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  1. Tegiwa harness bar fit ep91?

    What's wrong with That? It's a listed as universal harness bar. Not one for a starlet
  2. Upgrading TD04l turbo - quick question

    260bhp at 1.5 bar seems low. Or is that at the wheels?
  3. Chipped cams

    Seems to be common
  4. EP91 Carbon/FRP Tailgate

    So true on the weight needed at the rear 
  5. Alternator Charge Circuit

    Most cars I've had need the dash light to work to charge. But can't say for sure on a starlet 
  6. 4AGE EP91

    the thing is...i've seen much much worse videos
  7. 4AGE EP91

    Cool little car! Video has tempted me!! But yeh... what a plank driving it. Ticking all the cliches of the list lol
  8. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin has value now because its a good place to invest REAL MONEY, for people to get more REAL MONEY out of it. I bet most people have bought into it to sell the bitcoins at a profit than to actually use them
  9. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    Someone invented bitcoin....someone has the ability to crash it.I also think people are very very naive to think there is no interference anywhere There is no value to it...its all speculative hence the reason it shot up so fast. People are buying it as an investment not as a currency. The same as buying a nissan GTR because they will go up in value, but you wouldnt try and buy your weekly shop in GTRs.  
  10. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    I did put 'was'. Still against the point, sterling was developed against something of value. It's built up that strength and now has no real risk of every dropping off face of the earth (within a reasonable time). It's not like you can go into a shop and they refuse to take sterling...most places even take sterling abroad!!
  11. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    It doesnt really have any value. The value has come about by demand. Think of it like a shitty pointless jdm optional extra,deep down its worth bugger all but the demand is there to put the value up.Far more likely to come crashing down than the pound etc
  12. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    Sterling value was backed by gold reserves nothing like bitcoin.
  13. Burning oil?

    got a wideband?
  14. Burning oil?

    brown smoke!is it decatted? new turbo kit or anything?
  15. 6 speed box

    Better ratio for what?