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  1. that is exactly what im thinking the more i talk about it! only problem is that itd be another ruined sr id rather get hold of the spoiler and speedlines separatly and then sell the glanz body parts off but will see what happens in the next few weeks. there will be haters much like me with sr conversions lol.
  2. Might put some feelers out to a few companies and see what i get back. i've found a very tired looking glanza near me with a few nice goodies underneeth it so might get that and then wait for a decent sr to appear. Or failing all of this i might get a glanza and convert it to an sr on the outside which would probs be a lot easier!
  3. hmm im wondering if a company would do the conversion for me, maybe woodsport as they are amazing at that sort of thing. was also contemplating the 2zz as i know they put one in an 82 but not sure of the cost comparison.
  4. it's only £100 cheaper for me to insure an sr over a glanza but not sure about the 17yr olds-they seem to get massively screwed over nowadays. had a mint white one as my first car years ago and loved it-£900 fully comp but will only cost me £190 now! yeh i agree however i do like a slow car looking like a slow car but going like a quick one :)I dont get why someone would buy an sr over a cd or sportif to convert, it just makes no sense to me as you end up taking all of the sr parts off it anyway. Paul how hard is it to do an engine conversion like you've done? i did a lot of my own work on the gt4 as im pretty clued up with the mechanics but not amazing with electrics.
  5. oh and i just want to add that i've got nothing against glanzas by the way i love them, just use a normal starlet for the conversion and give all the sr's to me!!!
  6. ha ha i thought i was in danger of being mobbed by angry glanza converts so it's nice to see someone else with the same opinion! they are a lot rarer than glanza's aren't they! love what you're doing with yours Paul :)that's roughly what i want to do as they deserve better engines in them and always wanted to do it to my first car all those years ago.
  7. ok mate well let me know if you want to let one go
  8. Nice to see an sr being saved from awful mods mate looking very nice and clean. I know it's a matter of opinion but I don't know what the obsession is with converting sr's to glanzas! Wish people would use sportifs for it or just buy a bloody glanza. but rant over and its nice to see a clean sr
  9. Fancy selling me the silver one ;) ?
  10. exactly that. the dei stuff isn't cheap but its strong, easily shaped and works
  11. I used dei reflective tape on my GT4 chargecooler- was expensive but massively cooled things down. Ebay or demon theives. only problem with most plumbing material is that it's thick, hard to shape and doesn't give a neat finish.
  12. Enzo are you still importing ep95's? sorry that this isnt really in the right forum just been trying to get in touch with you and thought you might read this on here.
  13. With or without engines and cash waiting for the right car
  14. Thanks for the welcoms guys, seems nice and friendly on here. Does anyone know how to get one over here though or know a decent importer? Richglanzav: you know it has to be a 95 ;)
  15. Hi all, just joined after being a long serving member of the gt4oc. Sold the celica a few years back, bought an auris sr180 but need some fun back in my life. Was wondering if anyone has any contacts for importers of reflets? I know enzo used to deal in them as I've seen from prev threads but is he still on here? Failing that I'm after an sr as that was my first car a long time ago. Nice to meet you all, Thanks Jase
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