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The budget Coilovers Setup polo 6n / golf ( rear end update )

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so got another set seeing we still didnt come to a ( propper solution ) for the rear bushes wel i found the best solution ever :)

im also only using a 3mm cut of washer on the shaft seeing on the pic below for extra lowes and get as much rod travel as possible








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rwdrev its a lot easier to weld on the bush to the bottom bit thats for sure 1s its welded on u can re use them on other , chopping of the bracket on the axel of the car could fail mot /nct

biggyep70 i used long bolt with washer and big socket i pressed out the bush with that setup

those pics are upside down bottom 1 should be ontop going down

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soooooo mmmmhhhhhh

i updated my thread on toyotaownersclub.irl and got hammered because i welded on the bushes and dipped them in water for a few secs to kill the rubber burn they told me there not roads safe and are going to fail and locking my thread for the rubbish i put up etc etc ( tho there still perfect after 2,5 months of pot hole back roads ) if they where going to fail they would of done the first week of abuse

so just for safty to anyone reading dont weld them on or do at own risk and check them often

will have to come up with a nylon insert option or poly push :) in the next few months

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i made a template with a oem shock then converted that to a metal plate with marking points on so i just lay it ontop of the coil and mark out

its up to you to dial the camber in if you look tru the whole thread you will see the plate in some post

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Im so confused, golf/polo mk1 mk2 6n 6n2? Was going to go at this thiniking it was simple but the having problems with the rear and stuff is offputting. Any ideas what I should do, cant afford BC's or Meisters.

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On 3/17/2014 at 11:15 AM, 5e colin said:

so me being a poor man i could never afford the big brand pro coilovers for my starlet so i went on a mission to find budget coild for my starlet so after months off research i came up with a closed match and they were old golf coils *so i put up a thread off it on toc and our moderator DJNR8 came to the resceu
he could provide me all the details i needed so he did he was strait on it emailing me the pictures and measurement *

so first off i want to say thank you djnr8 for being there with mi od requests :) :):)

this is where i got them pm them tru ebay and request mk2 fronts and mk1 rears ( golf )


so finally my ta technics coilovers arrived this morning there from mk1/2 golf fronts are mk2 and rears mk1


so strait away went digging up my old topmounts to try fitting them hoping they fit *:cheers:* yay they do strait bolt on we are in luck boys :)*they do knead small modifications but its only minor that could be done at home !!!!!

here a quick pic with the topmounts on for now till i make some more detailed 1s about the mods needed on the bottom off the coils


so taken some measurements *so here we go

these are the bits u need they just unsrcew off the coils


golf vs starlet mount


starlet rear 32mm


golf mk1 rear 50mm !!!!!!!


this is how much will come off off the sides still plenty left :)


its this way we knead to file the hole down a bit


think i will get my angle grinder out in a min. and trim the rear bushes

well i cut the rear bottoms to size *warning to people using a angle grinder cough cough some really nasty stinking smell comes off it do not inhale like i did i am still coughing brrr


this is the spacer u want to cut down 5mm to get more thread uptop


in the bench u get an idea now how much



this 1 is for bimotoman *as requester


when u cut the spacers make sure when u finish they are equal length like this


now my 2 rear coilovers are ready to fit this is what they look like


will have to play with spring tension and height adjusters

have a small issue :)ha ha

so i made the holes on both for the starlet hub to fit


here you can see my rooky mistake i should off taken equal out off both holes then this wouldn't of happened
anyways i am not bothered i will just buy 3mm thick washers and make a small cut out in them
problem solved :) :)


measured the front coils for stock camber did a bit of a miss calculation on the previous 1s :(


i then made a metal template for the holes


now using my template i dont need to dos around trying to align the holes and makes the job so much faster + i will have the template for future coils to :) :)



so i finished my fronts today *and made a pic how low they go with the helper spring removed
ONLY 400mm tall *!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while with the helper still in it its 485mm tal
thats an extra drop off 8.5cm !!!!!!!!!!!


here are how they are now set to softest and with the topmounts on *ready to fit


so who ever does this in the future go and enjoy them ha ha

Have you still got the photos as there saying currently unavailable 


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