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  1. Starlet__SR

    Sump Washer

    The genuine washer is a fibre coated aluminium washer. They work fine.
  2. Starlet__SR

    Caliper Guide Pin Lubricant

    Silicon or red rubber grease
  3. Starlet__SR

    Black SR

    Beautiful car, really makes me want another.
  4. Starlet__SR

    Discord Chat

    Fuck, that made me laugh lol
  5. Starlet__SR

    Discord Chat

    Yep, I know that feeling. Now I just don't bother lol
  6. Starlet__SR

    Discord Chat

    Probably the same guy i'm thinking of then lol
  7. Starlet__SR

    Discord Chat

    The name doesn't begin with T does it lol?
  8. Starlet__SR

    How is everyone doing

    Tucked away in the garage for winter, waiting to move to its new home lol
  9. Starlet__SR

    New ep82 owner

    Ashbuxton is selling the whole lot I believe. Look in for sale section.
  10. Starlet__SR

    Spongy feeling after fitting ABS delete kit

    I'm pretty sure the hard pipes are still available from toyota to remove the ABS. They were 4 years ago when I took mine off the glanza.
  11. Starlet__SR

    Definitely not a new member...

    Welcome back, nice to see some of the old crowd returning lol.
  12. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Car doesn't have to be taxed with first registration either ;)
  13. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Oh I agree, but princess here likes to make a scene lol.
  14. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    You tell me lol. You reckon its worth so much more yet you then claim you paid nowhere near that? And looking at your OP you're currently "gathering information on converting to manual". Well for someone thats such a whizz with starlets, surely you'd not need to gather such info? Also, you seemed so surprised that they came with the tubular manifold? Again, not something a starlet aficionado would be surprised about? Judging by your post, half of the info you've found is googled anyway lol. And nah, the snowflake here is quite clearly yourself. Getting your knickers in such a twist over a comment lol.
  15. Starlet__SR

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    So tell me, if thats the case. Why haven't all the autos in the past been converted so easily? Please, show me proof of said conversion And maybe for you it does lol.