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James's 96 Glanza V

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On 9/8/2022 at 11:48 AM, Pikey009 said:

V nice mate mate really clean too


Thanks Jase.

Only a small update but picked up a few bits from toyota last week. New headlight adjusters and front bumper fixings for where it attaches to the wing.


Got them all fitted and replaced the originals. Wanted to replace the adjusters while they are still available as mine had seen better days. Just a shame you cant get new headlights from toyota anymore :sad:.


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Started the car up for the first time in a while after sitting over winter recently. I have developed a strange issue with the factory radiator fan circuit.

The fan is on constantly when the engine is cold even with just the ignition on. I ran the car up to temp with the fan unplugged and at 93 degrees the fan shuts off before coming back on when the coolant drops to around 85 degrees.

Also if you unplug the fan switch sensor the fan shuts off when I believe the fan should come on as soon as you unplug the sensor as a safety feature. It's as if the circuit is running in reverse opposite to what it should be doing.

I tried changing the radiator fan switch on the thermostat housing, the thermostat itself, the rad fan fuse and the rad fan relay in the fusebox but nothing made any difference.


So I decided to install my own separate adjustable fan controller relay, it was fairly straightforward to wire in and set up.


I found a suitable spot out of the way behind the glovebox to mount the fan controller and went about getting all the wires connected up.


Then I used an adapter to fit the 1/8th NPT temperature probe into the stock fan switch location on the thermostat and got that plugged in.


I decided to use a toyota plug to connect the wiring to the radiator fan in order to keep it looking as factory as possible. I also added another inline fuse in between the battery and the fan just to be safe.


It all works well, I have set the fan to kick in at the same temp it used to at 92 degrees on my water temp gauge. It then runs until the coolant temp drops to around 84 degrees before shutting off.

Hopefully I can revisit the factory fan wiring in the future and find out what's going on with it but for now I just wanted the fan working as it should again.

I have also replaced the old kenwood stereo that came with the car with a more modern sony unit. I have been meaning to do this for a while, It also has a digital clock display which is useful for me as i've removed the dash clock to run the wiring for my oil pressure gauge. Its a great improvement over the old one and goes well with the rest of the interior.


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Posted (edited)

Made some more progress with the car over the last couple of months.

Purchased a spare 4efte rocker cover with the intention of removing the baffle, giving it a proper clean inside and then painting it.

Started by drilling the heads off all the factory fitted rivets to allow the baffle to come free.


Then I ground the remaining stubs flush with the dremel and gave the area behind the baffle and the baffle itself a good clean out to remove all the oil residue and grime.


Next I marked and drilled the 14 5mm holes needed to reattach the baffle with m6 bolts, I did have one small incident puncturing through with the drill bit however wasn't too worried at this stage.


Tapped all the holes out to m6 x 1.0 thread.


I then dropped it off at my local welder for the AN10 fittings welding ontop for the breather setup. I also got him to weld up the hole that I had accidently punctured through.

Then it was onto painting, gave it a good sand down and removed some of the casting marks on the outside with the dremel.


All cleaned and masked up ready for painting.


 Went for a wrinkle black finish, came out pretty good.


Decided to use low profile 10mm hex bolts to reattach the cover. Was originally going to use button head bolts but the allen head rounds off quite easily, so went for these instead.


The inside was given a final clean and the baffle was then stuck down with loctite black gasket maker, all the bolts were secured with loctite 243 and torqued down. Spark plug seals installed and ready to go on the car once the sealant had fully cured.


Looks great and I think it goes well with the rest of the engine bay.

I have also fitted a RW developments coolant expansion tank to replace the original plastic one. Its very well made and is a good addition to the half rad.


Got some new toyo TR1 tyres, nothing too special but a decent upgrade over the old ones and well suited for road use.


Fitted some new centre caps as the mounting tabs had snapped off on some of my originals, aswell as some new wheel nuts.20230404_175949.thumb.jpg.1a855246b092653c78edd090bb0f01f9.jpg20230404_175957.thumb.jpg.b42a25eaba801181d0b0cc52baebd424.jpg

Lastly I have fitted a whiteline adjustable rear anti roll bar, I got it for a good price back in november in the black friday sales and have only just got round to getting it on the car.


Took my time positioning the L brackets on the chassis to get them in the right spot.


All done, very happy with it. Looks great hanging down under the rear bumper, will have too see how much difference it makes to the handling over summer.

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Posted (edited)

Heres some pics from Japfest at Silverstone last weekend.


A good turnout of starlets, It was good to meet and chat to a few of the owners. The car drove the 300 mile round trip faultlessly very pleased.

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Another update, Bought some Reflet rear tail lights in from Japan.


Happy with the condition, gave them a good clean and then polished them up. Only change I had to make to the bulbs was to put orange indicators in. Came out really well and make a great difference to the look of the back of the car.


Also bought a replacement 96 Glanza front grill badge made by a lad on one of the facebook groups to replace my original that I had a go at refurbing. I thinks it looks great, really good to see people reproducing discontinued parts.



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Posted (edited)

After driving the car quite a lot in the past few months I decided I wasn't quite happy with the seat rails and wanted to get the seats to sit lower in the car. So I managed to get hold of a pair of ep91 low rails made by William Tuite in Ireland. They're really well made and get the seating position as low as possible.


Only problem was they are designed to work with recaro SR seats with the flat base, the trendline seats have a different bolt pattern and the base of the seat hangs down in the middle. So I decided to sell the EP3 prem seats and the rail setup in order to fund some recaro SR4 DC5 seats.


They are in good condition, just needed a good clean with some woolite and my mate's wet vac. They came up really well.


Very happy with how they sit in the car, they are a lot lower and really change the driving position.


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