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  1. Raising Boost Level

    Connect it up. Glanza will be fine at 0.8bar on a td04
  2. 20T Billett TD04 Hybrid (stock internals)

    sure most td04 hybrids actually come on boost later than a standard one. especially a 20t vs a td04 13t. So youll actually have more lag for the same sort of power. Plus cost you 3-5 times as much. Standard td04 will see 230hp easy
  3. actually quite like it, and dont really like MR2s
  4. Is this Fuel Cut?

    My experience of fuel cut was like hitting a brick wall, not juddering. Do a diagnostic check. Info will be on here somewhere 
  5. 3 port boost control solenoid.

    Would have thought so. ebc is just another way to control the solenoid. Most standalones have that capability these days 
  6. Seized Teins

    Thats how ive freed off coil overs and other things before.
  7. Seized Teins

    remove them and leave in a bucket of diesel. WD40 will just evaporate over time 
  8. Things to refresh while engine is out ?

    I would do all seals and gaskets. Consider doing the headgasket if no evidence of it being done. Then may aswell do stem seals too. I'd replace all the hoses etc too
  9. 2000 tt quattro 225bhp

    they look gay and sound gay and dont go that well.
  10. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Technically yes. But would require work
  11. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Probably the must picky person in the world with such a long criteria. Maybe i should just keep the charade a 6th Gear would be lovely 
  12. i wouldnt be happy with that
  13. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    No chance