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amethyst purple glanzif! Volk split rims :) new brakes

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Fitted a leather nardi yesterday i love it! Reminds me of an oem wheel and is so nice to drive with :) cant wait to retrim my interior finally made my mind up as to what i want to do.


And i took this oh i do love it :)


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So finally my exhaust is almost fixed haha!

The shitty weld and reducer that was holding my center section to the the chopped n.a cat gave way the other day, although the pops and bangs coming from straight up manifold sounded awesome it was just so loud and sounded dreadful! So the car got jacked up, centre section removed, the exhaust was blowing like a bitch since i fitted it, ans the reason was some one has welded some shitty mild steel over a split and it had all just fallen away and sounded crap! So the turbo down pipe that came with my exhaust was sacrificed chopped and a plate was tigged over the split, then the cat was ground down properly and the join of the end of the down pipe was tigged to the cat and smoothed in, and the other side welded to the centre section so it fits like a glove now and asif its supposed to be there! The exhaust also sits higher up now so it no longer catches! The only down side is now its closer to the body, and the backbox is from an ep82 the guy who sold me it said it was for a 91 but hey ho, so i had to use a tempory halfords exhaust hanger when i first fitted the exhaust, so there isnt much tension in the whole system so in bumpy roads its rattles really badly so its really annoying but motorways and general driving spot on, so next job is to reweld the hangers, but its so nice to hear the exhaust for how its supposed to and it sounds amazing, not very loud especially on idle which is perfect for having a little one in the car, but when you rev it up she has a lovely rasp and pops and gurgles, so once the rattles gone ill be totally happy with it!

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Well the thing is i have been offered a very cheap 98 spec bumper that is damaged, it needs a splitter and a bit of work doing so just wondering if it would be worth it, its uncut too.

I suppose i could get it repair it if i dont like it, some one can buy a mint 98 spec bumper from me haha

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Another years MOT.

Still looking for new wheels! In the process of planning my interior re-trim :)

Been applying for a mortgage so my build came to a bit of a hault.

I have my mortgage in principal now so i can start putting towards my car again now! :)

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Got some new wheels!

Finally upgraded to 15s!

Got my self a set of volk racing cv pro split rims! Only have one picture atm and shes parked on a kurb but i love them! They need a refurb so ill be starting that soon :)

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