 springs on an EP82 will give it standard ride height. I bought a set of Teins which were for an EP91 but was assured they would fit the EP82. Now i'm stuck at the same ride height lol.
  8. Starlet__SR

    2 old starlet GT turbo autos

    Can remember seeing the GT round worksop all the time. Was very clean at the time.
  9. Starlet__SR

    Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    KYB sell them too.
  10. Starlet__SR

    Old member returning

    Seems a few of us are returning lol.
  11. Starlet__SR

    DD Coilovers Adjustment

    Diesel or plus gas works wonders.
  12. Starlet__SR

    Damien's GT Advance

    Thanks Callum, should hopefully a little cleaner once it's been detailed.
  13. Starlet__SR

    Damien's GT Advance

    Recently brought it out of storage, haven't done much as I was in two minds whether or not to sell it. Should hopefully be at a show or two this year once i've tidied a few bits up :)
  14. Starlet__SR

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    Strange but to be expected with a newish product. Only reason I bought mine was a step up from the aging PnP's, just giving that bit for flexibility. It's only gonna be so long before they start to fail lol.
  15. Starlet__SR

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    Like what? I've yet to install mine..