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  1. Track wheel tyre choices

    7j 195 50 15 
  2. Has Toyotagtturbo.com gone

    There was something on facebook saying they just need to 'top up the meter'
  3. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Wasn't halfords actually fined heavily for making up work following MOTs?
  4. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Think people were just trying to help to ensure you weren't driving around in an illegal car, with any confusion or not! In terms of the emissions, get a print out and upload it and go from there
  5. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    If it failed emissions yet has an a mot, its not really any different than a person putting a cat on for a mot then taking it off. Just failing on emissions id carry on driving it, as long as thats the extent of it
  6. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Not sure how that would fall into a car not being road legal tbh, depends on the person who spots it i imagine. Take the police round Gloucester, they are pretty dam laid back
  7. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Emissions isnt something that is likely to be tested at the side of the road really so be hard to prove its not road legal. If it had bald tyres. suspension arms hanging off etc that is a different story
  8. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Mate thats off the GOV website
  9. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Well no, theres a difference between having a MOT and a car being road legal! 
  10. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Was pretty sure this wasn't true, gov website confirms    Driving a vehicle that’s failed You can take your vehicle away if your MOT certificate is still valid
  11. Hello! New non owner :(

    Stock suspension they look shit and handle shit lol....Coilovers and decent brake setup so much better than engine work
  12. Best magnetic sump that is not alloy?

    They are better than a non magnetic one
  13. Pads and discs for Glanza

    DS2500 be worth the extra. EBC stuff never seems to be that great. I had greenstuff on a starlet and probably the worst pad ive ever experience. Sometimes the thing that makes the biggest difference to calipers is making sure the sliders are properly greased up and and all the seals are in top condition  
  14. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    Maybe worth cutting your losses and selling it on. Unfortunately rust and engine work are two things you can't cheap out on. Get the rust sorted properly and should get through a MOT. Can at least drive it then
  15. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    If you have too change valve guides, personally i would rebuild the whole engine while the heads off.   Rust is a pain, most mot garages will just do a bodge job fixing it. Youll need it properly cut out and replaced with some decent preventative actions on it.