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  1. MOT time

    Because it should be tested as a Cat vehicle. If someone is prepared to do a non cat test  go for it
  2. Help identifying an exhaust

    id almost 99% sure that is a japspeed lol. looks like they did a slash and non slash tip
  3. Help identifying an exhaust

    japspeed or jperformance by the looks of it
  4. Trusted places for an engine rebuild

    I highly recommend having a go yourself. Its really just a matter of attention to detail and following specs. Get the machining done and any measuring if not confident, rest is nuts and bolts
  5. Cylinder 1 down on compression help needed

    true, but wouldnt you expect a gauge to be consistently inaccurate, so the difference is still relative to each other.There is a chance that the test was done wrong though granted. However even at 130 per cylinder id consider a engine freshen up(unless a reason for low comp)  
  6. My Glanza Build

    Who quoted you that mate? I can recommend you someone who will be pretty cheap if you wanna pm me
  7. Cylinder 1 down on compression help needed

    30PSI is a pretty big difference! Defo something wrong. Personally i think changing one piston is a bodge. Buy another known good engine or rebuild it. Did you do the compression test warm with WOT
  8. £500 paid for remix bumper

    500 bloody hell...worth more than most starlets
  9. Looking to buy a starlet glanza

    a Honda lol. Artic Blue DC5, basically standard and seriously capable on track. No headaches and faff with turbos
  10. Looking to buy a starlet glanza

    If you want reliability you are looking at the wrong car lol. Go buy a honda ;) Doesn't need ACL bearings 
  11. Spun a bearing on crank

    Poor map or any other factor allowing det?
  12. My Glanza Build

    best of the luck with the build. Looks decent in yellow. Did really struggle to read the first post though lol
  13. Random moments of running a AFR of over 16

    as Maddox said, wouldn't worry on Idle as long as all ok under load.
  14. Exhaust Fab Work

    I paid £20 for a bung to be welded in, was off the car though. Find someone who will do a cash job in a spare hour and wouldnt be much
  15. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    Im not knocking! Previous owner is questionable to say the least. Its an awesome car